UKC: Blessed Are The Cheesey Change Makers

The UK government is increasingly reflecting a Monty Python script… perhaps Monty Cobr is more appropriate; yes, it is cobr not cobra:

When Mike Robinson reported Matt Handycock had said, “Blessed are the change makers..”, I laughed at Mike’s joke. Then I realised Handycock really did say that. What with Corbyn still trying to convince others he is not a mad raving racist, this brief light hearted clip seems all too appropriate…

So, Corbyn left his meeting about his like or not for Semolina, apparently shrugging his shoulders at the allegations of being an -ist. Trump cleans a spot of dandruff from Macron’s jacket while the BBC continue to ask how ‘we’ can save Syria from Syrians. A Trump-Corbyn US-UK meeting remains on the cards in the nutty world of moi.

Side note: The game last night. Were the ‘Roma’ fans who walked into and attacked Liverpool fans just thugs or an organised group and if so organised by who?

Pre show chat:
UK Gov has exposure to 1000+ Capita contacts, following losses of £515 Million by Capita…
The crap to hit the fan? Crapita!

Show time: FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic…
A £3.74 budget technical hitch delays the start in good UKC tradition. John Bumhumphrys rarely has such a challenge.
Novichok strike UKC office
they just need the bbc buget
$6 billion is required to rebuild Syria and only if Assad is gone… Russia Sergey Lavrov responded with alarm.
Penny Mordaunt: £450million going to support our White Helmet project…

Analysis: Everyone’s Talking About Russia’s S-300. Why Now, and Why Should Israel Be Worried?
Same paper says: A Presidential Epic Fail: Watch Trump Try to Explain His Syria Policy
Richie Allen had more digs at Vanessa B. last night, calling her an “activist journalist”, embedded with the Assad govt.
The dandruff… was it dandruff? Or was it Novichok?…
chat box: Speaking to a common purpose candidate tonight who wanted to blow whistle tonight. 30 mins later end up like this…
I recommend UKC check Bill Mitchell’s take on Trump. Trump gets a bashing from most sides and perhaps has a style people still fail to recognise. He is gaining leverage on many fronts.
Germany’s Largest Public TV News Broadcaster: Syria Chemical Attack “Most Likely Staged”
Craig Murray is frequnetly referenced and rightly so:

The Noisy Frenchman

Not sure what this is in reference to, but here it is…
Atlantic Council spokesman on BBC
Ben Nimmo called Ian56 a Russian bot!
The post-truth world… their term.
The Turing test: 1950, is a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human….
Hegelian dialect?

Opinion: Poor morale stems from changes in Air Force culture
The PC scourge is killing us
However, unit and squadron leadership are only a part of the puzzle. A truly pervasive cultural phenomenon is plaguing our military, and that is one of political correctness. For example, one of my most cherished feelings I have about our military is how integrated and multifaceted we all are. I absolutely love that I work with people from almost every background, race and religion our nation has to offer. So why would the Air Force encourage division? You are allowed to be proud, and even proclaim that pride, in being black, Latino, homosexual, atheist or transgender, yet I cannot proclaim my pride in being a white, heterosexual, male Christian without serious reprimand. This division is encouraged and supported by the Air Force. The vast majority of the people I work with feel the same frustration that I do, regardless of their heritage or background. Political correctness is void of humanity; people lose their value as human beings as they digress into divisible statistics.

In my honest opinion, the only thing that will help morale and retention is a fundamental overhaul of Air Force culture. We need a culture where people are once again a priority, not a culture where money and assets are taken better care of than airmen.

€U military…

Syria: Peacekeeping Operations:Written question – 133652

Matt Handycock
I’m delighted to be here at this day to celebrate the changemakers.
Mike: “Blessed are the change makers..”
Yes, Handycock really said that!
Plus, “So I’m on the side of the disruptors…” and a whole lot more which could be a post on its own…

Alex makes an appeal for:
Even if you cannot support this appeal financially, please share it with all who might be able to….

Peter Hofschröer is incarcerated for life in a psychiatric facility in Graz, Austria, without ever having been examined by a mental health professional in that country. He has had his British house robbed from him, is facing the prospect of having his Austrian home stolen too, and when his case began to be raised pointedly in the House of Lords, he was fitted up with ludicrous and ever-changing accusations of possessing child pornography, the details of which accusations have never been forthcoming….
Brian: very important case.

Peter Hitchens: a replie to smear campaign…

… which includes this link:
The former Tory MP Brooks Newmark (whatever happened to him?) once made the same suggestion, that I was in some way a sympathiser of the Assad state. But he did so from behind the cover of Parliamentary privilege.
… so, Brooks Newmark gets a mention. Note him. He likes hanging out with ISIS it seems.

Hitchens’ rebuttal is long. Who will read it? Will the slur stick in the public mind more than the awareness of the ludicrous nature of the accusations? Hmmm…

Published on 25 Apr 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson for today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Syria: $6 billion available for rebuilding but only if Assad goes…
Haaretz: Everyone’s talking about Russia’s S300…why should Israel be worried…?
Craig Murray: big idea seems to be reinstatement of France’s colonial power in Syria
Disconcerting ‘bromance’ between France’s Macron and Trump
11:02 – BBC: Investigative journalism or psychological mind games…?
Russian evidence twisted to seem like ‘propaganda’
Atlantic Council spokesman: who is Ben Nimmo…?
Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab: attacks Russia – without evidence
Digital Forensic Research Lab: team listed on website is anonymous…
DFR Lab: spin, obfuscation and inversion of the truth
26:02 – We live in a post-truth World: the public are flooded with lies
28:40 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
Alternative View 9 conference: 4-7 May, near Milton Keynes
29:30 – What is behind the collapse in US airmanship…?
Sowing division with fake political correctness and bogus diversity concerns
33:20 – French policy in Eastern Mediterranean now overt
France turning areas of South and East Mediterranean into virtual protectorates
36:09 – Germany re-arming like it’s 1936…
Germany to manufacture its own air defences…?
37:53 – Parliamentary questions about deployments in Syria
40:03 – Good news (or not): Change Makers 2018 conference – sponsor Bloomberg
Change will happen through social sector organisations…
Matt Hancock: on the side of the disruptors – blessed are the change makers
45:00 – Peter and Barbara Hofschröer appeal
46:54 – Peter Hitchens defends himself after BBC smears


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