UKC: Peace In Damascus

Indeed Bollocks Johnson, peace breaks out in Damascus, a place you sought invasion of by foreign paid mercenaries; you Osman Johnson directed UK taxpayer funds to the terrorist organisation White Helmets. As I type, Nigel Farage, an Israel lick-bum, has just hosted his LBC talk show and reported how Boris bloomered over the Russian nerve agent allegations. Bloomered? Lied? Treason May too. Indeed, many of our esteemed UK MP’s and the entire corporate media including the BBC have reported ‘Russia done it’. Suddenly, they are having to back track and Jeremy Corbyn looks to be more credible. These two ‘internet’ talking heads speak more sense about Russia than the entire £3.74 billion taxpayer funded BBC…
Revelation: Rothschild as Soviet Spy, UK Skripal Case – Jay Dyer & Mark Hackard Live Stream

The report of organ harvesting by Vanessa is mind boggling. What say you Boris? As for “dangerous influence of social media…”, does that include our one and only Tap Blog?

UKC show time with chat box comments as they came…

Syria. Vanessa Beeley from Damascus.
Most of Eastern Ghouta liberated.
Stories of children abducted, killed, organs removed.
Baron GLASMAN is in Syria supporting Kurds with illegal French troops,_Baron_Glasman
Underground tunnel complex
Terorist drug dealing, organ harvesting.
The tunnels are major engineering constructs, big enough for cars!!
The SAA discovered a city under a city in Eastern Ghouta!

Russian nerve agent hysteria…
Breaking News: RT: UK Foreign Office denies claiming nerve agent from Russia, despite tweet and Boris Johnson interview
The Mirror said they may have been poisoned by porridge brought from Russia. So Putin Put Poison Pellets in the Pests Porridge?
John Glen MP… any comment now? He had no doubt it was the Russians.
Brian: somebody’s not telling the truth…
Vanessa recommends:
Cynical article by David Blunkett:
“dangerous influence of social media…”
Hysterical response to losing control of narrative:
Anti-fake news campaign?!
Vanessa: Orwellian thought control
Sadly Corbyn seems to have just acceded to all the conditions the BOD has set for him, i.e. the word ‘Zionist’ can no longer be used.
Brian: the establishment is worried at how quickly the public see through the nonsense.
Paul Mason Tweeted “We should trust the government”… ridiculous
Churchill said history will be kind to me because I will be writing it.
UK to save 50,000 people from threat of landmines worldwide , honestly.
Saudis-Israelis work closely recently

Published on 4 Apr 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Vanessa Beeley for today’s news update from the UK Column.

Running order…

START – Syria: East Ghouta liberated…Syrian’s testimony now coming out
Syrian children have been kidnapped for organ harvesting
06:00 – Vanessa Beeley: a witness eyeview of the devastation in Syria
Syrian Army discovered a city under a city in Ghouta
12:06 – Novichok: Porton Down CANNOT confirm it was made in Russia
Treason May’s government still insists it was the Russians…
17:00 – UK government original Skripal fairy story: an overview
Pure theatre under the full spotlight of public view
23:33 – Controlling narratives: cynical use of deaths in London against social media
France: ‘Democracies facing misinformation and media manipulation’
Reporters without Borders unveils Journalism Trust Initiative…
UK government has shown its hand to the public
35:57 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
38:21 – Facebook: Russian Internet Research Agency pages removed…
40:01 – To truly fight terror, counter Salafist Jihadist ideology first
No mention of Saudi Imams and Wahhabi ideology
44:19 – Unpleasant anonymous letter to UK Column – response
Divide and Rule working well in Britain…
50:35 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham


3 Responses to “UKC: Peace In Damascus”

  1. Aldous says:

    Nigel Farage is bought and paid for fake opposition. UKIP is entirely controlled opposition. Worthless shite like the LibLabCon-trick one party with three names. Jeremy Corbyn is similarly bought and paid for. All this rubbish about him being cautious about the nerve agent nonsense is – nonsense. A controlled narrative.

    I remember having a disagreement with Tap about Farage’s near death experience

  2. Aldous says:

    …and his alleged ‘plane crash’. I thought it was staged but Tap disagreed. Fair enough.
    But then we had the nonsensical incident where Farage’s car wheel nuts were supposed to have been loosened and he crashed on his way back from his weekly Brussel’s gravy train. FFS!!!???

    • Tapestry says:

      That was well staged, and if acted, Farage is an amazing actor. Pictures of plane don’t look faked, but the subsequent strange events concerning the pilot might suggest a staged event. The people helping Farage after the crash certainly look staged with nil acting ability.

      I don’t think his car actually crashed, but he alleged loosening of wheel nuts.

      When I was UKIP candidate in 2001, a Labour activist tried to set my car on fire. I saw him doing it trying to light the posters with a cigarette lighter. I didn’t know who he was until election night when he was walking round with Paul Marsden MP who opposed Afghanistan invasion after election. Life can be stranger than fiction.

      I am prepared to keep an open mind on Farage’s air crash, Aldous. After reading people like Miles W Mathis and revisiting the pictures, I have more willingness to believe I was duped.

      Rothschild as Russian spy video seems like a couple of spooks at play. Georgetown University majoring in Russian. That’s more or less proof, I would think. Victor Rothschild wasn’t a Russian spy but part of the cabal that ran WW2. He was Churchill’s controller. Averill Harriman was Stalin’s and Martin Borman was Hitler’s.

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