UKC: Tim Collins: It’s Just A Thought Experiment

I woke to find yet more Semolina controversy on BBC R4 Today:
Jeremy Corbyn set for crunch meeting with Jewish leaders
As for the idea that any authority might be literally attempting to mind control the populous, don’t worry, because so called journalists-cum-Twitterers like the MailOnline’s Tim Collins merely drag in the concept of UFO’s and label state / private electronic technology as thought experiments. I guess technically he’s correct, but his use of ‘thought experiment’ infers something benevolent when really is it real, authentic, malevolent thought experiment. Daily, the £3.74 budget UK Column try to keep a straight face when analysing the weird world about them.

Pre show chat:
what are the chances of impregnation and being born St Georges day
What are the chances of Birth at 11:11 am? (I think it was 11.01am)

Show time: FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic…
Brexit without the exit.
Theresa May defeated three times in one day on flagship Brexit bill
Mike: long standing govt policy to remove House of Lords
Michel Barnier says UK Brexit lacks clarity
Barnier urges UK to provide a clear Brexit blueprint
Liam Fox… Brexit ‘can make UK world trade CHAMPIONS’ says Liam Fox
Is Fox still Atlantic Council ? No… Bridge…

Submarine defence… Gavin Williamson: a submarine is on guard 24/7/365
Brian: serviceman and women being put at risk by cuts

Alfie Evans case… High Court not interested in other possible facilities around the world.
‘he’s been breathing unaided apparently’
State keeps control over parental concerns
Email: Alfie’s Army stormed the hospital at one point. Black-out by media on this case

Child abuse. Telford grooming gang… UKC say it is not just Asians.
What happens when child abusers run Social Services
Telford sex scandal shock as social services chief is one of THREE councilors exposed as paedophiles:
Church, council, police… child abusers infiltrate authorities
UKC: child abuse whistle blower are targeted
a third ex Celtic coach accused in abuse of kids
Police and Crime Commissioner John CAMPION decided not to investigate
High level rings shut down any investigation that gets too close
The ‘protection’ continues into the courts
Stephen Watson South Yorkshire
The public are investigating themselves…

Owen Jones:

The British media is a closed shop. These are the facts.
Peer pressure to prevent hacks from rocking the boat
Mike: I rarely recommend Owen Jones, but read this…

YouTube networks drop thousands of creators as YouTube policy shifts
Diamond & Silk due to go before congress YouTube censorship

GCHQ to create hundreds of jobs at Manchester intelligence facility
Brian: more apparatus to spy on UK citizens

Electronic surveillance…

David Knight Talks Psycho Electronic Weapons

Tim Collins discredits story in Daily Mail…

Chat box:
State spying thriving!

Published on 24 Apr 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Running order to follow….

START – Brexit: Treason May defeated three times in one day on Brexit bill
House of Lords under attack again…whips to have control in future…?
Brexit (no exit) staggers on…
06:17 – Liam Fox pops-up again: Britain a post-industrial economy
08:50 – Defence: new submarine delivery agency
11:39 – Life support has been withdrawn from Alfie Evans, says father
The State is taking control of children’s lives: parents don’t matter…
15:22 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
16:51 – What happens when the child abusers run the Social Services…
A glimpse into child abusers ‘protecting children’
The anatomy of a cover-up
No separation of powers in child protection – they’re all in the club
Telford Council vows that child abuse inquiry will be independent
30:13 – Owen Jones attacks MainStream Media
MainStream Media is one giant cartel
33:15 – YouTube networks drop thousands of creators in policy shift
34:30 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
34:42 – GCHQ to create hundreds of jobs at Manchester intelligence facility
35:59 – Remote mind control: copyright – Washington State Fusion Centre
How Daily Mail spins psycho-electronic warfare into UFO conspiracy…
Who is Daily Mail reporter Tim Collins…?
Evidence of government trials on the population is missing from his reporting
UK Fusion – US Fusion: it’s just a coincidence…

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UKC: Prizes For Fake News


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Great post, Ned. So good to get a visual synopsis thumbnail. You capture the character of your subjects so simply. You have a real gift. And getting sharper all the time.

    • NPP says:

      It’s a funny old world whereby 2 blokes in front of a green screen in their back parlour offer better news analysis than the £3.74 billion Brussels Broadcasting Corporation…

      Semolina is a food group, not a race! Corbyn apparently left his meeting on Semolina shrugging his shoulders. Good for him.

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