The rampant rush of the corporations to use courts to close down local opposition to frackers.


Livestream from Manchester Civil ‘Justice’ Centre where Cuadrilla tries to close down opposition to fracking.  The industry has given up relying on community apathy, as so many anti-fracking groups are now operational.  Now the corporations are reaching for legal suppression of opposition, despite the number of academic studies showing how dangerous fracking is to nature, to humanity and to the longterm prospects for life.

Look around the world, where fracking has taken place, and catastrophe has taken place.  Bad interference in the video doesn’t last.  Listen to Ian Crane’s update today.  Security tries to close down the opposition outside the courts.  Find out later what happens to Cuadrilla’s attempt to get an injunction.

The press will attend.  Let’s hope that justice be done today.

Earthquakes, Contamination & Water Shortages … Yet the Mother-Frackers & the UK Government still thinks the population of England is either too dumb or simply couldn’t give a damn … They just don’t get that some of us have done the research and will do whatever we can to protect the Ecology for future generations!

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