Who was Sgt Pepper?

What most people forget is that the Beatles were in the toilet in 1966. Their US tour had been a flop,
playing to half-empty venues. The masters of propaganda behind them had made a big mistake with
the “we’re more popular than Jesus now” quote. That line had been no accident. Lennon didn’t just
say it as a joke, off-the-cuff. It was an important part of the storyline, since part of the propaganda was
the destruction of Christianity. Intelligence had been trying to destroy Christianity since at least 1875,
when Theosophy was createdto help do just that.
But they played their hand too far and encountered
serious backlash in the US in 1966.
Rather than quit, Intelligence decided to re-invent the Beatles,
creating a brand new PR push and a total repackaging. To counter Christianity, they used the slightly
more subtle approach of pushing Buddhism—as with Theosophy. The Beatles suddenly became
Buddhists and Eastern mystics and all that. At the same time, Intelligence imported the manufactured
drug culture into the Beatles’ regimen, including pushing LSD and other drugs. The Beatles denied that
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was written to push LSD, but that denial falls flat. Do you really think
it is just an accident the song title includes the initials LSD? No. Many of the 60’s bands were turned
into drug pushers on purpose. These drugs were one of the top weapons of Intelligence against the
hippies and the anti-war movement.
I’m not saying these bands, including the Beatles, weren’t talented. Lyndon Larouche has dismissed
those bands as posers. They weren’t. Many great songs were written, though it is often hard to say
who wrote them. A large number of people either in the bands or behind them were very talented at
creating catchy tunes, preparing instrumentals, and producing a nice finished product. And even if the
people in the bands weren’t writing the songs, some of them could play their instruments quite well and
many were accomplished singers and performers. If you wish to critique pop music, you have to do so
rationally. No one who has grown up on the music can deny its beauty and power. That said, we
cannot refuse to follow evidence when we find it, and there is plenty of evidence popular music has
been controlled from the beginning.
This Intelligence reading of Sgt. Pepper’s
also explains Brian Wilson’s reaction to the release of the
album in 1967. As we are told, Wilson went into a funk. Why? Because British Intelligence had just
beaten American Intelligence at the propaganda game.
Pet Sounds was the US entry in the competition
for greatest album manufactured by Intelligence, and it was pretty successful. But compared to
Sgt. Pepper’s, it was seen as a dud. Wilson realized he couldn’t compete with the combined forces of
George Martin, the BSC, and MI6.
Sgt. Pepper’s had a whole team of invisible songwriters, musicians,
photographers, set designers, and promoters, and at the time the US team simply couldn’t match them.
Yes, both the Beatles and The Beach Boys were on the EMI label, but the US EMI team simply
couldn’t match the British EMI team.
Although John Pepper was head of the entire British spy organization in the US from the late 1940’s,
his presence has been pretty well scrubbed from the literature. While the first head of BSC, William
Stephenson, has a long page at Wikipedia, Pepper has nothing. They can now admit Stephenson was a
master spy, the inspiration for James Bond, but Pepper is still in the shadows. Why? Because his name
was used by the Beatles for an album. They foolishly used his real name and told you to look twenty
years before. The album actually lacks any subtlety, and as you have seen, they give you a list of
agents on the cover, providing you with their pictures in case you don’t know their names.
Sgt. Pepper’s blows the cover of almost 100 agents, so its success as propaganda relies on the assumption of
an incredible ignorance and laziness by the audience—which assumption turned out to be true. An
intelligent audience would have taken the hint and marked all these people as “compromised”, never
believing them again; but the audience did just the opposite. Without exception, everyone who
appeared on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s added greatly to his or her fame, and the album was voted the
greatest album of all time by Rolling Stone in 2003. Which means we can add
Rolling Stone to the “compromised” list. It is yet another creation of Intelligence.
We find other things on Sgt. Pepper’s
that have been misinterpreted even by the conspiracy theorists,
although they aren’t well hidden. For one, we can study “A Day in the Life,” the last song on the
album. The first part is said to be about Tara Browne, allegedly killed in 1966 in a car crash. Browne
was known to be a friend of McCartney, the Stones, and many other people we now know were
working for MI6 in one capacity or another. So was Browne also an agent? Consider the lines,
And although the news was rather sad
I just had to laugh
McCartney wouldn’t be laughing if Browne were really a friend, or were really dead. So why is he
 laughing? Consider the line:
I read the news today oboy about a lucky man who’d made the grade
What do they mean by “made the grade”? Remember that agents are “graded,” meaning they are
given a classification depending on how high they are in the hierarchy. Do we have any evidence that
Tara was an agent? We do. Although he was a young millionaire set to inherit many more millions, he
had two jobs at the time of his death. Millionaire playboys don’t normally have even one job. One
was working for Len Street Engineering, a Lotus dealership; the other was working at Dandie Fashions
on Kings Road. He co-owned Dandie Fashions, so it is unlikely he spent much time behind the counter
selling clothes, but the point is either one or both of these places could have been and probably were
After Browne’s “death”, Dandie Fashions was turned into Apple Tailoring by the Beatles.
That’s curious in itself. It leads us—via meandering channels—to the very pertinent question how
Apple Computers was able to use the Apple name and trademark after Apple Corp had already been
using both for years. The Beatles’ company was established in 1968, while Steve Jobs’ company didn’t
arrive until 1976. In the real business world, Apple Corp would have won the first lawsuit in a
slamdunk, with Apple Computers having to change their name. Since that didn’t happen, and since
later lawsuits also didn’t make any sense, we must assume
both companies are fronts for Intelligence.
Intelligence wants them both to keep the name, so they do. It’s that simple. Almost everything is a
front for the MATRIX, and this is just one more example.
This means that the trademark Apple
isn’t the trademark of a record company or computer company, it
is the trademark of Western Intelligence.
It is easy to see why Intelligence chose the apple as its
trademark. Just ask yourself what the apple refers to in historical literature. In Genesis, the apple is on
the tree of knowledge, right? It therefore signifies forbidden or secret knowledge.
But back to Tara Browne. Just following the pretty clear wording of the lyrics printed on the cover of
the album, we can conclude Browne made the grade, was inducted into MI6 as an undercover agent,
and was given an assignment that required he change identities completely. McCartney saw Browne as
a “lucky man,” because he had impressed his masters enough to be given a top assignment. Browne
was no longer just going to jack around as the co-owner of a Bayswater car shop or a King’s Road
clothing front, he was now on the path to becoming a top agent in the secret hierarchy. The Beatles
were laughing because 1) they knew the death was fake, 2) they knew their friend was now on the fast
track. While Browne had “made the grade,” Lennon, McCartney and the rest were just hired
musicians, ones who would likely never rise above their current role.
Also interesting is that the History Channel felt compelled to make and air a new documentary called
The Day John Lennon Died in 2010. Again, that was a
new documentary, bringing in all the old
witnesses to tell their stories again. What you should ask is, “why 2010”, and “why the History
Channel?” The answer is that they needed to hammer home all the old nails one more time, to be sure
they continued to hold. The History Channel is a favorite bullhorn of propaganda for the Intelligence
agencies, and it was created just for that purpose. Personally, I call it the Newspeak Channel, since it
doesn’t report history, it reports rewrites of history. But the date is the big clue.
It looks like the film Let Him Be
backfired as propaganda, so job one was to suppress it, removing it from all the shelves.
Job two was to quickly make a new documentary and air it, as damage control. Again,
Let Him Be came out in 2009.
The Day John Lennon Died came out in 2010. Not a coincidence. Other partners in
this documentary are ITV and Finestripe Productions. Finestripe specializes in propaganda as well.
One of its other recent documentaries is
The Day Kennedy Died,
which also simply repeats the
mainstream story. Another is called
HeadCase: treat yourself to better mental health, which sells
mainstream pharmaceuticals for anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. That is more propaganda.
And although ITV is sold to us as an “independent” channel, that independence is now completely
meaningless. In reality, ITV is owned by the same consortium of billionaire spooks that own
American TV, including Rupert Murdoch. Around 90% of what you see on these channels is
propaganda, the rest being sports.
As a tie-in to this particular propaganda, I recommend you watch closely the documentary
The Day John Lennon Died, where at minute 38:00, we hear his “teenage girlfriend Thelma” tell us she now
works at the news-desk of Granada TV. This is Thelma Pickles. Granada bought ITV in 2004, so
Thelma is admitting she works for the company producing the documentary she is appearing in.
Curious. Since there exist no pictures of Thelma and John together, you may wish to consider the
possibility her relationship with John was completely fabricated, expressly so she could act as an in-
house witness to this event (and others previous to it). But at any rate, I think you will admit it is
convenient that the documentarians just happened to have John’s first girlfriend working for them
across the hall. She may not have even had to leave the Granada/ITV building, since Granada TV
is ITV.
Some will tell me that I should just let John be. That’s why the film was made: Let Him Be! Doesn’t
he deserve his privacy? Privacy, yes. Ignoring obvious clues, no. If John and those around him wish
to give me clues, I will do them the honor of looking at them and compiling them. I am not snooping
around in John’s garden here or digging through his trash cans. I am just listening to his own words
and looking at pictures he put up on the internet. I am
letting him be. But while I am letting him be, I
am following the clues he is giving me. More on this below.
Since I say this was a psy-op, what was the point of it? In the film, they make no effort to prove that
Noel Snow is not John Lennon, so it doesn’t seem to make sense. Why would Lennon out himself? I
would suggest his cover had already been blown, and this film was made as damage control. This is a
film made for his fans, telling them to Let Him Be. He is saying, “Yes, some of you have figured it out,
but if you care for me, let me be!” To convince them to do that, the idea is planted that Lennon really
was shot in 1980. “Chapman didn’t shoot him, but even more dangerous guys did, probably the scary
old FBI.” In the film, we are supposed to believe that Noel Snow has bullet holes in his back.
Therefore, any talk about Lennon still being alive is just endangering
 him. So the film is for his fans,
telling them yes, he is alive, but let him be for his own safety.
But I don’t believe that Lennon is in danger for a minute. If that were the case, he would never
ever appear on camera, much less give any clues about his whereabouts—not even fake clues. Fans can be
fooled and misdirected pretty easily, but fooling the CIA or FBI is not so easy. Supposing he fooled
them once, he would never ever
think he could fool them with a film like this. Even if Lennon pointed
to Canada and then immediately relocated to South America or something, this film would still expose
dozens of actors and crew. All the CIA has to do is get to one of them and twist his arm.
The whole idea of John being in danger from Intelligence was always absurd, anyway, since he had
been working with them from the beginning.
He pulled this off with their help.  Who do you think gets
Mark David Chapman on TV with Larry King? The CIA (or Home Office). If Chapman were really
who we are told he is, that wouldn’t be allowed.
Level one prisoners like Chapman aren’t allowed TV
interviews and never have been. Chapman is a CIA actor brought in every few years for a photo-op or
interview. If they can fake Lennon’s death, they can fake Chapman’s prison term even more easily.
It doesn’t really matter, since the media is now so controlled there is no way to blow the whistle on
something like this. This paper won’t get any traction, since most people prefer to believe what they
are told by the mainstream. Most people won’t read this, and even if they do they won’t be convinced
because they don’t want to be. Most people are very uncomfortable being in a minority, and the
minority capable of following my argument here is very small—something under 5%. Those running
the world don’t concern themselves anymore with the small percentages, since they have found they
can be ignored. If a few smart people see through the scams, so what. The rest won’t follow them.
Most people follow the mainstream propaganda because it is louder, and for no other reason. And that
will not change. That’s a sad fact of government, and doesn’t give us much hope for democracy; but at
least it allows people like me to write what we want. It also means John isn’t in any danger. Since he
is 73 and his voice is not what it once was, he isn’t worth any company forcing him to perform. If
anything, both British Intelligence and US Intelligence are protecting him for past work well done.
But why did John fake his death? Was it only to avoid a pushy public? He was ready to retire and this
was his out? That was part of it, but it doesn’t explain the whole story. To really understand what
happened, we would benefit from linking Lennon to Michael Jackson, who—if you will remember—
owned a large part of the publishing rights to the Beatles’ songs.
The problem with both John and Michael is that they were taking huge profits from big companies like Warner Bros and Sony. Billions, literally. Paul McCartney was smart enough not to get involved in that, or perhaps he had been warned.  You should find it curious that the Beatles long ago sold the rights to their own songs for far less than
they were worth. Lennon/McCartney originally owned 40% of the publishing rights, but that was
shaved down to 30% by going public, and then they sold the rest in 1969 for about 1/5th its value. The
deal in October 1969 for 5.7 million was for rights
worth about 25 million. Even the opposition
admitted they were worth at least 15 million, since that had been the offer in April. So why did
Lennon/McCartney turn down 15 million in April and then accept 5.7 million in October? Ask yourself
that, because it is a big part of the answer to this whole question. Some will say the Beatles were
Beatles’ publishing. So it looks like UMG and Sony are major competitors. But to discover the even
bigger players here, we have to look at who is behind Vivendi. You might want to sit down.
The largest investment group in the world is Blackrock. Not Blackstone, but Blackrock.
Blackrock isnow admitted to own at least 5% of Vivendi. Vivendi is also “advised” by Goldman Sachs and
Barclays. Remember what we learned from above: “advised” may mean “owned.” Beyond that,
Barclays and Blackrock are probably tied, since Barclays sold its investment wing to Blackrock a few
years ago. One may just be a subsidiary or front for the other.
Blackrock, Blackstone. What does it all mean? We have seen an extraordinary amount of very large
mergers and acquisitions in the past decade, many of them takeovers and many of them hostile. That
much is admitted. But what is not normally admitted is the degree of incest we see in these hostile
takeovers. What I mean is, most of the large companies are related, and as we whittle down to fewer
and fewer companies, those remaining are related even more. We are moving very quickly to a world
owned by just a few families. Companies don’t actually do anything in this world; people do. The
companies are just fronts for real people. As we increase the buyouts, we decrease the number of real
people involved at the top. The billionaires that are bought out are still billionaires, but they no longer
own any companies. They are just sitting on a pile of money, but they have no real power.
The deregulation since the 1990’s has not led to more competition, it has led to to more incest and more
collusion. We see billionaires joining together to oust other billionaires and steal their companies. That
is not competition, that is predation. And that is precisely what we are seeing here.
Which turns the common interpretation upside down. Most people who are prone to conspiracy
theories think Sony got Michael somehow.
But we now see it was just the opposite. Michael was used
by these top investment groups to get to Sony. It was only through the clever use of the Michael
Jackson event that Blackstone was able to become “part of the Sony consortium.”
Here is how it probably worked: Blackstone faked the death of MJ and then framed Sony for the
murder. Blackstone went to Sony and said, “Hey, we control the press and police and courts in LA.
We have planted all sorts of fake evidence you were involved in the fake murder. Since you don’t
control any of the press in the US, you will have no way to respond. It is going to look very bad for
you, unless you agree to bring us into the consortium.” I can see no other circumstances in which
Sony would allow new partners into Sony/ATV. This brings a whole new meaning to “leveraged
buyouts,” doesn’t it?
Since Sony agreed to play ball, Blackstone didn’t need to tie Sony to the fake murder. This is why you
only see a few hints of that early on, and then see them buried. Only one person took the fall for
Jackson’s death, and we look at him in a moment.
As we have seen, these giant investment groups have created wedges into
both Sony and Universal Music in the past five years, and I predict that in another ten years or less, they will own all of both music empires, and all the others as well. They will then devour one another until we have one
company owning everything in the world.  I think it is probable we are already a lot closer to that scenario than you think. I would say it isprobable these investment groups are not separate, and that most of them are run by the same  people. Blackstone and Blackrock may only seem to be separate entities, for example (see below for more on
 For more indication I am on the right track, we can look at Philip Anschutz and his company AEG.
Anschutz is estimated to be worth about $10 billion, which makes him one of the richest men in the
world. Well, Anschutz was a target in this Michael Jackson death hoax, along with Sony and Vivendi.
AEG was to be hosting and promoting MJ’s 2009 world tour. They had already spent millions in
promotion and had sold millions of tickets. When the tour was canceled, they lost many millions.
Furthermore, the Jackson estate attacked AEG afterwards, claiming it was somehow responsible for
Jackson’s death. As you can see, this staged death was also being used as a wedge to buy out AEG, the
most profitable sports and entertainment company in the world. Philip Anschutz was able to weather
that storm, so they tried another wedge in 2012. It was in the summer of that year that Anschutz was
tied to the Aurora “Batman” shooting, which took place in one of Anschutz-owned Cinemark theaters.
The shooter James Holmes was also said to be a psychiatric patient at Anschutz’s Student Mental
Health Services. After being dragged through the mud in this manufactured tragedy, Anschutz nearly
cracked. It was reported he planned to sell AEG in late 2012, and guess who he hired to “advise” him
in this sale? Blackstone. However, Anschutz counter-attacked through his Examiner
newspapers and online site in 2013 and took AEG off the market. He fired Blackstone and his own CEO Tim Leiweke. He even expanded in 2013, taking over Wembley Arena in London. Anschutz is worth more now than
he was in 2009.
For more weirdness, where do you think Tim Leiweke went when he left Anschutz? He went to Maple
Leaf Communications in Toronto, which is majority-owned by Bell Canada. And who is behind Bell
Canada? . . .wait for it. . . Blackrock
Blackrock Communication is a global technology and telecommunications consulting firm representing over 100
telecom carriers, equipment providers, data center and cloud services providers worldwide. At Blackrock we work
closely with your business to find the right solutions for your IT and telecommunications infrastructure.
Before we return to John Lennon, let’s look at Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray. How did he end up
taking the fall for this? He ended up being given a very short sentence (two years) for involuntary
manslaughter, but that isn’t because he did anything wrong. Since the death was faked, he couldn’t
possibly be guilty. So why was he prosecuted? He was prosecuted because he refused to give false
testimony against Philip Anschutz. Remember, Anschutz was a major target of this false flag as well,
and Jackson’s mother Katherine sued AEG for wrongful death. That lawsuit failed, and it failed
because Murray refused to testify against Anschutz. We can read one of two things from that: 1)
although agreeing to be part of the scheme early on, Murray decided something had gone too far and he
balked; 2) Anschutz got to Murray and paid him a large sum not to testify. I lean toward #2.
We have one more turn of the screw before we get back to Lennon. If you are already sitting down,
you may want to lie down for this one. When Blackstone faked the death of Jackson, they didn’t really
fake Jackson’s death. They faked the death of Jackson’s body double.
The real Michael Jackson has been living in Abu Dhabi for many years. The guy in the news during the past decade is Jackson’s body double, who took over all public appearances after about 2001. The guy with the tiny sharp nose:
that isn’t even Jackson. It is the body double who was scheduled to go on world tour and whose death
was faked. It was the body double they had to whisk away in the fake ambulance and the body double
they had to relocate. The real Michael Jackson had relocated long ago.

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