The Satanists want war. How we can stop them.

War is the creation of Satanists who pray and hold rituals on a regular basis, interceding with their God, called Lucifer, or the light-bearer.  He grants them great power, and wants the world enslaved into a one world government, which once secured, he will control.  The Satanists create atheistic belief systems for this purpose, Communism, Fascism, Nazism and so on.  In these control systems, God is the State or the President/Dictator.  Other religions can be tolerated up to a point, but only so long as they are pushed to the periphery, and keep quiet.
The Satanists of course have to hide themselves and their works from public view.   Although it is entirely visible that something is going on.  Nothing makes any sense, does it?  Yet there has to be a reason.
Once an atheistic political structure like Naziism or an atheistic culture (materialistic/celebrity/jealousy) takes hold, the common sense of humanity, and our spiritual natures can be sidelined, and we can be made to kill each other, and worse.  People, if left as we were created, have an instinctive knowledge about good and evil.  Most peoples in the world if not subjected to propaganda, as with ancient or primitive (meaning the first) peoples all of the world, had no doubt there is a spiritual after life to go to, that God created the world, and created the world for Good.  Their knowledge of good showed that they also knew about the existence of Evil.  You can’t have one with out the other, by definition.
The Satanists, in the modern technological world have become far more powerful using first mass media and now social media.  To succeed in their aims of total power over the whole world, they first have to stop people realising they have a spiritual nature, and can pray to to the God of goodness, so the power of their Evil God can win.  It’s that simple.  If people reconnect with their natural knowledge of God, with no need for any formal religion, many of which have become ridiculously complicated, and were designed to be so, (Judaeism, Christianity and Islam for example), the power of goodness can work back into a much stronger position.
Although you can work from formal religion, if you understand the true nature of evil and use the spiritual power correctly.
Switch off the TV, WIFI and everything SMART.  Make your world quiet.  Find your own being.  Talk to the Creator God of goodness and ask him/her to come back to the world and help us to stop the Satanists.  That is how war is either to be created or war is going to be stopped.  You don’t need religion to have a soul.  You have one, believe me.
I am lucky in that I have had experiences of contact of trapped souls, who needed releasing to go to rest, who manifested to me through sound, throwing things around the room, and many other things.  I won’t go into all the details but once you’ve seen things like that, you can have no doubt that there is a spiritual life which continues after death.  I appreciate that it is hard to think into the spiritual realm if it is not a normal habit.  It’s also incredibly easy if it is.
I would not stand opposed to any formal religion.  It’s just that for me, after reading the real histories of Ralph Ellis and my own experiences long ago, and knowledge of how evil churches can be, it is not possible to subscribe.   Many who do subscribe are able to access the Goodness of God, especially in countries that I know well, where I am now, like the Philippines.  Religion is much simpler here, and knowledge and sensitivity to spiritual forces is much greater in the people, than it is in Europe, and especially the UK, where the Satanists have ruled a very long time.  The Satanists are here in the Philippines too, but they have a lot further to go before they control everything that moves.  The President, Rodrigo Duterte, is one of their greatest enemies.
Ralph Ellis used the Bible as a key historical source.  It’s just that it is not the only source available and true history needs to be constructed using all the sources.   Whatever your pathway to stopping the Satanists, if it works, use it.  One of my friends believes every word in the Bible, and he is unstoppable as a spiritual leader for Good.   Each to their own, as long as we understand who our enemies are,  why, and how they want us to start killing each other.  We need our God to stop their God, in essence.  We can’t do it alone.

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