The West is critically exposed to military attack

This report came in as a comment from Jasper.  I can’t say it is provable one way or the other, but it attempts to give an explanation of what Trump and the ‘Patriots’ are doing with regard to North Korea, Syria and Iran.  It is interesting to listen to.  I would need a bit more to go on myself before lending it too much credibility.

All you can say is that the main media version of events makes no sense, so other versions giving other explanations have to be looked at, in case they add to understanding in any way.  If what this says is true, then surely it should kept completely confidential and secret.  So why is it being blabbed on the internet with great fanfare?  You might possibly say the the Patriots carrying out these supposed efforts to stop the cabal need to be kept informed and in good morale and they listen in to this channel.

Furthermore, if what it says about US troop withdrawal from Syria is true then that is all excellent news.  I just can’t quite stop myself from feeling just a little bit skeptical.  In fact uneasy.

Is Trump really taking the cabal apart?  Or is he a puppet carrying out the cabal’s agenda, enabling Russia to become a successful aggressor, with Western morale on the floor from seeing our political leaders continually acting like imbeciles, and our military carrying out completely ineffective operations like the latest missile attacks on Syria?  We don’t want to be aggressors, but are we being set up to be the fall guys with Russia and maybe China equipped with weaponry which is decades ahead of our own?  At what point will the worm turn, and Putin flip from being an unjustly attacked victim, into one that appears to be justifiably attacking?

The lazy missile attacks on Syria using Tomahawks and Jassam missiles which are not effective against Russian defences, fired from ships which can be sunk with anti-ship missiles, or planes that can be shot down using lasers or S-400s, controlled from satellites that can be shot from space, show not only how superb is Russian defensive equipment, but also that the West is critically exposed to military attack.  That could well be the plan, of course.

If the Illuminati wants to crash the US and Europe into oblivion, and rise again as the controllers of a Russian and Chinese Empire, a One World Government, then we are being set up in the perfect manner.  Our gold reserves have been sold off.  Our military whittled away.  The military equipment we source from US corporations is the same garbage being used by the US armed forces.  Our political system hardly functions at all.  Russia wouldn’t need nuclear weapons to take us apart.  Our own nuclear deterrent is not even deliverable as our missiles can be shot down so easily.

Read what the commander of US forces Europe has had to say about Russian weaponry in Ukraine.  Running useless military operations against old Russian equipment and seeing them fail 100%, as in Syria, is not good advertising.  Running endlessly provocative actions and issuing similar rhetoric against Russia and Russians, blocking them out of the world by refusing to issue them with visas, we should not be surprised as to what Russia will end up doing in reply.

The fact that the above video is circulating suggests to me that the way WW3 will be started is not by idiots like Theresa May, Macron and Trump launching ineffective attacks on Syria, but by Russians who have the capability to shut these puppets up once and for all, and feeling that it is the only way to deal with them.  The Illuminati will get their war going that way around, and knocking out Europe would be the first Russian and Illuminati objective.   The video above is attempting to stop us from realising what is truly going on.

Russian military capabilities are eye-watering and disturbing, says US Army Commander Europe.



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  1. Jasper says:

    Hi Tap

    The below is by no means verification, but its pretty much the same story. As you say, let’s hope it is true.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I don’t buy it Jasper. The fact such nonsense is being put out there means the ‘Trump is friend’ notion is a dead end. He will leave the West so weakened and ill-equipped, the Illuminati will be able to scoop up the West , using Russian military capability, and possibly Chinese too. The events of the weekend in Syria have to have an explanation but the one in the videos is not one I buy.

  3. Jasper says:

    Let’s hope for the planet’s sake that you’re wrong with your gut feel on this one Tap. That’s the only thing we have now is hope.
    I have to say that, in my opinion, if Hillary had won the presidency 2 years ago we would have been in this situation long ago and the nuclear war would by now be history that in many hundreds if not thousands of years would again be relegated to the realms of mythology.
    I was very optimistic when I learned that Trump had won, evoking the same emotions I felt when I stayed up all night to find that we had voted in favour of leaving the EU. It was at the time, I now realise, a premature emotion due to the powers that be ensuring that May was put in charge of negotiations. She has screwed us all over just as she was meant to do.

    Call me a hopeless optimist if you will in believing that maybe, just maybe, we have somebody on our side in a position where they might be able to turn things around so that the people actually have a REAL leader with their interests at heart. The alternative of course leads us to the unspeakable.
    Forgive me for hoping. J.

  4. Tapestry says:

    If you read William Guy Carr’s book Pawns In The Game, Jasper, he offers hope, but hope based on the real situation. The awakening of mankind is the greatest hope of all. So we stop listening to the theatre, stop depending on governments and make our own world. He is a Christian writer, who sees the Satanic Cult and the conspiracy as one to put Lucifer in control of mankind. He advocates a return to a belief in God – or the goodness of the earth and mankind, as the way forward. It provides the missing strength, the lack of which the Satanists are continually exploiting. No one said it was easy.

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