Open Diatribe About Matt Hancock aka Hatt Mangina

Some one must take your place
You don’t represent the human race
You represent a small cabal
Which views the rest as small to null

A few lines that came to mind.

I am staggered at the relentless attack upon Jeremy Corbyn accusing him of being racist. Is this Monty Python sketch about the big noses now unacceptable?

By what name am I ‘allowed’ to refer to this lobby that represents the so called Semites, Zionists, Israelis, ‘the big noses’, the descendents of John Lamb Lash’s archonic mind set from the Sophia myth or whatever you wish to call this lobby of name callers and bullies. What is a Semite or a Zionist and is Israel a nation state of national or racial identity? If cockney rhymin’ refers to four by two’s, should that be ‘banned’ too? I refer to Semolina and Semolinaism to avoid consenting to the literal nonsense. As for this term ‘denier’, oh please, put a sock in it.

Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t step on an ant, let alone take up being a so called racist of any description. He does sympathise with the plight of Palestine and hence this onslaught which hijacks the term Semitism. Dare I mention, it does seem the language group Semite includes Palestinians, but ssshhhh, say it quietly in case you are bullied, side lined, accused of denying something and dismissed.

It is mind boggling that Corbyn called for patience and an examination of the facts before blaming Russia for the Salisbury incident. Yet the government and legacy media jumped on the old weapons of mass destruction bandwagon, assumed it was Russia wot done it and questioned Corbyn’s leadership and patriotic credentials. As I type Lyse Doucet, Lies Dullcet to some of us, is reporting to Dick ‘Semolina’ Dobbyson on BBC R4 Today about Syria, ever inferring it is a civilian conflict. It has quite clearly been a foreign invasion garnished with lashings of propaganda supporting the mercenary, UK taxpayer funded Boris Bollocks Johnson White Helmets and blaming Assad. From my understanding this invasion is based upon lies and I can put forward real journalists who have reported an alternative view of events from the ground. Yet Matt Hancock MP deems the BBC ‘our best bulwark against fake news.’ Yeah Matt, and I’m the Queen of bleedin’ Sheba.

Why have ISIS never attacked Israel? Oops, must not ask that; such a question is anti-Semolinaic; nothing to see here; move along now…

I suspect the recent bullying of Corbyn over this Semitic and Russian business has galvanised more support for him at the next election. I hedged my sportsman’s bet for a President Trump-Prime Minister Corbyn summit when Corbyn and Trump first came to the forefront and I hold out for that scenario. Sure, left-right, wings of the same party-state bird, but it is an entertainment of sorts and given a two horse race, amusing to back one or t’ other. We dodged the bullet that was Hitlery. Oops, is that play on a name anti-something or other?

So, what to do about the perceived wrongs we might suspect? Complain to our MP’s about the questionable actions and accusation? My MP Matt Handycock has blocked me from his Twit account:

… that’s how insecure our MP’s are. They are quite happy to band together and point the finger at others whether it is Assad the alleged tyrant or Trump the orange coloured white supremacist or the current relentless accusations aimed at Jeremy Corbyn.

I do not adhere to socialism. Communism, Fascism, socialism? A good term for these group-think movements is Collectivism; the imposition of group-think will upon the individual. However, I did vote Labour in the the last election in support of Corbyn who I want to see talking to Trump. Corbyn voted against interfering in Syria and I appreciated it. Jeremy Corbyn, a bleedin’ socialist, is on the receiving end of this recent bout of bullying and it might be helpful if a few more step up, speak up, take the line from these bullies:
… and make a clear stand: Enough is enough!

So, we create mocking images of people. The practice has a long history. Go back and look at Hogarth. Well, what else to do? Humour helps dispel the fear these bullies love to see us buy into. Writing to Matt Handycock about artificial intelligence and the war on consciousness would be a waste of time. So, to humour; as Tap Blog has commented, ‘the one thing that bullies can’t cope with is being laughed at’. Lightness of step, thought and touch > the heaviness of fear. Indeed, apparently Love > Fear is a quantum physical fact.

Matt Handycock is our Digital Minister and current spokesperson for a policy which threatens our freedom of expression and as dramatic as it may seem, represents a war on our consciousness. Dr. Graham Downing referenced Cambridge Analytica within the first 3 mins of his AV8 – Artificial Intelligence : The War on Consciousness – presentation in 2017.

One thing our MP’s understand is how many votes they can appear to secure at election. Matt holds a safe-as-houses shoe-in Tory seat. The only threat in recent years has been UKIP and today they are more or less defunct. At least I can try to raise awareness and laugh at our empty vessel of an MP.

Matt previously worked for his family business, then as an economist at the Bank of England and as Chief of Staff to the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, George ‘on all fours’ Osborne; ask Miss. Whiplash about George’s penchant for rubber pants. Matt holds degrees from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. So you see he’s very clever, aren’t you Matt.

The £3.74 billiion taxpayer funded BBC: Russia Jews Russia Jews, Corbyn is an anti-Semolinaic, tyrant Putin, tyrant Assad, misogynist Trump, Brexit is complicated and requires a thousand year transition period, Tony Bliar still comes on the BBC pushing to remain within the €U, the BBC are wonderful and taxpayer funded presenters such as Nick Dobbyson, John Humbumphrys, Dustbin Pleb and Sarah Moundofgoo epitomise top class journalism; can’t you tell? What tosh and nonsense. What recourse is there for me?

I can but conclude, my country is run by twits and twerps, either wittingly or unwittingly following the orders of masters other than their constituent voters, wonderfully exemplified by my MP. We refer to Matt Hancock as Matt Handycock or Matt Handygina and eventually arrive at Hatt Mangina to bring his name into the garden of the gender fluid generation. Hesheshehe is our Digital Minister. Below I note some of the content within his address to the Oxford Media Conference 12 March 2018….

Matt Hancock on ‘The Future of the Media’ at the Oxford Media Convention

“American commentator Clifford Stoll, who wrote in Newsweek magazine in 1995:
‘What the Internet hucksters won’t tell you is that the Internet is one big ocean of unedited data, without any pretence of completeness. Lacking editors, reviewers or critics, the Internet has become a wasteland of unfiltered data. You don’t know what to ignore and what’s worth reading.”

Ned: Then Clifford Stoll was incompetent if he could not work out what was worth reading.

“Trusted, sustainable, high quality media is needed now more than ever….
… I want to take a moment to examine these challenges, through three lenses:
Accuracy. Sustainability. And diversity.”

Ned: Oh great, here we go. Matt’s going to set us all straight on the future of media. How reassuring.

“The first area I want to look into is accuracy, where we’re seeing real threats to our media; to our society as a whole; is disinformation, also known as ‘fake news’.”

Ned: Would that include the Guardian, Telegraph and BBC presenting inaccurate information about e.g. the White Helmets and Syria? I watched live, Donald Trump’s inaugural press conference as he pointed out “CNN fake news… the BBC, another beauty.” The Donald was spot on the money. Anyway, let’s continue with Matt’s great speech.

“We know that some of the problem is state-sponsored. Russia, for instance, persistently deploys its state-run media organisations to manipulate democratic institutions.”

Ned: Yep, Russia interferes with us all, all the time, not like good ol’ trustworthy Blighty eh Matt? Ever heard of Operation Mockingbird Matt?

Try Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job (Complete):
… for a few clues on information deception. I know Matt, he’s Russian, but don’t shoot the messenger will you. For the likes of American commentator Clifford Stoll, Yuri does not mention the Wall St-Square Mile of London financiers of the Bolshevik Revolution, so understand he is a whistle blower blaming the KGB from his US sanctuary and the KGB do not have a monopoly on deception. Try two young chaps on the internet having a conversation; better analysis than you will find on the BBC:
Revelation: Rothschild as Soviet Spy, UK Skripal Case – Jay Dyer & Mark Hackard Live Stream

Anyway, back to Hatt Mangina’s great speech….

“A recent MIT study showed that falsehoods are 70 per cent more likely to be retweeted than stories verified by fact-checking authorities.”

Ned: So Matt, who do you recommend as a ‘fact-checking authority’? Your good self perhaps? The government? MI5? MI6? An agency we have not heard of, but probably fund?

“Clicks of course mean money and so there are financial incentives to publish sensational stories, with little regard for their accuracy.”

Ned: … and of course, the establishment media have never ever pushed sensational stories have they they Matt.

“A Buzzfeed report showed that two of the most widely shared fake news stories in the whole of 2016 originated from the same small town in Macedonia, where fake news can be a primary source of income.”

Ned: Let me just confirm Matt, you are heeding a report from Buzzfeed. Who funded Buzzfeed Matt? Let’s do a random search:
… but, of course, we can’t trust random searches can we Matt. May be you can organise a UK government inquiry into the funding of Buzzfeed; you know, for that touch of honesty, independence and authenticity.

“But the BBC is our best bulwark against fake news and I celebrate its role in British public life, and I pay tribute to the stewardship of Lord Hall of Aunty.”

Ned: Excuse my Roddy Doyleism, but that line is utter bollix. That is fake statement Matt. Lord Hall of Aunty? Is that the same Aunty that covers up the violation of children?

“And I want to see the BBC do yet more around the world.”

Ned: Would that be more in the style of BBC Media Action?
BBC Media Action: Subversion From Broadcasting House To Kazakhstan
‘Juliette Harkin, former BBC Media Action Project Manager and an expert on Syria states..”we [BBC Media Action] worked in 2004 with individuals within the [Syrian] ministry who wanted change and tried to get them to be the drivers of that. All media development work that has been done within Syria has, in my opinion, been predicated upon this idea that there can be change from within – you have an authoritarian regime and you find who the reformers are within that [regime] and work with them”
So, in effect, the taxpayer funded BBC is an arm of UK interference into foreign nation states with a view to regime change…. and all the time I thought it was those naughty Russians interfering in foreign nation state business.

“Objectivity means stating this fact is wrong, and that fact is true, and not giving any airtime to total nonsense at all. Where facts can be established, your duty is to tell the truth.”

Ned: Is that ‘fact’ as in ‘we believe’ such as in the recent Salisbury case Matt? Duty to tell the truth? You are so funny Matt.

“I welcome recent moves by Facebook and Google to use technology to prevent the spread of fake news online, through algorithms that promote trusted news rather than dubious sources.

I applaud solutions, like we’ve seen from Twitter, to tackle the use of online ‘bots’ that aim artificially to boost fake news.”

Ned: FakeBook, Google & Twitter directed online traffic pro-€U and pro-Clinton and were absolutely bias against Brexit and Trump. Today you are asserting FakeBook aided and abetted the victories of both Trump and Brexit. Roddy Doyle Barrytown Trilogy language again comes to mind. Bollix.

“Our schools and our curriculum have a valuable role to play so students can tell fact from fiction and think critically about the news that they read and watch.”

Ned: Watch out parents, your children are in for further programming. I also note the gradual criticism of home schooling which will no doubt be curbed and eventually banned.

“Now I am passionate in my belief in a free and open Internet”.

Ned: You phoockin’ liar. Who defines free and open? You? Your masters?

“This is part of the thinking behind our Digital Charter. We will work with publishers, tech companies, civil society and others to establish a new framework…
…that protects users and their rights online, and offers opportunities alongside obligations for businesses and platforms.
Trusted brands will help us to tackle this important issue.”

Ned: There it is people; Matt and his mates are going to play at being Mary Whitehouse in order to maximize your benefit while using the internet. Feel assured? No, nor me.

“Sustaining high quality journalism is a vital public policy goal. The scrutiny, the accountability, the uncovering of wrongs and the fuelling of debate is mission critical to a healthy democracy.”

Ned: This is disingenuous tripe to say the least. High quality my arse.

“And while I’ve not always enjoyed every article written about me, that‘s not what it’s there for.”

Ned: Enjoy this one Matt!

“I tremble at the thought of a media regulated by the state…”

Ned: Matt, you get funnier and funnier. You are the state and the state has every intention of regulating the media according to its requirements.

“This is not about Government regulating the media, and nor is it about propping up old business models that have stopped being viable.”

Ned: Oh yes it is Matt! I await your pantomime riposte: oh yes it is, oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is…’ This is exactly what you are warbling on about: government regulation.

“Diversity of gender, of race, of sexual orientation.”

Ned: That’s cultural Marxism Matt. Gender and identity politics. I’ve had my fill of it Hatt Mangina.

“And I care because I care about my country.”

Ned: Then get off your arse and give voice to Brexit on behalf of your 7 West Suffolk regions that voted to leave you blasted Cameron-Osborne-Treason May Remainer!

“Local papers play a crucial role in this and we are working hard to give them the support and sustainability that they need.”

Ned: Do you mean local papers by e.g. Archant the nationwide corporate publishing holding company? So local eh!?

“I’m delighted that Channel 4 is creating a new National HQ,”

Ned: Good old Jon Snow. What a subjective non-bias interview that was Jonny boy! You know, the one with the Syrian politician…
FAKE NEWS WEEK: Why Channel 4 “News” Owes an Apology to Syria:

“The choices we make; the decisions we take as we face foursquare the new challenges and new chances of the age we live in will shape our country and our world for generations to come.”

Ned: Yes Matt indeed, you and your masters do have designs to shape our country and the wider world. Just leave us alone and stop interfering in our lives and other foreign nation states. The mind boggles.

On the 28.03.2018 during yet another BBC R4 Today interview, Matt talked about the creative industries which he said are global. He said culture doesn’t recognize national borders; that ‘making sure we get the rules right is important’. He said this FaceBook business is all about undermining our democracy… the usual type of party line tripe he rolls out at every time he appears on the BBC. Hatt Mangina is a tool for implementing a global agenda which looks to replace national identity and borders with an international structure of regional assemblies including a global parliament of mayors along with the eventual abolition of the electorate. London Mayor Sordik Khant has outlined the ambition to make London a world leading ‘Smart City’:

As ex oil executive and anti-fracking activist Ian R. Crane says, “Anything with Smart in the name isn’t smart for you or me.”

I also recommend Barrie Trower Matt. But, you will not address the Smart meter issue because you serve your master’s agenda, not me or us, your constituents. Thus, I have little recourse, but to draw you as Hatt Mangina.

Barrie Trower, lecture at the Open Mind Conference 2012 part 1

Barrie Trower, lecture at the Open Mind Conference 2012 part 2


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