Say your name is Rockefeller……

Say your name is Rockefeller, and you are tired of playing golf and buying Rolls Royces this week.
Since your family runs Blackrock/Blackstone, the biggest investment firm in the world, all it takes is
one call to make anything happen in the market you like, as big as you want it. And since your family
also owns the media and the Intelligence agencies, another call will get you any event you like, within a
matter of days or weeks. Both CIA and DHS have all the Hollywood connections they can handle, and
they can fake an event using the latest technology. So if you have ordered millions in put options on
Fedex, say, you can include them in your event at the snap of your fingers.
Just have your boys take some film of a Fedex store and some Fedex trucks, and then include those images in the media
presentation. Nothing could be easier. The public will make the connection between that bad man and
 Fedex, the stocks will tumble, and you are millions richer. Beats the hell out of another 18 holes,
doesn’t it?
And this answers our first question: why would these “normal” people like Conditt be involved in such
a hoax? Well, do you know how many wannabe actors there are in a town like Austin? People with no
talent who will never have an opportunity to do any real acting? People desperate for attention or
money? Austin is known as a third coast, and it is simply stiff with actors who want to be part of any
possible action. If you are one of those people and CIA or DHS comes to you with a check for
$10,000, hiring you to be part of a “harmless little fiction where no one gets hurt”, what are you going
to say? Are you going to walk away? Most people wouldn’t walk away, and you know it.
I will be told these leads like Conditt would have to disappear for a while. He can’t be seen in Austin
with that name, can he? Yes, but how hard is that? It is a big country and people’s memories are short.
All he has to do is change his first name for a few years and move to another state. No one will be the
He doesn’t even have to legally change his name, wear a disguise, or go into hiding. We have
seen in many big events the major players are back in the limelight—
sometimes back on TV— within a couple of years, with a minimal amount of disguising.
See my paper on O. J. Simpson, where we found Nicole back on TV in a few years, despite supposedly being dead. She didn’t even have to change her last name. She just colored her hair and pretended to be her own sister.
Which brings us to another point of this event. They admit that 500 federals agents came to Austin to
track down this one guy. And who paid for them to do that? You did, as a taxpayer.
The FBI and ATF and SWAT teams are funded from the national treasury. So you are footing the bill for this entire event.  Just as with the military, these guys at FBI and ATF have to justify their paychecks, and they do it
mainly now by faking events like these. I say now, but they have been doing it for a long time. Most
of the famous events you know about were also fake, like Waco,
the Unabomber, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, and so on. They were
all manufactured, just like this current event.
Kaczynski, Koresh, McVeigh, and all the rest were just agents themselves, and they aren’t dead and aren’t in jail.
They were just relocated. All these events serve the same double-duty: keeping the populace frightened
and entertained and keeping the budgets of FBI, ATF, CIA, and DHS fat. If you haven’t figured that out
by now, you simply aren’t paying attention. I have done all the research for you and laid it all out so
that you can easily see it, so you have no excuses left.

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