UKC: Syria Attacked. Are You Happy BBC?

Energy flows where attention goes. I am holding onto the vain hope that Trump is a moderate in all this English-French war mongering. I cling to the hope that Trump and Putin are sitting back bemused at this endless snowflake hysteria; snowflake bullies who in reality love to impose their ideology upon others. I’m hoping Trump and Putin are attempting to manage a limited response to the relentless war tones of the UK-€U and US hawks. Treason May would surely have a meltdown if the nation were tuned into UK Column.

Last night on BBC R4 Any Questions, the only sane voice was Peter Hitchens who questioned the party line on Russia and Syria and apparently one of the few doing so. Shame on the BBC, Treason May, toy boy Macron and the rest of the twits and twerps with no regard for evidence or fact, but instead make up their own version of events, direct blame and attack.

Over the last 24-48 hours my UKC post for 12 April was removed from FakeBook… I posted the same content as:

UKC: Vanessa: Douma False Flag

I followed it up:

Removed By FakeBook: UKC: Vanessa: Douma False Flag

I suspect my post was censored because I had tagged Patrick Henningsen, Vanessa Beeley et al.

The report with Vanessa Beeley 12 April was incredible. The £3.74 UK Column put the £3.74 billion BBC to absolute shame.

I might add that last night the BBC were lapping up James Comey’s book and comments. The former FBI boss has so much baggage in his own history, but the BBC focus only, full steam ahead, week in week out, on possible Trump misdemeanours. It is unlikely they will interview Juanita Broadwick any time on her book ‘You Better Put Some Ice That’.


Comey said “… the President and prostitutes peeing on each other in a hotel in Moscow is possible, but I don’t know..”
He does not know. Is there any link between Christopher Steel, Skripal and MI6?
Comey was being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos, ex adviser to Bill Clinton and currently presstituting for for ABC. Really, how low can the BBC get? Very very low.
During the news…
… they interviewed former Comey colleague at the FBI as Deputy Attorney General, Chris Swecker: “… Comey should not have written his book… dragging FBI into political firestorm… the President has criticised the FBI plenty of times in the past from Obama to Clinton, but Comey is engaging in a food fight with the President; talking about matters under investigation still…”
BBC Razia Iqbal: “You sound as if you’re disappointed in Comey…”
Chris Swecker: “I and a lot of people are… he’s deviated from established procedures… and did so because he said the Attorney General Loretta Lynch was conflicted…. Comey can testify in Congress if he needs to tell his story… it now looks like a personal dispute and a payback…”
The BBC host sounded disappointed at Swecker’s lack of inclination to wade in on bashing Trump. You can check BBC Razia Iqbal’s ‘balanced and fair approach’ on Twitter at:

Pre show chat:
Afternoon, all. What about that Jeremy Hunt?…. Dodgy people and dodgy accountants…. why are many top politicians filthy rich?
Forget the imminent possibility of WW3. Harry and Meaghan have chosen their wedding photographer. Happy days…
… wrote letter to my MP yesterday as an urgent matter. I get my replies from some junior assistant
A bloke in a field:

Material must be shared now as Censorship algorithms tighten.

Show time: be aware the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show…
Wahey! The buggers ain’t got us yet.
Trump is not going to attack Syria, so you are on your own, Mayhem.
International Lawyers: Strike Against Syria Would Be Illegal
Check the Napoleon Tweet:

BBC Laura Kuenssberg:

Lamba Production here with Amnesty

Disgusting Daily Mail front page:

Macron has proof! Dah dah! Yeah, and I’m the Queen of Sheba…

A bimbo: Defence and Security Editor for the Daily Mail. Based in Westminster.

Theresa May hypocrisy: parliamentary rules as she/her cabinet handlers please.
Mean while, the biggest Chinese fleet review for 600 years!

Jo Johnson on BBC QT

Is Jo Johnson Instructed On The Bollocks He Utters?

Could conceivably just have been pressing button in his jacket pocket to autoplay a message received… ?

Rumours were circulating last night that Tory minister Jo Johnson was receiving a feed telling him what to say during last night’s BBC Question Time. It appears it was his Apple phone’s ‘Siri’ function accidentally activating during the programme – but that may not be much better for the minister.

It was Johnson’s Siri on BBCQT – which may not actually be much better

Speaking of the Siri system’s ‘machine learning’ capabilities, Apple’s Senior Vice-President of Sotware Craig Federighi said last autumn:

“Siri is no longer just a voice assistant… Siri on-device intelligence is streamlining everyday interactions with our devices… [we have] worked to make it a core part of all of our platforms.

With the software update coming this [2017] fall, users will experience even more Siri functionality.”

For Siri to think Johnson was asking it to tell him what was agreed in Cabinet may suggest that it has learned to respond to that or a similar phrase – because he has asked it before, possibly frequently.
FFS! The new Director GCHQ is quoted there saying they chose Manchester because it’s full of sexual diversity and foreigners!
Another arm of the clampdown here:

Emergency services sharing ‘best practice’

Thousands named on secretive council ‘watch lists’ – and some records go back more than 40 years

Thousands named on secretive council ‘watch lists’ – and some records go back more than 40 years

Does every council have this list?
And of course Scottish Model of Government is about “we are all one”.

The oddity is Brian, Docherty had his General Teaching Council for Scotland license revoked years ago — they sent him a letter about it

Pete Wishart. Claim to fame: Keyboard player in Gaelic group RunRig. Can’t sing, can’t speak Gaelic. From that dizzy height entered politics

Published on 13 Apr 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s UK Column News.
START – Do we live in a democracy…? Parliament sidelined…
Parliamentary sovereignty but only when it suits the government
What is the Crown…? What is the power of the Privy Council…?
04:18 – International Lawyers: strike against Syria would be illegal
Sergey Lavrov: indisputable evidence that the event was staged
BBC Media Action – subverting the World for years
10:05 – Syria: BBC pumps out supposition as fact…
BBC Laura Kuenssberg being challenged on Twitter
Daily Mail also pumping out supposition as fact…
Just like the Novichok event – no evidence or details provided
16:51 – The Sun: Treason May now has ‘proof’ it was Assad…
The public assesses Syria and the chemical weapons story
China: naval parade in South China Sea…vessels sent to Mediterranean
24:08 – Joe Johnson on Question Time: the man behind the curtain exposes himself
UK Column has warned about Treason May since 2014
27:24 – 21st Century Wire website unavailable…DDOS attack underway
Truth and investigative journalism must be silenced…
29:14 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
Alternative View 9 conference: 4-7 May, near Milton Keynes
Fresh Start Foundation event: 14 April, Inverness
NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
New Chartist movement meeting: 19 April, Manchester
32:22 – Police, Crime (and Fire) Commissioner for Northamptonshire…
33:32 – NHS Tayside crisis: Chairman Professor John Connell asked to resign
Dundee Courier: thousands named on secret council ‘watch lists’
Some names have been on the list for more than forty years…
40:37 – The Scottish Sun: hit piece on Brian Docherty
44:22 – Pete Wishart calls for Scottish independence referendum delay

Foot note…
On FakeBook Tom Duggen has posted a clip from Syria as air strikes go over head. I wish I knew how to embed the clip here…
Tom Duggen has been reporting from Syria for some years. Hey BBC, how about interviewing Tom?

I am so disappointed with Trump. It seems the English and French have persuaded Trump into some kind of action. Trump’s comments e.g. ‘animal’ are inane to say the least. However, are the strikes much less than if Hillary were President? Is Trump appeasing huge pressure from the UK-French-Israeli lobby? Either way, I stand by Syria, Syrians and Assad. As for my empty vessel of an MP Matt Handycock, he is typical of the gutless twits that run my country. It will change and twits like Handycock will be replaced.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Trump did OK. At least he didn’t attack any Russian assets or personnel. The hawks had gone to great lengths to get some hatred into the game, but came away with WW3 no closer and Russia now arming Syrian air defences to the highest possible level. It won’t be long and careless NATO and US planes will be tumbling from the skies. The days of air supremacy, as exercised over Iraq are well gone. Given the unwillingness of the US public to accept casualties, I can’t see how the US/NATO can continue playing war games if Russia’s there to help the nation being attacked. And that’s before they bring out their laser weaponry which would be even more devastating. That’s being held back in case the ‘Deep State’ really can’t understand that it’s too late to replay the old games like Iraq and Afghanistan any more. Trump is a big disappointment to the hawks. They are still trying to get rid of him. I hope he lasts a lot longer. He’s the ideal absorber of their dumb stupidity, while the rest of America awakens to the fact that they will be the victims of WW3,not the victors this time around. The Illuminati has form in crashing empires they used earlier. Meantime an economic crash might be landed on the world. The war attack is only one of those employed by the Illuminati to bring countries down. Plenty more to play for. Buy some silver while it’s still cheap would be a good idea. Humanity can awaken to the Satanists and win back a future worth having, if we use our noddles.

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