Save This Tree From 5G

As Ian R. Crane says, it is a ‘bio-spiritual attack’. Tap Blog has posted much of this already today, but it is so important; some silly buggers are implementing a national tree cutting / culling programme. I thought Save The Knettishall Trees was a local issue with SWT, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, then I realised it is a national pogramme to remove trees in favour of heathland. Now I understand it may be even more bizarre: removing trees to accommodate a bloody wi-fi network?! Challenge on!

Both Ian R. Crane and David Icke made videos this week about 5G and tree cutting… then G. Edwatd Griffin’s newsletter included the same issue.


5G will increase the current 700 to 5.8 billion microwaves per second for cell phone and Wi-Fi data to tablets and laptops to pulsed microwaves of 24 to 90 billion microwaves per second. Frequency Armageddon, therefore, is no exaggeration.

As Icke says, tress culling is being implemented, and we are worrying about pronouns?!


Mark Steele joins me to discuss the EVIDENCE linking 5G, Sheffield Tree destruction, decimation of the Bee Population, Teen Suicide & the rising tide of Dementia …

Prof. Martin Pall – How WiFi & other EMFs Cause Biological Harm

Howard Scott 1933
This lecture was given on January 13th, 1933 in the Hotel Pierre in New York City.

From G. Edward Griffin
Journalist Jon Rappaport explains the hidden agenda of the 5G Wireless Network, which is being sold to the public as a way to improve communications and save electricity. Globalists plan to bring 100-billion of these NEW devices online, all connected to the Internet and the Cloud. The goal of 5G Wireless is to network with electrical devices in every home and business to monitor track activities by monitoring energy-use patterns. The data will be used by an Energy Authority to issue directives and fines whenever you do something that is unauthorized. Projects using words like smart grid, smart meters, sustainability, Agenda 21, and smart cities are carefully designed to mask the real purpose, which is to control everyone through allocation of energy. And, oh, yes, the radiation is unhealthy and operation of such a control grid is outrageously expensive. -GEG

5G wireless: a ridiculous front for global control:

As Patrick Wood details in his classic, Technocracy Rising, that worldwide Energy Authority was the dream of the men who launched the Technocracy movement, in America, in the 1930s.

Can we save Britain’s trees from the 5G cull?


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