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Sheffield Council refuses to give the reason as to why the City’s trees are being cut down.  The reason is 5G.  5G won’t work amongst foliage especially when it rains.  Water absorbs the emf in the 5G signal.  Humans are made up, in the majority, of water.   5G will be able to broadcast directly into humans.

‘It is not in your interests that we give you this information’, they are saying.   What’s to come if 5G goes ahead?  The evidence from Gateshead where it’s being trialed.  The results being nosebleeds, headaches, miscarriages.  It will have the ability to track everyone and everything.  The health effects will be massive.

Smart Meters – Stop Smart Meters runs a campaign.  Mexico has stopped the installation of Smart Meters due to health concerns after seeing health effects in residential areas where Smart meters have been installed.  5G will be the same or worse.


Very poor levels of concern about Tinker Lane and Misson Springs amongst the locals.  There’s no response from the local community bar a very small number of dedicated campaigners that turn out.

At PNR, Lancashire, the Achilles heel for British Gas seems to be the lack of an emergency evacuation plan for the site in the event of a blow out.

Other locations on track to be drilled in 2019 are Misson Springs and Tinker Lane.   Activists needed.

Rotherham Council voted 8-3 against Ineos’ traffic plan.  They are suing Scottish government, National Trust, they have public enquiries in two locations coming up.  No INEOS well sites established yet.


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