Now Israel attacks Syrian air bases with missiles.

Syrian air defenses respond to missiles over Homs province – state media


Syrian air defense systems have been activated in response to a missile attack apparently targeting Shayrat Airbase in Homs province, state media SANA reports.

Up to 10 missiles were destroyed by the Syrian Armed Forces, a military source told Sputnik. The Syrian air defenses managed to intercept some of the projectiles, according to a SANA reporter. Meanwhile, the Al Mayadeen news outlet is claiming that all the projectiles were intercepted and inflicted no physical damage or casualties at the targeted Syrian base.

The Pentagon has denied initiating strikes or conducting any other military activity in Homs province. “There is no US military activity in that area at this time,” the Pentagon’s spokesperson told Reuters. The same information was also shared with TASS news agency by Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon.

The raid in Homs countryside reportedly coincided with another missile attack against a military airbase near Damascus. According to various Arabic media channels, three missiles targeted Al Dumayr airport, but they were all allegedly downed by the Syrian air defenses.

According to yet unconfirmed reports, the missiles entered Syrian airspace from Lebanon, which may indicate that the Israeli Air Force could have been involved, Al-Masdar News reports, citing a military source. The outlet’s reporter also published several videos allegedly showing the launch of interceptor missiles.

Israel, which hardly ever acknowledges its raids inside Syria, failed to comment on its alleged involvement. “We don’t comment on such reports,” an Israeli military spokesman told Reuters. The US Department of Defense spokesman, meanwhile, told Sky News Arabia that there are “a lot of players” in the region who could have carried out the Tuesday morning attack in Syria.

While it remains unclear who launched the attack, the reported strike comes just days after Washington, London and Paris carried out a coordinated strike in Syria in the early hours of Saturday morning. It also comes roughly a week after two Israeli F-15 fighters targeted another Syria’s airbase in Homs province, Tiyas (also known as T-4 Airbase).

TAP – The attacks don’t stop.  No one knows the agenda of the Illuminati that coordinates all of this.  They want a war started.  Their long term goal is that a One World Government is established, and they calculate that a World War is needed to bring this into being.  That’s all you can say for sure.  They see their best chance of doing that in Syria.  They control and coordinate all sides in war.
At what point they succeed in getting a hot war with Russia started, no one can tell, but that is clearly the aim.  The problem for the West, apparently the aggressors, is that Russian equipment is light years ahead.   Israel/NATO and the US are carrying out spasmodic pin prick attacks on Syria.  The response if and when it comes will be shattering and overwhelming.  The Illuminati may well have a war plan which will allow Russia to invade Western Europe, retake Kosovo and subdue the EU, while China keeps the US/Taiwan/ANZ and Japan busy in Asia.  The OWG could ultimately be based in Shanghai or Beijing or Moscow, while the US and Canada are divided between a Russian and a Chinese sphere of occupation.  Not New York as everyone imagines.  The UN would be abandoned.  Once a OWG is in place, the Satanists would finally declare themselves and their God as our rulers.
In Syria, The West is bringing about its own destruction.  It’s the way the Illuminati works – to build up an Empire, suck it dry, then move on, crashing to oblivion the Empire/nation it just used.  Their aim is to destroy all nations and religions, subjugating all of humanity under a single system of totalitarian control – no private property, no religion, everyone a slave, total control, with greatly reduced human population.  Human contentment impossible.  They believe themselves the rightful rulers of the earth.
At one time they controlled Lower Egypt and the pyramids, where their capital city was known as Avaris.  Their central bank called The White House.  They were the Hyksos, the shepherd kings who lost a war with the rest of Egypt and were paid off and asked to leave, which they did, heading for Shalem, now Jerusalem.  They lost wars there to the Romans and the Persians, and have been moved from place to place ever since, but always controlling the wealth and the finances, and manipulating empires, wars and revolutions.  Their God is Lucifer, Satan, The Devil.  The power of Evil.  Humanity needs to keep the power of God – of good – in control of earth, or we will be abandoned, permanently in the control of Satan, if the Illuminati succeeds.
We are divided into different religions created for us by the Hyksos, the Pharoahs, which, counter-intuitively make God less accessible to many of us.  Many are content to work within one of the divided religions.  Those who prefer not to be formally religious, can still join the war between Good and Evil through prayer, through a modern version of The Lord’s Prayer – a version which can be used by anyone at all.  You need to acknowledge the existence of Evil as the force which is trying to get total control of the earth, and ask for the goodness of God, the forces of good to take back control of the earth.  Make up your own words.  As long as it contains that one essential ingredient, it will help you and the rest of humanity to overcome the trials being prepared for us by the Devil.  The outward symbols of free thought will be targeted, once the airfields and the battlegrounds are lost.  You can still arm yourself with prayer.  No one can ever take that away from you.
To understand who controls the wars, and what their aims are, read Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr.  Written in 1958, he discovered after a lifetime of enquiry why the world kept falling into war, which to him was previously inexplicable.  You can learn today from his life’s work vital understanding of what is happening now..
The media offers you only left brain explanations, factual reporting, much of it lies.  Your rational mind will not be able to work out the answer.  You are a human being, with a sense of justice, of balance.  Your spiritual and creative mind right brain also needs to find an answer.  With that too, you will be at a a loss without connection outside yourself.  Only through prayer can you reconnect with the spiritual strength of God.   It happens instantly as soon as you open up your mind. We need Our Father and Our Mother not to abandon us, while Satan controls so much and delivers evil in spades into God’s beautiful earth.  It’s the battle between Good and Evil, that humanity is fighting.  Please join it today.  If you are strong in your mind, the battle is never lost.

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