Russia vows to sell advanced air defence systems to Syria and many others

Later in the day, the Russian General Staff issued a statement, saying that a total of 71 cruise missiles out of 103 had been intercepted by Syria, adding that no government military airfield had been damaged as a result of the attack.

“A few years ago, we refused to supply S-300 air defense systems to Syria due to the request of some of our Western partners. Taking into account what happened, we consider it possible to return to this issue. And not only with regard to Syria, but with regard to other states,” the General Staff stated.

Syrian air defense forces have intercepted all 12 cruise missiles, which had been used to attack the Dumeir military airfield, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Over the past 1.5 years, Russia has fully restored the air defense system of Syria and continues to improve it.”

TAP – Since NATO’s primary military strategy involves achieving air supremacy, the ending of the ability to destroy a state’s air power through missile attack is a big change in the strategic balance.

Not only that, but recently Syria shot down an Isreali fighter using a SAM with thirty year old technology.  If Russia now supplies state of the art air defence equipment to Syria and others, there will be far more planes coming down than in the war to date.

The first stages of electronic warfare appeared to help the aggressor, when Tomahawk missiles were not possible to deal with.  The later stages of electronic warfare might help the defender to the point that the aggressor cannot achieve supremacy or even feel safe overflying.   If laser weaponry starts being used to shoot down planes and missiles, wars of aggression might become too costly to contemplate.  The world might be a much safer place for us all.  Get your kit out all around the world, Russia.


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