There’s something afoot.

I don’t know exactly what that something is, but there appears to be two different forces at play setting different agendas for the world right now.

Brexit showed a divide in public, presumably real, between Blair and Murdoch, for example.  Blair, publicly campaigning to stop Brexit, and Murdoch clearly in favour.  When Blair was PM, these two moved in lockstep, and were always backing each other up, to drive Britain deeper and deeper into the EU.  The campaign to put Britain inside the Eurozone failed, which Blair favoured, but Britain signed every Treaty including the Lisbon Treaty, which was effectively the EU Constitution by another name.  Murdoch’s opposition was more token than real, as he was assigned the Premier League worldwide television rights, and saw off all competition to have these removed.

How many other recent events show more discord at the higher levels of power, above the democratic facade which appears less and less real as each week goes by?

The recent election showed Theresa May running to capitalise on a supposed lead in the polls, only to find that this lead was epehemeral.  Her policy unit in Downing Street and the cabinet office seemed to be working to undermine her.  MPs and Ministers weren’t given any say.  The all-powerful cabinet office, which UK Column says is now the seat of a dictatorial government, with all democracy now a farce, a false front, sabotaged the election for the government.

There’s the pro-Corby and anti-Corbyn factions battling it out in the media, naming him anti-Semitic, while his policies are seen to be as more and more popular.  UKIP scored 4 million votes in the GE but secured not a single seat, and his since been sabotaged to the point of extinction.  Further to that, despite popular support for Brexit, and UKIP’s huge popularity, Britain’s armed forces are being depleted and they are being merged with the EU Army.  Brexit is turning into a farce too.  See UK Column reports.

Then we had this last fortnight the seeming dash for war against Russia with the Novichok/Skripal nonsense,and hundreds of Russian diplomats being sent home as if in preparation for a major conflict.  Russia warned her forces in Syria to expect an imminent attack, but none so far has materialised.  Furthermore neither Trump, nor Israel seemed to back the campaign for war which emanated from London.  Another high level split became visible this week between the US/Israel and the rest of the Western world.

The US elections were the most divisive ever, with Clinton apparently keen to rush the world to war, thinking that the Illuminati wanted nothing less, yet Trump, who has delayed again the moves to warfare with Russia, won the game there.  He might be coming under control by the Deep State but a lot of time has been bought for the anti-war party.

With so much evidence of division at the highest levels of power within the world, you have to wonder what the disagreements can be all about.  Obviously war or not war is one.  But that’s not the only game in town Illuminati-wise.  For decades the economic build-up to something catastrophic in the financial world has been steadily prepared.  A stock market crash, a hyperinflation and trade wars between the countries that manufacture vis a vis the countries that buy the manufactures is sitting waiting to be called.

Whereas Trump didn’t tweet in support of Novichuckles to please Theresa May who possibly imagined herself playing a blinder for Clinton and the CFR, he is now pressing on with an unnecessary trade war with China.  If he continues down this road, this could trigger the crash in stock markets that many have been predicting.  Holders of US government bonds could also run for the exit, and a major dislocation of world economic stability could take place.

The disagreement seems to be what’s to come first – economic troubles for the world or war?  And it seems that the war party is losing the game.  That could be because Russia is shockingly advanced with regard to its weapons systems.  The war hawks clearly seeing that every year that goes by is handing the advantage to Russia and China, with their modernised weapons programmes coming on stream.

The Illuminati wants one world government with all nations, all resources and manpower at its disposal, and when a war comes, it seems, they might well want Russia and China to be the winners of such a war.  May and Clinton have tried to precipitate the war in time for the US and NATO to win, but it is seemingly already too late.  Yet such a war would be potentially so destructive that it is barely conceivable.

An economic crash the likes of which the world has never seen, would be another way to bring about the collapse of the West, delivering all to the Illuminati, and the military game would then be secondary.  If that’s the case, the Skripal affair was the last spin of the Anglo-American dice to get a war started.  Having failed in that endeavour, we could now presumably be faced with attack number two, namely economic dislocation, as described below.  There are things you can do, so listen carefully.

With war postponed, or not the lead agenda after all, the economic agenda naturally comes to the fore.  The stock markets need warfare to hold value after all.  Get hold of assets you can trade, as all paper assets are based on promises which could well be broken.


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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Interesting analysis Tap.

    I think that the economic war is more likely than the hot war for a number of reasons.

    Not least being that TPTB/Illuminati, call them what you will, are way above any nation state. West/Russia/China are meaningless distinctions to them. They control all nations I expect. So why would they blow up all their own assets with a real hot world war?

    Modern wars are mainly 1984 type wars anyhow. For TV only.

    Economic war, leading to hyperinflation or some such devastation will be just as devastating to ordinary people. And TPTB will still end up stealing our assets, one way or another. Just like they always do with this stinking, corrupt, usurious, finance capitalism con that they still run

    • Tapestry says:

      The part that interested me is that in Asia there is no physical metal to satisfy demand, while in the West metal trading is fraudulent, and all derivatives could be lost in a crash. No piece of paper will be wort anything, only assets you can hold in your hand. Gold, silver, copper being the traditional way to hold reserves of wealth. For most people that presents a problem. Where could you hold such assets safely? Also increases in value are subject to capital gains taxes, even inflationary increases. However in a world where, for a while at least, during the so-called re-set which some predict will last ten years, having such assets will be very necessary for survival. For a while tangible assets will be worth something while other assets may not.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        I agree. Physical assets will be essential if/when the reset happens. Property and precious metal being the 2 most obvious.

        Physical gold is the most convenient. You can get a lot of value in a small box. Most people won’t have much more than that I guess. And creative secure concealment should not be beyond the wit of most householders.

  2. Tom74 says:

    And as if to prove your point, Tapestry, today we have the chief at Porton Down saying they can’t confirm the Skipral poison came from Russia.
    Was it all a trap to embarrass the gullible May?

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