Will the war hawks get their way? We must stop them.

The outrageous lies of Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson are just getting bigger and bigger.  The White Helmets’ studio where they manufacture lies about chemical war outrages has just been discovered. Known liars like Blair are joining in trying to build up the drums of war into the real event.

The hawks are desperate to start a war.  The banksters are bankrupt and they need to grab the resources controlled by Russia.  The politicians are just puppets of course.

John Bolton is Trump’s new National Security Adviser.  He’s been working on creating war for twenty five years.  These socio-psychopaths have to tell us what they’re intending to do, by the rules of karma under which they operate.  Only of we don’t react do they then proceed to carry out the programmes they’ve indicated.  Their plan is a US hegemony – a Pax Americana – and they want to establish a worldwide conflict.

As Ambassador to the UN, he tied up the UN in knots with legal challenges.  He has form for getting his way.

The hawks don’t want so many people to be around as technology is rendering human beings redundant.  The transhumanist agenda requires the population of the current kind of human to be culled.  See links below this post.

The people who stand up to the war hawks tend to be eliminated – David Kelly, Robin Cook, Princess Diana.  Unless MPs are encouraged to do their own research, they need letting know that they will be committing a war crime by voting through an attack on Syria.  Blair wants an attack by air without a vote through Parliament.  If MPs vote for a war without any evidence of wrongdoing by Syria, they will be committing a war crime.

If war goes ahead, all political opposition to fracking will be shut down.

Children between 16 and 30 will be the first to be called up to fight in any war.  Vaccinations as with Gulf War Syndrome.  Suicides.  Get after your MPs.  Let them know they have to shut down the puppet hawks – Theresa May, gavin Williamson and Boris Johnson.

John Bolton will be in the media.

The Illuminati know people are awakening fast.  They are desperate to get the technological control grid into place as soon as they can.  A war is their best chance of success, before humanity awakens and stops them.

The rollout of 5G has had no safety checks.  They need this to bring in the technotronic era, an elite unrestrained by traditional liberal values, continual surveillance of every single citizen, which can be called up by the authorities instantly.  5G is being rolled out by 2020.  This will accelerate the program to another level.

Global conflict must not be initiated by our MPs.  They must expose the lies and the deceit of the media and the war hawks.  It’s your job to call them to account now.





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  1. Moo2 says:

    The lying satanic paedos have been planning this for years.

    It is clear who the enemy of mankind is. The grow more dangerous by the minute because they now feel they are unstoppable.

    This week is Passover which ends soon and as I understand it the jubilee year ends on 18.4.18 on the Gregorian calendar. Some say the jubilee was last year.

    I digress. The point being the S.Ps are obsessed with their occultist numerology, therefore the timing of this fakery is lining up very ominously.

    Mene mene tekkel uphairsin.

    Peace to the humans.

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