Scare & Film Children For UN Propaganda

This is moving testimony from Carla Ortiz. She must be a nightmare for all those who call Assad a brutal dictator and demand regime change. Not in my name.
It’s about energy pipe lines….

Jimmy Dore hosts…
Award Winning Journalist Debunks Douma Gas Attack w/Carla Ortiz
… and starts by quoting FDR on the old enemies of peace. Oh dear. This is how confusing the story gets. Was FDR really on the side of peace or was he like Churchill, cajoled into making sure war with Germany did happen? But, for now, let’s focus on the home truths of Syria and acknowledge voices are out there to counter balance the narratives of the US and UK Ambassadors to the UN
Part 1

Part 2

The first time I came across Carla Ortiz I think was through Patrick Henningsen.

White Helmets = £1,500 per month
Syrian army = £50 per month
… and the UK taxpayer contributes and is represented at the UN by…


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