Was the Farage 2010 air crash a faked event?

In reply to Aldous, who believes the Farage air crash in 2010 was faked.

That was well staged, and if acted, Farage is an amazingly good actor. Pictures of plane don’t look faked, but the subsequent strange events concerning the pilot might suggest a staged event.


Also the people helping Farage after the crash certainly look staged with nil acting ability.  The streaks of blood on NF’s face are remarkably parallel and straight, and have very little flow.

There were other alleged incidents.  I don’t think his car actually crashed, but he alleged loosening of wheel nuts.

When I was UKIP candidate in 2001, a Labour activist tried to set my car on fire. I saw him doing it trying to light the posters with a cigarette lighter. I didn’t know who he was until election night when he was walking round with Paul Marsden MP who opposed Afghanistan invasion after the election. Life can be stranger than fiction.  I’m sure Paulk Marsden had no idea who the hoodlums were in his local party.

I am prepared to keep an open mind on Farage’s air crash, Aldous. After reading people like Miles W Mathis and revisiting the pictures, I have more willingness to believe I was duped.  Maybe someone with a sharper eye than mine can spot discrepancies in the pictures.  You can spin them up on any search engine easily enough.  The one I picked above looks staged, not by Farage but the bloke apparently holding him up.  It doesn’t look convincing or animated, does it.

You have to ask yourself would the aircraft have disintegrated to the point of fully exposing NF to a side view but leave him almost unscathed.  Why would the attendant be approaching from the front as in the photo?  If NF’s head was inverted in the crash, as in this photo, why so little blood, and why would the blood flow downwards across his face?  It should be in his hair.  None.  Or afterwards on his clothes.  None.  Blood was not flowing once he was out of the aircraft.  He walked away from the accident.  Yet claimed subsequent immobility.  Once you start examining the details, it doesn’t look too convincing.


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  1. Aldous says:

    And so it goes… on and on and on …

    Three people have been killed in the western German city of Muenster after a van drove into people sitting outside a popular restaurant.

    The driver of the vehicle died after shooting himself, police said. They are not looking for more suspects.

    WTF are they (already) not looking for more suspects? Case closed already?
    Hercule Poirot had better not give up his day job.
    HTF do they know that no one else is involved?


    Yet another false flag? You bet.

  2. Aldous says:

    I bet he’s a Moslem/Muslim and not a Jew/Zionist. Because if the assailant was to be a J/Z then that would be a very bad thing to be kept well out of the media and public spotlight. Wouldn’t it?

  3. Aldous says:

    These alleged killers have always/often got a gun at hand to kill themselves with haven’t they? I wonder how they obtained it?
    Best not to ask a cop or bought and paid for politician

  4. Tapestry says:

    I doubt the story ever happened, Aldous. If you take the default position that no media reports are true or factually correct, it saves a lot of wasted energy. Only if after doing some research do you bother getting involved in a story, it makes life so much more liveable. Once you’ve studied Miles W Mathis, you begin to realise that very few news reports are real. Skripal. Las Vegas. And on and on. JFK. RFK. MLK. John Lennon. The Beatles. Music industry. Media. They’re all projects. Work from what you know. As for politics…..and Yarach. We need to rethink our world.

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