Pentagon Blown-Up By Cruise Missile, Not Plane

Scott Bennet, Your Voice America, Rebekah Roth…. 9/11 unravelling? Bill Mitchell always says ‘we do the truth’ and now his Israeli/Christian based MAGA show might be addressing the realities of 9/11. I am currently busy and only listening as I work. I do not have time to go into this more, but thought it worth a post and put it out there.

I wish I had this interview in the form of an easy to post format…. my gut instinct says this is a significant interview.

Your Voice America has had censorship issues with YouTube, FakeBook, Periscope etc… so they are going private; subscriber only $7.99 / month. I only pay for for a few subscriptions, otherwise I like to access free material as a barometer of what is out there and available to all.

This episode for some reason is full and free on Twitter
“Scott Bennett: Army Special Ops” with Anne Vandersteel. She asks probing questions, stops him to clarify important points and is a very good interviewer. He seems to be spilling the beans.
35 mins in…
“Roger Zakheim was the som of my boss Doug Zakheim who was the controller of the Pentagon was blown-up by a cruise missile, not a plane… the auditors that were analysing financial accounts…”
“… we briefed Tulsi Gabbard…
…. Christians were being protected by Assad… Assad was not hacking off the heads of Christians, not the Russians, not Iran, but the Saudi Wahabis were doing that…”
“Senator Dick Black needs to testify..”


You can find the interview on Bill Mitchelll’s Twitter feed…

So I googled and found

Published on 6 Aug 2015
Today, We called Donald Trump’s staff to ensure that he has been given the whistleblowing report linking UBS-Hillary Clinton and the Terrorist Financing report created by Brad Birkenfeld and Scott Bennett, with the help of Julian Assange (wikileaks cables). We are stressing that Mr. Trump himself will want to know about this before he gets on the debate stage tonight, to expose that the other Republican candidates knew about this, and chose to do nothing. We’ll see if he does the right thing and represents the American people in this matter. People are encouraged to contact his campaign office and register their desire for him to address this matter, expose Hillary Clinton, and the treason committed at the highest levels of Government involving Obama, Eric Holder, Lanny Breuer, Roger Zakheim (Covington and Burling), and Booz Allen Hamilton….

This took me to the Roth / Bennet connection…

METHODICAL DECEPTION – Rebekah Roth 2nd Interview


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