What’s the real Novichuckle agenda? The given narrative makes no sense.

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Ian Crane says the given agenda about Novichok is so obviously not true, you have to wonder what the real agenda can be.  Here’s the discussion of that he had with Patrick Henningsen.  PH draws the parallel with Russiagate in the US where for eighteen months the US media filled with accusations of Russian meddling in the US election.  Yet not one shred of evidence has been produced.  It was all just a circus of speculation, accusing Russia of breaking international law.

The events in Britain are very similar, in that there is no evidence to back up the accusations.

Corbyn asks perfectly sensible questions in Parliament and is accused (endlessly) by the media of being a Kremlin agent.  Then anti-Semitism.

As Theresa May ramps up the ‘Fear Porn’, we discuss the total lack of HARD EVIDENCE to support the allegation that the poisoning of Sergei Skripal was perpetrated by the Russian State … So what is the REAL Agenda here?

There is an attempt to get the public behind an anti-Russia agenda.  No different to accusing Syria of use of chemical weapons,  Iraq weapons of mass destruction.  The media attacks anyone who stands against these fabricated narratives designed to deteriorate relations with other countries up to and including war.

No matter how fake the narratives, no matter how little evidence is provided, the government will not back down from its accusations of the countries the US is targeting.

Yet people are not as gullible as they were.  In 2013 the attempt to bring Britain to war in Syria failed to get voted through Parliament.  People are starting to resist. (28 minutes).

US-backed terrorists can carry out murders, and attacks knowing that in the media Russia will be blamed.  Many people believe what they read in the papers, see on TV.  Many are lying deliberately.  Many are too stupid to realise they are lying.  Many are scared to speak out against what they know to be lies.  People in power are in objective denial of reality, of morality while accusing their adversaries of having these qualities.  People sitting on the fence need to examine their consciences.  By allowing this to pass, they are allowing warfare to be created.

There is no evidence and there never will be any evidence.  It’s all anecdotal innuendo.  It’s a shame there’s no one like David Kelly around today to stand up and state that the accusations are untrue.  It’s all stage play, low level state craft.  They don’t have time to do due process.  They’re losing their war in Syria and they have invested billions backing ISIS.  They want to re-balance the scales due the embarrassment of losing the war in Syria.

In the UK the agenda is to increase austerity at the same time.  It all helps to cover over the real events.  Gavin Williamson – ‘Russia should go away and shut up.’  He needs to get media to cover up his past life bursting into the media.  Incredibly low calibre of statesmanship.

The agenda is to oust Russia from the UN, to isolate Russia, kick out of the G20, already out of the G8.  They want to delegitimise Russia.  Even football will be used – to rob Russia of the World Cup, as their athletes were pushed out of Olympics.  Accusing tennis players of using drugs which are used by nearly all tennis players.  Knocking off Russians and accusing Putin of being behind it.

All these things will only strengthen Putin’s hold in Russia.  He rescued Russia from the grip of the Rothschild banking system.  Russia and China are trading oil in Roubles and Yuan.  All countries operating outside the global central banking system are militarily targeted.  In Russia Putin is regarded as the man who saved them.  In Rothschild controlled UK, people are being pushed into gradual starvation.  Even cold weather is being blamed on Russia – Beast From The East.  False stories of the UK being dependent on gas supplies from Russia.  In fact less than 1% is bought from Russia.  Germany, Italy and France however do buy a lot of gas from Russia.

The British military has been systematically wound down, and we are being absorbed into the EU military.  The government needs to get the agenda of the absorption into the EU Army into the media.  The social fabric of Britain to be systematically destroyed outside the EU, until we are begging to be let back into the EU.

Russian gas dependence narrative (Lie) is being used to promote the fracking agenda.

BP controls 20% of Rosneft (Russian) oil and gas production.  Would the British government really put that output at risk by imposing sanctions on Russia.  Unlikely.

Craig Murray – it’s another WMD narrative. (1hr 12 minutes).  Pictures of incident all false.  For the media – like The White Helmets.

Behind it all control of pipelines is a big agenda.  The goal of dominating Central Asia oil and gas industry.  Expansionist NATO policies are aimed at this and it could trigger real war. (1hr 18 minutes).  Zbigniew Brezinski wrote The Grand Chessboard.  The American public in 1997 were still shocked by failure of US forces in Vietnam.  The need for a truly massive and perceived external threat is discussed.  Russia has been pencilled in, and all the work of the last two years is targeting that objective.

TAP – Trouble is it’s been so badly done this time the agenda is getting pretty obvious to the public in the UK.  But I guess the crucial pubic is the US public and they still seem to believe the garbage put out in the media over there.

As Theresa May ramps up the ‘Fear Porn’, we discuss the total lack of HARD EVIDENCE to support the allegation that the poisoning of Sergei Skripal was perpetrated by the Russian State … So what is the REAL Agenda here?



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