Yulia Skripal was injected with nerve agent 18 days into her coma

From Pravdareport:

Yulia Skripal received toxic chemical injection while in a coma, Russian embassy officials say

The Russian embassy in the United Kingdom said that there were high chances that a toxic chemical was injected into the blood of Yulia Skripal before her blood samples were collected. The Russian Embassy demanded the UK should let Russian medical specialists access the woman. “Russian citizen Yulia Skripal has been illegally detained by the British authorities since March 4, 2018, and her contacts with us have been blocked,” a press secretary of the embassy said. He added that Russian diplomats are concerned about the state of the woman’s health and the lack of official information about her. The official added that all statements that British official had made so far could not be considered reliable.

According to the embassy spokesman, Russian specialists, having only the OPCW report, do not have a real picture of the situation and can not analyze the events that have happened in Salisbury. They can not assess the possible involvement of British intelligence services in the Salisbury incident either.

Russian specialists ask more and more questions. For example, it remains unclear how a non-decomposed toxic chemical established by Porton Down was found in a blood sample of one of the victims 18 days after the contact, even though the other victim, who suffered a more serious poisoning, did not show such a phenomenon.

According to him, such an observation was not typical of nerve agents, which may indirectly mean, with a high degree of probability, that a chemical agent had been injected into the blood of Yulia Skripal before her blood samples were collected when she was in a coma.

MY COMMENT: That’s what wars are made of. The original post by Pravdareport is HERE this is a serious problem!

There is a high probability Britain will kill both of them to “prove a point”, but Yulia did get a call out a couple weeks ago, saying she was OK and her dad was recovering. Whether or not Britain actually kills them will depend only upon whether or not they think they can either frame Russia for causing it, AND them believing they can get away with it.



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