Policy Discussions

I call it policy discussions, because that’s how JF signs-off to emphasise this is that, not unlawful speak.

Just after 53 mins. Patrick Little joins JK the French sounding biology PhD in Canada.

Among subjects, General Patton was a great general and very likely assassinated.
Little talks about honey traps.
He was mentioned on the Boiler Room, so I checked him out…

Fake Zombie News, Royal Wedding, Surveillance State, Spying on Trump & Yeezy #Woke – Boiler Room – EP #162

He’s standing in California of all places.
They are going to slur this guy with every -ist and -ism going. Apparently a Republican coming on strong in the polls…
He speaks very confidently, openly and appears to be academically minded. Generally interesting guy, but there will be an attempt to demonise him…
He offered $15,000 and waved David Irving’s books on screen challenging anyone to fnd the materşal factually inaccurate, he’s gift the money. No one took him up…
It’s a listen, but this discussions are happening.
Patrick says get off FakeBook now….

Crowder Loves Israel | Patrick Little Joins TPS #23…
Just after 53 mins….

Crowder Loves Israel | Patrick Little Joins TPS #23


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