Time to boycott Youtube. Alternative media has been wiped.

The Austin Bombings are Fake.
by Miles Mathis.
I lived in Austin for twenty years (until 2000) and my family is still there. I just talked to my brother
on the phone, and he was all over this story, trying to sell it to me. I finally told him I didn’t believe
any of it, and he wasn’t happy to hear that. He couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t believe what the
media was telling me. He told me the murderer’s parents went to his church. I said, “Yes, and can you
verify that? Have you met them? Have you seen them on the list of members?” No. His reply was,
“Why would these people lie?”
We will get to that, but first let us look at the event. As my readers know, I normally let the Youtubers
have a go at these contemporary events, then I come in a couple of weeks later and sort through it all. I
can’t do that anymore, because Youtube has been cleansed in the past few months. It no longer allows
researchers to post their work on these hoaxed events. It no longer allows “conspiracy theories”. All
that has been forcibly shut down at the request of the government, which should concern you. Yes,
there was a lot of crap on Youtube, and most of the research on any given event was worse than useless.
However, a good researcher like me used to be able to find a few good links there. It is very
discouraging to go to Youtube now and find nothing but government-approved news. I encourage you
to boycott Youtube. I think you can survive without your Bieber and Swift videos, cat videos, and Flat
Earth promotions.
See the pictures at –
First published March 25, 2018.
That’s right: despite shutting down other forms of dissent and so-called conspiracy theories, Youtube is
not cracking down on Flat Earth at all.  In fact, it seems to be promoting and uplisting Flat Earth like
never before. That should tell you what to think of Flat Earth. The government seems to have no
problem with it. It is an important part of the NASA and SpaceX promotion, as I have shown you
before. It acts as the perfect manufactured opposition for NASA and SpaceX.
So anyway, I guess it is up to me to blow the cover of this one on my own, without any help. First,
look at the photos of the alleged bomber above. This event might be subtitled “Fear the Smiling
Schoolboy”. No matter how nice and innocent the boy next door might look, he could be a serial
bomber, killing people just for fun. Intelligence has been running events like this for centuries.
Remember Leopold and Loeb, the two rich white college boys in 1924 who allegedly kidnapped and
murdered a local boy just for the thrill? That was the same sort of event, and like this one it never
Back then they were just creating a general chaos, to help sell the police force and jails, but
now we can see this event as part of the longrunning project to split the sexes. This will just confirm
once again to women that men and boys are dangerous and untrustworthy. If you are a normal
heterosexual having trouble meeting someone of the opposite sex, your trouble is not accidental or
unplanned. Your misery is part of a long-intended project, one that enriches the billionaires mightily.
It was discovered long ago that miserable single people spend far more money on worthless crap than
happy couples.
The Washington Post tells us the two victims who died in the Austin bombings were Anthony Stephan
House, 39, and Draylen Mason, 17, both black men from East Austin.
But the big computers have never heard of them.
I searched both Intelius and Instantcheckmate. Neither has any listing for an
Anthony House of that age in Austin. That is what I expected, given that middle name. It looks like a
fake. The middle name is normally spelled Stephen or Stefan. Instantcheckmate has no listing for
Draylen Mason, either. In fact, there is no Draylen Mason of any age in the entire US.
Meaning, the name is fake.
I suspected that as soon as I saw it. Have you ever heard of a person named Draylen?
Intelius has a listing for a Draylen Mason in Austin, but
his age is not listed.  As we will soon see, that
is a big red flag.
There we are told he has worked at Mason Productions. Sounds like a film studio or
something, doesn’t it? Since we are told he is a college-bound senior in high school, when did he have
time to work for a production studio? Also note the name Mason, as in Freemason. My guess that is
not just a coincidence.
Someone should ask exactly which Austin high school this Draylen Mason was supposed to have
attended, and check the files there. My guess is you won’t find him. According to a story posted by
Jeremy Schwartz at the American Statesman, he is supposed to have gone to East Austin College Prep
First, notice the name Schwartz, a Jewish name. We could have predicted that as well.
Anyway, East Austin Prep didn’t exist when I lived in Austin, but it already sounds fishy. A prep school
in East Austin with a goal of sending 100% of students to college? For those who don’t know, East
Austin is the poor side of town. Like many towns of all sizes, Austin is still segregated by color, and
the area east of I35 has always been far more heavily Hispanic and Black. Since even the rich high
schools on the west side of town don’t send 100% to college, it is sort of strange to see a free public
Prep School on the East Side claiming to do so. On the surface, it looks and sounds like a nice idea, I
admit, but I am not really buying it. It doesn’t fit with my long personal experience of Austin or Austin
Also strange is that Schwartz says that “according to Mason’s Facebook page” he is a senior at that
school. Hmmm. So these reporters are getting their information from Facebook, despite the fact the
event was local? Wouldn’t you expect Schwartz to confirm that with the school, in which case he could
write, “according to the school, Mason was a senior there”. Why consult and quote Facebook on this?
The newspaper is about 10 minutes from the school, so—given the importance of this story—if I were
Schwartz I wouldn’t telephone the school. No, I would want to get in the car and drive over there, so I
could talk to someone face to face. The fact he is quoting Facebook is incredible.
What about Mason Productions? A search on that brings up nothing except Mason Jar Films
in Austin.
It only has a few clients, but one of those is Ronald McDonald House Charities. Mason Jar is not run
by a black family, so I see no family connection to Draylen Mason. If you thought he was working for
a family business in the summers, I found no indication of that. The connection once again seems to be
the word Mason, as in Freemason.
The Post also admits another strange “coincidence”: the Masons and Houses of East Austin are close
friends. What are the odds? Anthony House’s stepfather is a buddy of Draylen Mason’s grandfather,
and “both are prominent fixtures in the black community”. So this kid Mark Anthony Conditt kills two
people in a city of 2 million, and their families end up being friends? What are the odds?—well,
one in a million.
That indicates one of two things: 1) Conditt knew these people and specifically targeted them for some
reason, 2) Conditt knew these people and didn’t
target them. Meaning, they all knew each other because
they were working the same project. They are all accomplices in manufacturing this event.
The Post leads you to believe it might be 1), but it is far more likely to be 2). Why? Because, according to the
mainstream story, there is no reason for Conditt to be targeting these specific families. But we know
there is a reason for these people to be working together: it is part of the general script these days. We
know Intelligence is manufacturing many events, and we have seen that some of them are being
scripted to increase distrust between whites and blacks. See the Trayvon Martin event, the Charleston
event, and so on. So we know the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is paying people to be
involved in these hoaxes. Therefore, the best bet is that is what is happening here. It has all the same
earmarks as previous fakes, so we should just assume it is another one until proven otherwise.
Another thing is strange. Mason and House look a lot alike.
That is the duo published by the mainstream, and there they don’t look much alike, I admit. But that
has been tampered with. They have stretched both images, to make them look different. The first face
has been pulled horizontally, to make it look wider, while the second has been squashed in the same
direction, to make it look narrower. They also changed the skin colors, so that they look very different.
Here is a better photo of House, also published by the mainstream:
Look how much narrower his face is there, proving they jacked with the first image. So let’s compare
them again:
Yes, Mason looks a lot lighter, but that is just a difference in brightness. He is not really that light. Just
study their features. Are you seeing what I am seeing? They could be father and son. The nose is
exactly the same, the face shape is very similar, the eyes are the same, and the mouth is the same. And
they both wear glasses. The greatest difference is the eyebrows, but Mason may have been instructed
to trim those as well. These could even be photos
of the same person, taken 10 or 15 years apart. In
support of that, witness this strange photo I found at CBSAustin.
Draylen Mason is the second one there. So, although he is sold to us now as a precocious bass player,
it looks like he is also a 17-year-old blackbelt. But we have another problem, since that photo doesn’t
look recent. If you go to that link, you will see that it looks like it was taken from a framed photo on
the wall, which has since become somewhat faded from sunlight or something. That takes time. He
also looks a bit older than he does now, which would be impossible if the story we are told is true.
How can we have pictures of him looking older than 17 when he died at 17?
Also notice the flag in the background. That indicates two things. One, this photo is reversed. Two,
these people are probably military. The guy to the far right is wearing Vibram five-fingers toe shoes,
which were popular about ten years ago, also confirming my theory. They were introduced in 2005 and
were semi-popular for about five years. You don’t see them much anymore.
So. . . it looks to me like Draylen Mason and Anthony House
are actually the same person
. The
pictures we see of Draylen Mason are pictures of Anthony House 10 or 15 years ago. He used to shave
his head but no longer does. His eyebrows have grown in and he has lost his baby fat. But it is the
same person.
Some might say, “But the Austin police and the
wouldn’t lie!” Not even worth a
My brother answered me, “But why would my friends lie?” I am not saying they are lying. I am
saying they are repeating what they have been told without verifying it themselves. Same as my
brother is doing. I don’t think for a second my brother is lying. No, he is just repeating the stories he
has heard. Well, that is what those around him are doing. They are all repeating what they have heard
on TV or read in the newspapers. Because they are trusting, they don’t bother to research these claims,
as I am doing. They don’t have time for it, and wouldn’t like to discover the truth anyway. Most people
would prefer to believe what they are told. It is disorienting to discover you are being lied to on a
grand scale, and most people would prefer not to have to deal with that discovery.
Another curious thing we hear at
The Washington Post
is in the video there, which begins with a clip of
an interview of Conditt’s next-door neighbor Mark Roessler. Of all the things Mark Roessler could be
talking about and the
reporting, here is what he says:
You see it on TV, it’s national news, what are the odds? In fact I have a better chance of
winning the lottery, I think, than living next door to this guy.
Ask yourself why he would say that, and when he did say it, why
The Washington Post
would choose
and only that
to publish? There is no newsworthy content to that quote, so even if you got that on
film, why publish it? I will tell you why: because it makes the event and the interview seem random.
It makes everything seem like just a bit of unexplainable bad luck. When in fact, it is just the opposite.
Mark Roessler is another crisis actor, and his job is to make you think he
. So that is why he said
that, why it was in the script, and why the
published it.
If you don’t think Roessler is suspicious, just wait.
He has a page at LinkedIn
, with a photo that
matches the guy on video at the
. It says he works in biotechnology. The neighborhood he was
photographed in looks lower middle class, so there is no match there. People who work in biotech are
normally middle or upper-middle class. They don’t have neighbors with their porches falling off (see
photo below). At Intelius, we learn more: he works for
Luminex Corporation
. Taking that back to the
sidebar at LinkedIn, we see his colleagues work in Information Technology there. You will say, “So
what? He works for a big scary biotech firm. Big deal”. But wait. I first searched on “Luminex CIA”,
getting nothing on the first page; but then I searched on “Luminex DHS”, and guess what, I
immediately got a big hit! See
this press release from 2010
from NorthropGrumman, which is entitled
Northrop Grumman begins delivery of key assay technologies for DHS’s BioWatch
next-generation biological detection program.
This is in regards to a DHS contract for the development of bio detectors for Homeland Security
applications. What applications? Allegedly, air monitoring for bio hazards, I suppose as released by
terrorists. Guess who is on NorthropGrumman’s BioWatch team?
Luminex Corporation of Austin,
So, I found a pretty short link between Mark Roessler and DHS, just as I expected to. I bet you
didn’t think I could find it so easily, but this is what I do.
It is also worth reminding you who NorthropGrumman is. It is the 5
largest defense contractor in the
world. It reported revenues of $24.5 billion in 2016. It is most famous for manufacturing the B2
bomber, for which you as a taxpayer were billed about $1 billion apiece. NG also manufactures the
large Global Hawk drones, which cost about a quarter-billion apiece. It has a contract to train the Iraqi
Army. It provides defensive radar for the entire UK, at a cost of 1.2 billion a year. Back in the 1960s,
it built the Apollo Lunar Module. In 1996 it acquired Westinghouse. In 2000 it acquired Federal Data
Corporation, at the time the largest IT company in the US. In 2015, NG was chosen to develop the
B21, an even more expensive long-range bomber. NG is the primary contractor for the James Webb
Space Telescope, a $9 billion project that is so expensive
called it the “telescope that ate
astronomy”. As of 2017 it was 1800% overbudget, with taxpayers picking up the bill as usual. And
guess who is the CEO and President of NG. . . Wes
. If you believe he isn’t related to George
Bush, you need to cut down your dosages. At least seven top dogs at NG worked for the Bush II
administration, including Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim, Lewis Libby, and Shawn O’Keefe (director of
NASA). NG is linked to 52 Superfund Toxic Waste Sites. They had to move out of Bethpage, NY,
after totally nuking the area with chemicals. Same for Glen Cove, Long Island. NG has been found
guilty of overcharging the government by billions.
But back to the story at the
. There we are told Conditt was living with two friends in a house he
had renovated with his dad. But we have previously been told Conditt
was living in a hotel in Round
As usual, they can’t keep their stories straight. We also see footage of the house he allegedly
renovated with his dad. It is a dump. It looks like it was renovated by termites and rats. The front
porch looks like it is about to fall off onto the ground in a heap.
I hate to think what it looked like before they “renovated” it. We are also told Conditt had been a
member at the Austin Stone Community Church. So that does not match the story my brother has
heard locally. My brother does not attend Stone Community Church. Yes, it is possible Mark Conditt
was attending a different church than his parents, but it is unlikely. They were not estranged and he had
not married or converted to some other denomination.
Next, we are told by Police Chief Brian Manley that “We are never going to put a ration behind these
acts”. Mr. Manley, ladies and gentlemen, graduate of the George Bush school of the English language.
But how would he know that we aren’t ever going to be able to find a
for the acts? Shouldn’t he
let his officers investigate for more than two days before he jumps to that astonishing conclusion?
Unless that is part of the script: the scriptwriters
this to be an irrational act, since it causes more
fear that way.
Manley also calls Conditt a “challenged” young man. Again, Manley doesn’t seem to be up-to-date on
the English language, since that would now mean Conditt was mentally retarded (to use the old term)
or physically challenged—as being in a wheelchair or something. There is no indication Manley meant
anything like that.
In a linked article by Eli Rosenberg at the
Washington Post
, we learn more about Conditt. But first,
note the name
. This story seems to be pushed by Jewish interests, as usual. Next, we are
told Conditt was recognized by police from Fedex video footage, but that would be impossible given
the footage. The guy in the footage is stockier than Conditt, and is wearing a baseball cap over either
long bleached blond hair or a bleach-blond wig. No clear shots of his face are achieved. Conditt does
not have blond hair, and it is not long in any photos. He is small and thin in all photos. This is a
problem, because
US Representative Michael McCaul from Texas—Chairman of the House
Homeland Security Committee—says Conditt’s license plate was pulled from that Fedex store
somehow. But they would have to have both interior and parking lot video for that, and would have
had to match Conditt to his car that way. Since there is no way they could have matched Conditt from
that video—even if they had previously identified him—the story doesn’t scan. He didn’t use his real
name there, and they admit that, so they couldn’t have matched him that way. You will say he grew his
hair out and bleached it, but we know that isn’t the case. The local news has now published video of
Conditt from Fryes electronics just a few days before the first bombing. In that video, Conditt has short
dark hair.
Also convenient that Conditt allegedly taped a 25-minute video confession on his cellphone right
before his capture. That makes no sense. If you think the police are closing in, you either run or hide.
You don’t tape a 25-minute video confession and then rig a bomb in your car. A bomb isn’t a great way
to prevent yourself from being captured. A poison pill would be a lot quicker and easier. A pistol
would be the next choice, I guess, not a bomb—which might fail to explode or fail to kill you. But say
you did want to go out with a big bang: you wouldn’t rig it in your car, would you? The odds are, you
are going to be captured at home, not in the car. If you are captured anywhere but in the car, the rigged
car won’t help you, will it? Besides, if you don’t want to be captured, suicide by police should be
fantastically easy these days. From the older stories we are told, all you have to do is point a cellphone
at them, or a garage door opener, or a screwdriver, or a banana, and they will shoot you dead.
The next problem I see is with the footage from the capture and death of Conditt. His old red SUV has
apparently been rammed by an unmarked white van from the rear, with two other unmarked vehicles to
the side. This makes no sense to me. These don’t look like APD vehicles, FBI vehicles, or any other
sort of law enforcement.
Since when are top suspects rammed by unmarked white vans? Shouldn’t we see some sort of obvious
law enforcement on the scene? How did Conditt even know he was being chased by law enforcement,
and not flesh-eating zombies in a white van?
This also doesn’t match what we are told at that WNDU link above:
Authorities say Conditt blew himself up overnight as a SWAT team approached his SUV in a motel
parking lot outside of Austin.
Does that look like a hotel parking lot to you? Do those vehicles look like SWAT to you? SWAT’s
local budget must have been cut, if they are ramming people in old unmarked vans.
They also can’t seem to agree on how old Conditt is. Some stories say 23, others say 24.
And here’s another problem. On the 21
, the Pflugerville police finally gave us an address for Conditt’s
house, which surprisingly doesn’t match the yellow house previously given. It is now a blue house,
though equally small and run-down. But what I found curious is something I discovered by backing
out of a Google map of the area. I found a UPS store about two blocks away. So why was Conditt
targeting and using Fedex? If he was going to take the time to use a blond wig disguise, why not use it
at the nearby UPS store? He just liked to burn gas and money, I guess. Another clue as to why they
chose this location is that the Austin Executive Airport is about three miles away. This allows the “500
federal agents” involved in this event easy access to the crime scene, allowing them to fake it with no
inconvenience to themselves. We have seen that these guys love to run their projects within spitting
distance of a military base, or here, a small airport.
Even better, we also learn from this latest police announcement that Pflugerville City Hall just happens
to be within a two-block radius of the crime scene, since the female police chief says it is inside the
inner perimeter of the closed-off area. What? Yes, that’s right: I checked it out, and Pflugerville City
Hall is one block away from the crime scene on 2
St! However, Google Maps does not mark City
Hall. It marks Comerica Bank and Hanover’s Draught House, but does not let a viewer know City Hall
is there. If you don’t find that suspicious, I don’t know what to say. What are the odds this guy Conditt
would be living one block away from City Hall?
Now, what is this event about? They aren’t seriously selling Conditt as a gay hater, a black hater, antifa,
a far right wingnut, a Trump supporter, a gun enthusiast, or any of the other common goats. But if we
study the report at the
Washington Post
, we see something strange. They take the time to interview and
quote a Rey Casanova from Pflugerville, 42, who, with his wife, used to buy
online and
have it delivered. But they stopped doing that, because “you don’t know what’s going to come in the
That is your primary clue right there. Ask yourself why the
Washington Post
, the CIA’s own hometown
newspaper, would take the time to interview and quote this guy. Well, again, that name looks fake.
The male name is normally spelled Ray, not Rey. And Casanova is a bit too obvious, too, isn’t it? I
guess his middle name is Honeyboy? What it looks like to me is that someone is targeting Amazon and
maybe Fedex with this event. Some billionaire has probably just placed some put options on Amazon
and Fedex, and he wants to guarantee a big payout. Either that, or he just wants to make a quick profit
on a turnaround. So he waits for the Amazon and Fedex stocks to tank temporarily after this event, at
which point he will buy. When the stocks go back up in a couple of months, he will sell, making an
easy profit. Are you beginning to see how easy it is? When your family owns not only the stock
markets, but the media and the DHS, you can manufacture events for any purpose.
Say your name is Rockefeller, and you are tired of playing golf and buying Rolls Royces this week.
Since your family runs Blackrock/Blackstone, the biggest investment firm in the world, all it takes is
one call to make anything happen in the market you like, as big as you want it. And since your family
also owns the media and the Intelligence agencies, another call will get you any event you like, within a
matter of days or weeks. Both CIA and DHS have all the Hollywood connections they can handle, and
they can fake an event using the latest technology. So if you have ordered millions in put options on
Fedex, say, you can include them in your event at the snap of your fingers. Just have your boys take
some film of a Fedex store and some Fedex trucks, and then include those images in the media
presentation. Nothing could be easier. The public will make the connection between that bad man and
Fedex, the stocks will tumble, and you are millions richer. Beats the hell out of another 18 holes,
doesn’t it?
And this answers our first question: why would these “normal” people like Conditt be involved in such
a hoax? Well, do you know how many wannabe actors there are in a town like Austin? People with no
talent who will never have an opportunity to do any real acting? People desperate for attention or
money? Austin is known as a third coast, and it is simply stiff with actors who want to be part of any
possible action. If you are one of those people and CIA or DHS comes to you with a check for
$10,000, hiring you to be part of a “harmless little fiction where no one gets hurt”, what are you going
to say? Are you going to walk away? Most people wouldn’t walk away, and you know it.
I will be told these leads like Conditt would have to disappear for a while. He can’t be seen in Austin
with that name, can he? Yes, but how hard is that? It is a big country and people’s memories are short.
All he has to do is change his first name for a few years and move to another state. No one will be the
wiser. He doesn’t even have to legally change his name, wear a disguise, or go into hiding. We have
seen in many big events the major players are back in the limelight—
sometimes back on TV—
within a
couple of years, with a minimal amount of disguising.
See my paper on O. J. Simpson
, where we
found Nicole back on TV in a few years, despite supposedly being dead. She didn’t even have to
change her last name. She just colored her hair and pretended to be her own sister.
Which brings us to another point of this event. They admit that 500 federals agents came to Austin to
track down this one guy. And who paid for them to do that? You did, as a taxpayer. The FBI and ATF
and SWAT teams are funded from the national treasury. So you are footing the bill for this entire event.
Just as with the military, these guys at FBI and ATF have to justify their paychecks, and they do it
mainly now by faking events like these. I say now, but they have been doing it for a long time. Most
of the famous events you know about were also fake, like Waco,
the Unabomber
, Ruby Ridge,
Oklahoma City, and so on. They were
manufactured, just like this current event. Kaczynski,
Koresh, McVeigh, and all the rest were just agents themselves, and they aren’t dead and aren’t in jail.
They were just relocated. All these events serve the same double-duty: keeping the populace frightened
and entertained and keeping the budgets of FBI, ATF, CIA, and DHS fat. If you haven’t figured that out
by now, you simply aren’t paying attention. I have done all the research for you and laid it all out so
that you can easily see it, so you have no excuses left.
I would expect some updates to this paper, as my readers chime in with their own evidence. There are
some other good researchers out there, and now that Youtube has shut them down, they may come to

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