UKC: Cabinet Office Runs UK, Keeps Mel Shaw Locked Up

As I type Jordan Peterson is on BBC R4 Today to counter balance the gender pay policy being implemented by Treason May. He’s taking to BBC Dustbin Pleb.. Peterson gives a refreshingly different take. To analysis pay by gender is not accurate analysis. Peterson seems to be one of those ‘internet’ characters being given mainstream platform. He does seem to more than hold his own. This gender pay gap is surely outright Marxism/Collectivism breaking out in the UK.

So funny, Frank Gardner on BBC now trying to back up the ‘Russians wot done it’ in Salisbury story. Corbyn is slowly coming out o this looking like the real statesman.

I have a an illustration:
Robin Saves Maid Melanie… Kenniff of Frackingham passed out in his €U chair, Robin R. Hood, a Maid Melanie, a Sherwood Rudolf red nose and antlers came to mind, a corporate toy nodding donkey supping the Scotch, hush puppy slippers, cigar left inserted under Ken’s backside, a Beechwood plank and the ever present Star of Semolina… ssshhhh, don’t mention historic revision.

UKC show time: Brian a bit under the weather as Mike comments, “Sounds like you haven’t been taking your flu shots Brian!”

Melanie Shaw still in prison.
Address for writing to Melanie…
Melanie still does not know the charge nor release date. She was tried in secret.
Amber Rudd’s office sends inquiry to Director of Woman’s Prisons stating date protection act.

Russia starting to hit back.
Maria Zakharova: suspicion is not proof.
PORTON-DOWN trialled biological weapons on London Underground – evidence here:
Russia asks…
The UK have collaborated with France? Has a D-notice been put on this case?
Treason May talked about the international rules based system.
One of the earliest indications I got of EU military union was circa 2005 when I was told on the inside that the Czech CBRN battalion would be Europe’s CBRN battalion. But now Zeman has gone off script, they need to deal directly with the Middle Eastern chemists that MI6 has previously dealt with through that Czech cutout.
Astonishingly, even the Dutch conservative Christian paper has an op-ed saying Russians didn’t poison Skripal.
Britain’s contribution to €U military will be maintained
Mike: astute Russian questions to French
We are committed to cross-departmental relations with French.
The Cabinet Office Runs The UK

Corbyn and Semolina
Labour Friends of Israel…
There are 22 or thereabout Jewish MPs. Seems disproportionate to the number of them living here.
Judas twitter^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^search
UN Not collecting information.

BBC police autism article
Many autistic wouldnt be much good in court. Autistic people apparently cannot tell lies
What is the BBC doing?

Strange Devon & Cornwall website logo:

Trees being felled in Sheffield, Leicestershire and on the Isle of Wight at least.
5G cuts trees

NHS to be targeted for ‘reform’ and include whole systems, the Fusion Doctrine

Published on 3 Apr 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Child abuse whistleblower Melanie Shaw still in prison Data Protection Act being used to hide information from the public
07:12 – Skripal ‘poisoning’: Russia starts to hit back demanding proof The French connection…silence from MainStream Media
14:45 – Is a D-Notice in place on UK-French collaboration…? Results of UK–France Summit 2018: missing from MainStream Media Franco-British Council fails to publish results of 2018 conference
24:25 – BBC: the anti-Semitism smokescreen – crushing free speech Hypocrisy in evidence…many critics of Zionism are Jewish Labour friends of Israel and Conservative friends of Israel – vast power
32:39 – Alistair Burt: Israeli border attacks – urgent need to establish the facts… Saudi attacks on Yemen continue…more children killed
35:34 – BBC: attacking disability or the British Police…?
40:04 – Devon & Cornwall Police: what data do they hold on the public…?
42:15 – Government competition: choose the first 5G city in UK City trees will have to go…
44:38 – Treason May: massive shake-up of NHS funding – details missing… Bankers to ‘help’ with healthcare…?
47:40 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham


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