UKC: Is Govt ‘Open Source’ Evidence Fake?

… i.e. viral YouTube videos supplied by the White Helmets used to justify international military intervention. The government is now referring to open sources. What they mean is viral videos as Tucker Carlson put it recently.

We are warned from the unreliable social media while the government make decisions to bomb a foreign nation state based upon ‘open source’ social media. Matthew Handycock says the “BBC are our best bulwark against fake news”. Is the like of UK Westminster MP Matt Handycock simply foolish or deliberately attempting to deceive?

While the BBC utilise a taxpayer funded budget of £3.74 billion, an Englishman and an Irishman present their news programme from a bedroom-living room TV studio with a back screen and an outside broadcasting Scotsman on his phone from a bench in The Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

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It’s sunny!

Show time: FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic…
Skripal Syria
Russian Foreign Ministry presents response including historical by Maria Zakharova. UKC cover it since no mainstream platform will.

Red Ice Radio cracking video.
The Syria Strike Is Based On A Lie: Red Ice Radio, cracking video:
It kicks off with Nimrata Randhawa aka Nikki Haley the 29th and current United States Ambassador to the United Nations who rolls out assumption and accusation as if the rules of history and principles of evidence are neither here nor there.

Brian: There is a lot of truth in what the lady is saying…
Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, Moscow, April 19, 2018
The history of UK intervention, interference and fiddling… who is doing this? The ordinary British citizen? No.
David Scott wonders if the Russian case is a mix of truth and lies.
The chat box: She is spot-on!!!

BBC spy case scientist hot spots
No journalist named!
The BBC has removed the danger from their Novichuckle definition
Get your complaints to Wiltshire Police re. the pets, folks. We need to know why they did not die of chemicals.
Jens Stoltenberg head of NATO just released a statement saying thet the #Skripal Salisbury incident would not trigger Article 5 of the NATO
Use a bay wipe!?
If you’re a govt. scientist you better toe the line…

New air base vital for defence of the UK
Gavin paper boy Williamson pictured…

Phil May’s Capital Group shares soar since the latest hit on Syria
UK submarine service greatly reduced to operate
Brian: the MOD is lying

Latest mainstream hit upon anyone questioning the party line… Peter Hitchens now under attack by BBC’s Andrew Neil
Andrew Neil launched a verbal missile at Peter Hitchens. Should he have checked the evidence first?
Senior UK MPs are forming a ‘brains trust’ to make sure they are fully prepared for perceived threats coming from Moscow.

‘Beyond reasonable doubt’ no longer applies.

Deutsche Bank “Mistakenly” Sends $35 Billion Out The Door

Delusions of MAGA…

The Delusions of MAGA, Part 1

Subject Access Requests and the GDPR

Son sold for use by abusers…

Robert Green in court to support Caroline who ‘made mincemeat of the opposition’.

The Dwindling Mike Wendling corner…

Brian has written to the BBC asking for the names of journalists responsible for an un-named article:
Syria war: The online activists pushing conspiracy theories
Is dwindling Mike Wendling the author?
“BBC Trending is committed to analysing what is being shared on social media and asking why it matters to our audience.”
Brian wonders how does that answer his question and Mike responds “A strange name for a journalist.”
Brian tried again and Charlotte Morgan replied that he might find the BBC transparency page useful:
As Matt Handycock our Digital Minisiter told up 12 March 2018, “… the BBC is our best bulwark against fake news.”

Published on 20 Apr 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott for today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Skripal poisoning latest: Russian Foreign Ministry speaks out
OPCW tampering with the evidence…?
What is an OPCW designated laboratory…?
Obfuscation and silence from the OPCW
07:32 – State killings: Britain one of the worst colonialist powers of all time
14:13 – BBC: claptrap reporting on Skripal case
BBC continues anonymous reporting on key events: writers hidden
BBC deviously redefines Novichok as non-lethal…
Salisbury: nine ‘hotspots’ require decontamination…weeks after the event
Confusion over Novichok…why? Because the story is a lie
DEFRA Skripal guru tells scientists to toe the political line…
22:56 – New air base ‘vital for defence of UK…’
No logic to UK defence plans…why? EU military unification…
MOD simply lies over the perilous state of Britain’s armed forces
26:36 – Syria: Peter Hitchens under attack from BBC’s Andrew Neil…
Peter Hitchens blog has the correct details
British government and MainStream Media are complicit in the confusion
32:13 – Zero Hedge: Deutsche Bank ‘mistakenly’ sends $35 billion out the door
33:19 – Make America Great Again: The delusions of MAGA, part one
35:02 – Big Data: EU legislation – subject access requests and the GDPR
37:52 – Fresh Start Foundation event: 28 April, Glasgow
Couple who sold their son, 9, to perverts for €10,000 a time detail abuse
Government conspiracy against child abuse cases to protect perpetrators
Robert Green comments on Scottish child abuse case
46:02 – UK Column challenges BBC on anonymous articles
BBC arrogantly sidesteps simple question on journalists
BBC evasion on hidden journalists escalates
47:47 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
Alternative View 9 conference: 4-7 May, near Milton Keynes

Last show:
UKC:Salisbury, Russia, Syria… Utter Pantomime

UKC: Salisbury, Russia, Syria… Utter Pantomime


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