The Nottingham Phooking Bird: Go Away 5G!

Use FakeBook To Battle 5G. FakeBook is a tool and can have is uses.

Thank you Fran at
… you have inspired the conception of Brian Phook, the Nottingham phooking bird.

Leave them trees phookin’ be 5G! While I’m about it, leave Syria be too!!

…. and Helen, thank you for Vanessa’s post:
“This report highlights the significance of appropriate spatial planning to make a 5G network cost effective, including high-resolution geospatial data integrated with a range of other information types (particularly meteorological data) served via a functionally-rich planning tool.

This research demonstrates the impact on performance of 5G networks from physical features not currently considered in network planning, including street furniture and vegetation, and the important role that weather conditions play. The solution recommended in this report (a combination of data and software) is an essential prerequisite to opening higher frequencies for 5G use – not just in the UK, but globally.”

FaceBook: Save The Knettishall Trees have taken up the challenge to defend our trees against SWT, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, 5G, Agenda 21…. even the Woodland Trust have a policy of removing trees in favour of heathland. Mind boggling.

5G is a tool to implement a policy of AI: Artificial Intelligence. The Digital Minister is Matt Handycokc aka Hatt Mangina who says:
“The BBC is our best bulwark against fake news…”

Open Diatribe About Matt Hancock aka Hatt Mangina

… what, like the latest fake news about the latest White Helmets staged chemical attack?
Ask Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Patrick Henningsen.

Episode #228 – ‘Another WMD Caper’ with Ambassador Peter Ford and guests

Matt Handycock is rolling out a policy of AI in-conjunction with 5G. This 5G thing is a threat upon our body, mind and consciousness.

The trees represent a last defense against the insanity of our UK government. I do not consent to the felling, the cutting or culling of our trees. I do not consent to the invasion of Syria by the UK-US-€U and Bollocks Johnson’s White Helmets.

Henry Phook the Knettishall phooking bird has summoned the help and support of Capt. Mainwaring, Shakespeare, Viktor Schauberger, a mammoth, Harry the hare, Rudolph reindeer  and the song is to the tune of Dad’s Army…

“Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Five-Gee
When you say you’ll cut things down
We’re the local oiks gonna stop your little game
If you cut our trees down boy
We’ll sing about your shame…”

PS Why Brian? Clough of course, for Nottingham.


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