Russia’s UN envoy to Neocon Haley – ‘everything you touch turns to chaos’

Doing a great job in near impossible circumstances, the Russian UN envoy tells the supreme bitch the truth.  Does she like it?  Probably not even listening.  They want power and money, not truth.

Here is the truth –

There is now adequate proof no gas attack occurred.  The Pentagon knows no gas attack occurred, and Russia knows no gas attack occurred.  Therefore the Pentagon knows that any attack at all will be “first provocation”, thus giving Russia the moral high ground to go all-out.

My subsequent posts (after initially saying nothing will happen) were only because the belligerency of the Pentagon did not cease.

If, in the current climate, America attacks Syria, there will be hell to pay because there is not any plausible deniability or any shadow of a doubt that could possibly justify America attacking.

It will be naked aggression, and that could really go to pieces quickly.

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