Toronto is yet more hoax.

We saw that again this week in Toronto, where
another fake event was perpetrated. We are told Alek
Minassian, a woman-hating “involuntary celibate” allegedly flipped out and drove his van over 23
people, killing 10. Like Elliot Rodger of Santa Barbara, whose 2014 project
I have previously blown as a hoax, Minassian is being sold as a casualty of the gender wars.
He couldn’t get any dates and so went on a killing spree.
This is just what young men do, you know. Unfortunately for the credibility of
this story, the mainstream reports are already admitting Minassian’s Facebook rants were littered with
“codes and formats used by the Canadian military”, and that he had joined the CAF August 23, 2017.
CAF is claiming that he requested to be “voluntarily released” after 16 days of basic training, but it
doesn’t work like that.
Go enlist in the army and see if you can get “voluntarily released” after 16
days. We may assume he was trained and then—due to his slightly Middle Eastern looks and other
unknown qualifications—was immediately assigned to this project.
My prediction is that it will soon be discovered he had been an actor.
Anyway, you can see the connection to my thesis here. See the
article in the Verge today by Laura Hudson addressing this latest hoax. It is entitled “The Internet is
Enabling a Community of Men Who Want to Kill Women. They Need to be Stopped”. Catchy title. It
is sure to plant an even deeper seed of fear into women, as it was meant to.

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