UKC: UK Ambassador To UN: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

What a wonderful day madam… what a wonderful day for walking up to the Kremlin, knocking on the door and asking. “Is Len in?”
Ken Dodd

It would appear the BBC and UK government are in agreement and realised their desire to attack a foreign nation state based upon stories about Salisbury, England and Douma, Syria. The UK Ambassador to the UN read out an official script to inform us of the official justification. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labour party has acted more statesman-like; actually appearing to question the ‘given truth’. Has Corbyn quietly consolidated support to win the next UK general election? President Trump, Prime Minister Corbyn? Time will tell. For now the message is, sod international law; we do as we wish….



Pre show chat:
I guess a chat box commentator is referencing Roger Waters for tune of the day because…
Roger Waters Slams Syria’s White Helmets: ‘A Fake Organization Fronting for Terrorists’
Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond [ Official Music Video ]

Backround Music Suggestion For Today
Roger Waters Pink Floyd
Excellent article from Caig Murray.
Clooney and the White Helmets,” Dupe or Dope? white-helmets/
… so successful that around 75% of the missiles were intercepted and shot down.
The world seems to be laughing at the UK and the USA.

Show time: be aware the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show…
So, they’ve gone and done it!
Treason May talking about chemical weapons use by Assad without impunity.
Who used the chemicals Theresa?!
Mike analysis May’s statement…
Trump told Putin he was going to bomb, so Putin moved everything out and the US bombed empty buildings.
Stranger still that one of the places bombed was due to be used by the OPCW to carry ou their investigation.
Replace NATO with YouTube Defense Force.
Richard Black Virginian State Senator seems to know what’s going on.
This speech by Karen ‘Bagen Price’ Pierce…  ‘looks like a frog in lipstick, never seen a female orc before…’
Introducing Bagen Price aka the UK United Nations Ambassador Karen Pierce Speaks At Security Meeting April 14, 2018…


i.e. Blah blah blah blah blah…



Bolivia: You cannot violate international law by violating international law!
‘Ryan Dawson is a scumbag, he was agreeing with S Edmonds in his tweets when she was attacking VB’
Corbyn sends letter to May
Macron: legal framework i.e. make it up as you go along
Agreed Pat. Statesman like Corbyn

I think it was 103 missiles fired – and 72 were shot down.
UKC runs BBC video
BBC Today Martha Kearny gives White Helmets thumbs up!
The new Bana: Masa!
3,000 survivors of the chemical attack!?!
Richard Black Virginian State Senator Knows that the “White Helmets” are not the “Good Guys”.
Chlorinated Tapolina… the Russians run our water
Peter Hitchens has been voice of reason… but, still calls Assad a monster.
PETER HITCHENS: How on earth would killing MORE people rescue Syria?
Skripal case… Sergey Lavrov says Russia do not use the chemical used at Salisbury according to OPCW report.
The OPCW are ‘owned’, perhaps…. or ‘highly likely’???
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UKC: Syria Attacked. Are You Happy BBC?

Published on 16 Apr 2018
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column.

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