UKC: All The World’s A Stage. Cue Another Chemical Attack

Are they really rehearsing children for staged terror events? It seems this may be sadly the case. Matt Hancock said 12 March 2018
“The BBC is our best bulwark against fake news…”
That says all need to know about Matt Handycock and the UK government.


UKC show time…

New guest Prof. Piers Robinson
Novichok is a made up name… deadliest nerve agent, yet quite as deadly as stated before.

Usual sources report chemical attack: White Helmets
US state dept. monitoring the situation?!

Kremlin’s Useful Idiot? You Mean Johnson?
The Times changes articles regularly when embarrassment hits them.
Guardian, Telegraph, mainstream media change and disappear stories.

Stabbings in London
‘… don’t order cutlery online – Amber Rudd will get the police onto you.’
Offensive Weapons 2018
There’s always money for White Helmets.
Did Aggregate swing the Brexit vote?

Published on 9 Apr 2018
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen are joined by Professor Piers Robinson for today’s UK Column News.

Running order to follow.


2 Responses to “UKC: All The World’s A Stage. Cue Another Chemical Attack”

  1. Aldous says:

    This ultra fcuking zio-cow needs euthanizing post haste:

    US will act against ‘monster’ Assad with or without UN ‒ Haley

  2. Aldous says:

    I’m a tad surprised and confused (not) that the US of friggin’ A hasn’t cruise missiled London seeing as London sponsored kosher cnuts chemically attacked a couple of Russian innocents minding their own fcuking business in Salisbury.

    BTW the illustrious PM and pedophile child killer Edward Heath is buried not a million miles away.

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