The Mogg doubts Theresa May’s sincerity for Brexit.

Jacob Rees-Mogg: UK-EU transition deal is a “price worth paying” for final Brexit deal
Speaking at Open Europe’s event yesterday, chair of the Conservative Party’s European Research Group (ERG) Jacob Rees-Mogg described the transition deal agreed by the UK and the EU last month as “dreadful”, but added it was a “price worth paying for the end result,” as long as the final Brexit deal is the same as previously outlined by the Government.

He rejected the possibility of the Government changing its mind on leaving the customs union. He added that staying in “any form of customs union” with the EU would not be delivering the results of the referendum vote, and that it would mean the UK would remain “a tariff taker and a rule taker from the EU.” He also refuted suggestions that a parliamentary vote on customs union membership could be linked to a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister. Rees-Mogg also described the government’s proposal for a “customs partnership” with the EU, which would see the UK levy EU tariffs on goods destined for the EU, as “impractical, bureaucratic” and “a betrayal of common sense.”

Of Prime Minister Theresa May, he said, “She is carrying out the will of the British people but it is hard to read what level of enthusiasm she has for it.” And following the Government’s third defeat on Brexit legislation in the House of Lords, Rees-Mogg warned that peers “are trying to stop the largest ever public vote in [UK] history,” and that they are “playing with fire” by going against the Government and trying to prevent Brexit from happening.

TAP – Could the Mogg find it in himself to abandon fracking?  Or is he still in favour of Brexit combined with an environmentally destroyed Britain?  Either way he’s positioning himself for the Party leadership with Johnson and May discredited by Skripal and Novichuckle..

Mogg is eyeing the UKIP voter, with Farage showing support.


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