May and Johnson set up by MI-6 to prepare way for an anti-Brexit Labour government.

The United Kingdom is headed for a break-up.  Not today or tomorrow, mind you but, sooner than anyone would like to handicap, especially in this age of coalition government at any cost.

By responding to the alleged poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia with histrionics normally reserved for The View, Theresa May’s government has set the stage for its own collapse.

Government’s fall when the people lose confidence in them.  May has bungled everything she has touched as Prime Minister, from Brexit talks and her relationship with Donald Trump to her response (or lack thereof) to the escalating level of domestic terrorism and her pathetic campaign during last year’s snap election.

When I confront such obvious ineptitude it’s not hard to believe that wasn’t the plan to begin with.

Since her initial meeting with Donald Trump after his election where it looked like the two would get along, May has become more and more belligerent to both him and his base.  While he continues to affirm our special relationship “The Gypsum Lady” as I like to call her makes mistake after mistake.

The latest of which is pushing everyone east of the Dneiper River in Ukraine to denounce the Russians and President Vladimir Putin personally for this alleged poisoning in Salisbury a month ago.

The result of which was the largest round of diplomatic expulsions in a century, if not ever.

And now that the whole “Russia did it” narrative has been skewered by May’s own experts at Porton Downs, she stands alone along with her equally inept and embarrassing Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson.

The calls for their jobs will only intensify here.

Tinker, Tailor, Traitor, Spy

The whole thing felt from the beginning like a bad Ian Fleming (TAP – Le Carre?) novel.  I said from the beginning this this was a classic false flag to gin up anti-Russian fervor while May’s negotiator betrayed Brexit and pushed to remove Russian businesses from doing business in London.

I’m sorry but it’s not a stretch to think this whole thing was cooked up by MI-6.  In fact, that’s been my operating assumption for a month now.

The problem was, until a few days ago, I didn’t have a good enough reason why.

Putting diplomatic pressure on Russia on behalf of the U.S.’s crazed neoconservative Deep State just didn’t seem like a big enough reward.  Neither did cutting Russian businesses out of European banks to stop contractor and creditor payments associated with the Nordstream 2 pipeline.

Those things felt like nice bonus objectives but not main goals.

And it wasn’t until the lead scientists at Porton Downs left May, Johnson and Williamson out to hang on Monday that the full operation became clear. By stating that they could not confirm the origin of the Novichok nerve agent used in the attack on the Skripals the Porton Downs officials destroyed the credibility of The Gypsum Lady’s government.

Therefore, this operation was always about undermining May’s government to the point of a no-confidence vote.  This would then be the ultimate betrayal of Brexit in order to preserve the U.K.’s position in the European Union, which is favored by the political and old-monied British elite.

In short, this was a coup attempt.

And don’t think for a second that this is not plausible. Remember it was Margaret Thatcher’s own most trusted people who betrayed her to get the U.K. into the European Union in the first place.  This was why they brought down The Iron Lady.

So, here’s the scene:

May and Johnson both get told by trusted advisors that there is incontrovertible proof of Russia’s hand in this.  They go with this information with confidence to parliament, the U.N., high-level meetings with foreign leaders and the press.

They convince their allies to stand strong against the evil Russians who is everyone’s bid ‘baddie’ at this point.

Trump has to go along with this nonsense even though he is obviously skeptical otherwise there will be an uproar in the U.S. press about him betraying our most trusted ally for his puppet-master Putin.

To be honest, I don’t think these bozos, May and Johnson, were in on the plan.  I think they were being played all along and now will be the patsies.

Just like May was played last year, calling for snap elections.  The minute she called them there were terror attacks all over London, marches against her over public safety.  A media campaign which puffed up Jeremy Corbyn, who they are now destroying for his rightful trepidation about this fairy tale MI-6 is spinning.

The goal was to weaken May and get Labour back in charge.  Corbyn would then be cast aside and a Tony Blair clone installed as Prime Minister to scuttle Brexit and restore order to the galaxy, Europe.  Unfortunately, the DUP got enough of the vote to re-elect a very weakened May and things have limped along for nearly a year.

Crisis on Infinite Empires

The problem with this however, is like all plans of those desperate to cling to vestiges of former glory (and the U.K. is definitely the poster child for that), is the crisis of confidence it will engender.

Make no mistake, Brexit was no mistake.

It’s what the people of Britain wanted and they want it more now than in 2016.  So, they don’t dare call for a new referendum.  But, they are also looking at a third parliamentary vote in as many years.

And that doesn’t scream confidence no matter how much markets would prefer the legal status quo.  Opposition to Brexit comes from the entrenched monied power, not from any adherence to globalist ideology.

If Brexit is betrayed through this hackneyed farce of a spy thriller, it won’t sit well with the British people.  Scotland’s call for a second referendum will continue to grow and the Pound will fall alongside the competitiveness of British labor still trapped within a euro-zone (TAP – fortunately outside the Eurozone, Britain is however trapped inside the Treaties and the ECJ legal system) that has done nothing but choke the life out of the economy.

The Pound will begin to sink into irrelevancy as this unfolds.  It won’t happen overnight, but we will look back on these events and see them as the trigger points for the path of history.

Between these things and the toxic levels of political correctness as it pertains to Muslim immigration, the insanity of London liberals and the de facto police state the U.K. has become and you have a recipe for political unrest that will not be pretty.  (TAP – Brits are plegmatic as a rule.  They would like us to be more extreme than we are but I don’t see us changing to fit the scheme.  Genes are stronger than political scams.)

Brexit was meant to be the peaceful revolution that put the nail in the coffin of the march to one world government.  It is about to be nullified.

When it is the sun will finally set on what’s left of the British Empire.

TAP – That’s not bad for an American!  The theory covers all the bases, and fits the situation remarkably well, apart from notions of Empire which went many decades ago.   Johnson and May are willing patsies, however, I would say.  They can’t be so dumb as to fall for such a poorly disguised plot.  Treason May might be many things, but dumb would not be one of them.  Same goes for Bollocks. 

Corbyn has already swapped Labour Party policy to cancelling Brexit, on the quiet after the election, without any media coverage.  As Corbyn won the leadership, Michael Meacher was liquidated if you remember, dying suddenly without any identifiable cause according to his agent.  He was a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who wouldn’t have fitted with MI-6 running Britain – like John Smith, Robin Cook, the other senior Labour politicians who resisted, and didn’t make it.)  The system has clearly taken a Corbyn Labour regime as a serious possibility from the start.  Corbyn must be step 2 for MI-6, not a totally unexpected or unwelcome outcome for them to inflict economic mayhem onto Britain.  John O’Donnell will be let loose on the economy and have people begging to be let back into the EU, as Ian Crane suggests they will.

The pound will be allowed to fall to parity with the Euro, that would probably mean, but first might well be sagged to parity with the US$.  The theory fits well. The rebellious British niggle, on the way to One World Government would be finally eliminated.  And Blair behind the scenes back in control.

Are there any Conservative MPs left with any fight in them to stop May and Johnson sending the Party to oblivion?  UKIP has been rendered ineffective as a political force.  Are the Conservatives next to crash into hopelessness?  It would seem so.  And that’s what this Skripal nonsense is all about.  Without a willing vehicle Brexit will wither and die, along with the notion that Britain is a democracy and a sovereign nation.  That’s what Brexit is all about.

Re Corbyn, is the idea to leave him just strong enough to win a majority but too weak to withstand an ‘assassination’ once he’s in office. Waiting in the wings will be the Blairites. Is the role of May and Johnson to collapse the Conservative Party continuing the work of David Cameron? UKIP and Lib Dems are already marginalised.Then there’s only one option, Labour, and Blair must have plans how to end up in control of that, once the voting’s done. The Skripal affair would only make sense if there was such a plan. Noticeably it was Israel that brought the coordinated international response to a halt, ensuring maximum embarrassment for Treason.


Is Jacob Rees-Mogg the final Brexit hope before the Brexit rebellion is overturned by the Illuminati using Labour?  Oh well.  Back to Eton, Oxford and The City.  Come on Conservative MPs.  Get the job done.  Treason out.  Moggmentum in.  That or suffer total humiliation in the polls.  Sadly Mogg is a fracker, so I’d be pro-Corbyn.

Under David Cameron‘s government, he was one of the Conservatives’ most rebellious MPs, opposing the government on issues such as the introduction of same-sex marriage and further intervention in the Syrian Civil War. He became known for his speeches and filibustering in parliamentary debates. He proposed a Conservative coalition with the UK Independence Party, and made regular television appearances. A Eurosceptic, he campaigned for Brexit in the 2016 referendum on membership of the European Union and subsequently joined pro-Brexit pressure groups Leave Means Leave and the European Research Group, becoming chair of the latter. He attracted support through the social media campaign Moggmentum and has been touted as a potential successor to Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May.[5]

Rees-Mogg is a controversial figure in British politics. He has been praised as a conviction politician whose upper-class mannerisms and consciously traditionalist attitudes are entertaining; he has been dubbed the “Honourable Member for the 18th century”.[6] However, his relationship with reactionary and ultra-nationalist movements such as the Traditional Britain Group have led to some journalists such as Suzanne Moore of The Guardian to describe Rees-Mogg’s views as “verg[ing] on fascistic .. dressed up in tweed with a knowledge of the classics“.[7]

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4 Responses to “May and Johnson set up by MI-6 to prepare way for an anti-Brexit Labour government.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Re Corbyn, is the idea to leave him just strong enough to win a majority but too weak to withstand an ‘assassination’ once he’s in office. Waiting in the wings will be the Blairites. Is the role of May and Johnson to collapse the Conservative Party continuing the work of David Cameron? UKIP and Lib Dems are already marginalised.Then there’s only one option, Labour, and Blair must have plans how to end up in control of that, once the voting’s done. The Skripal affair would only make sense if there was such a plan. Noticeably it was Israel that brought the coordinated international response to a halt, ensuring maximum embarrassment for Treason.

  2. Moo2 says:

    Interesting point. The only problem with politicians which remain a constant.

    1. They are liars
    2. They oppose mankind
    3. They will do or say anything to remain in power
    4. They create discord and fake paradigms to con the public

    The fake nerve agent WMD narrative must have been somewhat obvious to anyone with half a brain after seeing police, fire and medical staff next to doughballs wearing chem suits. A substance so dangerous we’ll send (so called) first responders into a highly dangerous scene without PPE.

    3 examples of where (so called) first responders would attend in the real world wearing chem suits.

    1. A chlorine gas leak or spill at your local swimming pool.

    2. A mercury spill onto a suspended and sealed floor in a dentist.

    3. A chemo therapy spill at a hospital.

    Oddly enough 3 scenarios so dangerous the public are allowed to swim in one, eat food and chew with one and are given care for a serious disease with the other. Hmmmmm

  3. Mr Dude says:

    Some interesting points about Rees-Mogg but his father was a major Satanist, one wonders if RM jr May also be one.

    Interesting rumour I heard somewhere is that Corbyn got offered the top job a while back, in return for covering up Dolphin Square – after all he has form for that in 90’s Islington.

    An interesting possibility about Salisbury that I heard is that Putin is IN on the whole thing and it’s a ploy to repatriate all the bent Russian money back to the motherland and get the more honest Russians back there spending their big bucks on Russian real estate and products.

    Doesn’t sound too far-fetched to me you never know…

    • Tapestry says:

      No doubt someone controls Putin. What is their agenda? Russians want to get out into the world but are prevented from doing so by the visa system. British MI-6 poisons the occasional UK resident as part of raising anti-Putin/anti-Russia sentiment. War creation is what it’s all about. Alleged poisoning in Salisbury rapidly followed by alleged poisonings in Syria. It seems Syria is still the number one zone being set up for war. Israel could no doubt sink a US ship Pearl Harbour style and blame that on Russia/Assad too. They have many more tricks up their sleeves. Politiicians Satanic? Mostly. The higher you go in the hierarchy, the more psychopathic they are.

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