Trump Knows

I know, Tap Blog and readers generally view Alex Jones as a controlled voice and Trump another puppet; a paedo-globalist Satanist blah blah a comment declared the other day… life is a little more nuanced than that.
Sometimes I feel I am the only one here holding onto a different hope. I still hold a hope for Trump. Gut feeling if you like. If egg lands on my posts, so be it….

Jerome Corsi Speech

Corsi says Alex Jones is opposition to the Mockingbird media
Meuller investigation entered a criminal phase when they burst into Michael Cohen’s office
Russia collusion is not a crime
There will be indictments
The American people don’t care about the prostitutes
Donald Trump made an agreement with a group of generals.. in order generals would conduct their coup d’etat in a legitimate manner
QANON is military intelligence close to Trump
Obama and Clinton will face treason charges
Donald Trump always looks as if he’s going to lose just before he wins
FakeBook, Twitter, Google etc… creations of CIA, all considered dispensible
The Larry Ellison’s are the real people in charge of Silicon Valley, funded by CIA-military industrial complex
We must reclaim the internet; a bill of rights…


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  1. Tapestry says:

    More and more Americans are awakening and understanding that WW3 is a plan to bring the USA down. The outcome is intended to be One World Government by a totalitarian state. The Arabs to be made to fight the Zionists with all the main nations dragged into the fight, to be ground down physically, mentally, spiritually and economically. Leaving the Illuminati in control of everyone and everything, America broken and subdued. Behind the Illuminati are the bloodlines going back to ancient Egypt, when the Hyksos/Israelites controlled Lower Egypt, the Great pyramids, the Nile Delta. They were the richest in the world, the Pharoahs. Their capital city was called Avaris. Their money kept at The White House. They were hated by the other Egyptians and were driven out, most going to Shalem (later called Jerusalem), only to lose wars there to the Romans and the Persians (today’s Iranians) and be destined to roam the world as exiles throughout history. Exiles they are ever since but exiles who know how to control the rest through secret agendas and hiding their true identities. It is their plan to bring WW3 into being, and regain control of the key place on the planet – not Jerusalem but Egypt and the pyramids. Worshipping Lucifer the Devil who will bring them their prize of global domination – unless the rest awaken and realise what the plan is. Only in total secrecy and ignorance of the rest of humanity can they succeed. Trump is playing many sides in his desperate struggle to survive and save America. Even the Zionists are expendable to the bloodlines at the very top, to be used and discarded after they’ve played their role.

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