Nigel Jarach and The Order Of Orange

The name of the town Lunel near the mouth of the Rhone between Montpellier and Nimes was translated into the Hebrew ‘yareakh’ – meaning ‘Moon’ or luna in Italian, and from this derived the Jewish-Piedmontese surname Jarach.
TAP –  As will become clearer, I would imagine the translation actually happened the other way around, from first Hebrew the language of Jewish immigrants, only later being translated into French/Piedmontese.    Lunel is just inland from Saints Maries de la Mer, and Nimes is not far from Orange.  These names have great historical significance, and put Lunel , Jarach and Farage, slap bang in the middle of a very important story.
The beginnings of the presence of Jews arriving in the South of France, and the founding of the Orange Order which took place in the City Of Orange, are events which are always kept very quiet by historians, if indeed they even know of their origins.  It is much older than most are aware.  The Catholic Church has not only massacred their descendants over centuries, Cathars, Huguenots on multiple occasions.  They have been most assiduous in not explaining why they are so bothered about them, as if massacring Cathars and Huguenots needed little explanation.
The Orange Order eventually won power in England and Holland through the Merovingian dynasty.  The Order brought in the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, and basically created the modern world, much to the chagrin of the Catholic Church which preferred things to be kept the way they were.  Another question is raised.  Who were these guys?  And where did the Orange Order come from?
Ralph Ellis in his book, Mary Magdalene, does the opposite to most historians and seeks as much information as he can on how the Orange Order began, and who founded it.  Ellis explains that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’  sister/wife (the very wealthy and ambitious King Izas of Osrhoene).  They together fought the Romans in Judaea (The Jewish Revolt) for three years up to AD 70, but lost the war to Gaius Titus Vespasian of Rome, who subsequently became Emperor.  Read Ellis’ King Jesus trilogy and follow his research at
Jesus was captured in AD 70 and imprisoned in Chester in England and held for the rest of his life, possibly dying there in AD 98.  But Mary Magdalene escaped and landed in the South of France, (no one knows exactly where but Saints Maries De La Mer gives a hefty clue), clearly taking a significant amount of wealth with her, along with the beliefs that had inspired Jesus to fight the Romans and try to break free of the enveloping Roman yoke.
His (Izas’ = Jesus’) and her (Mary Magdalene’s) stories were subsequently messed around with by the Roman historian Josephus Flavius, who moved the dates backwards in time thirty years, and made King Izas the basis of the Christian religion, almost all of which ‘Jesus’ would not have subscribed to, as he was a gnostic, an astrologer, a magician (water into wine), a technologist and a Jew.
Why is all this appearing in a post about Nigel Farage’s ancestry, you might be wondering?  Just hang on.
The geographical area of Orange, Lunel, Saints Maries de la Mer are where Ellis believes Mary Magdalene landed in France and lived for many years, carrying on her teachings.  This conflicted with Rome’s new religion Christianity, and made her into at the very least a potential embarrassment.  It would already be enough to get excited about, that Nigel Farage’s ancestry comes from the very centre of the Mary Magdalene story.
But there’s yet more.
Guy Justus Oscar Farage.
The name Justus is unusual.  Others may have come across this name before.  I haven’t.  So again, as with the name Farage, you have to ask where does it come from?  I checked.
Justus, I found out, is no less than King Jesus’s second name and also the second name of his brother James (source Ralph Ellis in his King Jesus trilogy), Mary Magdalene’s brothers – Jesus was also her husband as was often the practice amongst Middle Eastern Royalty at that time.  It occurred to me that we now have two clues as to where the Farages might have come from, the Jarachs from Lunel in the South Of France (meaning ‘moon’ which is an occult way of saying ‘Ville de Marie Magdalene’) and also prior to that, the Justus name suggests descent from both sides of the Mary Magdalene/King Jesus partnership.
The origin of the name Justus must be known about in Huguenot circles, and a Huguenot would not lightly use the name.  Naming children ‘Justus’ would have significance.  Nigel Farage indeed claims to be of Huguenot origins, about the only substantial clue he gives us in his Wikipedia summary.  Just add two and two together, and you have a good case for suggesting that the name Farage (Jarach) is not only Jewish in origin, but Nigel could, at the very least, be descended from Mary Magdalene, if not also from King Izas himself.
That would make him a natural enemy of Rome indeed, of which the EU is the most modern manifestation.
The association between Mary Magdalene and the moon is well known.  Don’t forget that moon is the meaning of Jarach.   Check it out on a search engine.  Jesus is The Sun (le soleil).  Mary Magdalene is The Moon (la lune).   Did her descendants use the name Jarach, the Hebrew for moon, as their identifier?   That’s a strong possibility.
I would suggest that the Hebrew speaking Marie Magdalene’s town, Lunel, was called Yareakh first, and this was later translated/tidied into French (not the way around that Primo Levi describes).
Here’s an example of the association between Mary Magdalene and the moon.
Finally I notice when the EU officials call on Nigel Farage to speak in the EU Parliament, they often call him something sounding like ‘Nigel Jarach’.   There is certainly no attempt at pronouncing his Farage name the way we pronounce him in Britain.  This could well be an ‘in-joke’ by those in the know.


WIKIPEDIA – and my comments from a month ago.

Farage was born in Downe in Kent, England, the son of Barbara (née Stevens) and Guy Justus Oscar Farage.  The Farage name comes from a distant Huguenot ancestor.

TAP – (Huguenot is suggesting Protestant or Orange descent, but with no name, location or date provided, we are left wondering.)

One of his great-grandfathers was born to German parents who migrated to London in the 19th century.

TAP – (No date, no name, no locations provided.  Were they Jewish immigrants fleeing to London like so many others?  Without information, how can we tell?)

His grandfather, Private Harry Farage, fought and was wounded in the First World War.

TAP – This is Harry who chose the names Guy Justus Oscar for his son.  ‘Ari’ Jarach maybe?

His father was a stockbroker who worked in the City of London. A 2012 BBC Radio 4 profile described Guy Farage as an alcoholic[17] who left the family home when Nigel was five years old.

TAP – His father was still working in the City when Nigel Farage was battling John Bercow at Buckingham and expressed relief Nigel survived the plane crash.  I know because I was with my stockbroker uncle the day they spoke on the phone.  You wonder why the need to play down his father’s role for the public?  What’s to hide? 

From 1975 to 1982, Farage was educated at Dulwich College, a fee-paying independent school in south London. In his autobiography he pays tribute to the careers advice he received there from England Test cricketer John Dewes, “who must have spotted that I was quite ballsy, probably good on a platform, unafraid of the limelight, a bit noisy and good at selling things”.[23]

TAP – Possibly meaning also he was a good actor.  Aldous believes Jarach faked his air crash in 2010 for example.  Great acting, if he did.  The Orange Order would be capable of pulling stunts like that, manoeuvring to achieve power, pulling Britain out of the EU (Brexit), reducing the power of the Catholic Church whenever it could.  They are apparently against the continuation of wars to achieve One World Government, but are keen enough on using other ways to control humanity, including central banking.  The Orange Order was a Jewish Royal foundation – maybe the lesser of two evils – the Nazarene/Essene/gnostic belief system versus the imperial enslaving notions of Rome.  Yet you have to remember that the Orange Order too used war and deception whenever it suited them.

Was the Farage 2010 air crash a faked event?

You also have to remember that we are being moved rapidly into a totalitarian state by the Satanic Roman Emperors.  Jarach and Murdoch, maybe even Trump, are doing what they can to frustrate them and move them on.  Blair and Clinton want wars everywhere as soon as possible, and the bringing on of the destruction of humanity as per the Book Of Revelations.  Hopefully there is another group of Jewish bankers, patriots and believers in good/God who can see another way of running the show.


Murdoch’s genealogy would no doubt be equally interesting as Jarach’s, but will need to wait for another Tap Blog day.

Last time I tried to write about Murdoch (around 2006), I couldn’t access the blog for six months and the post disappeared permanently.  Those were the days when Murdoch worked arm in arm with Blair.  Perhaps he’s more willing to have some discussion about his father and how they acquired so much influence and power, now that he’s split with Blair, the EU and the Rothschilds.  The Murdochs gave the bankers support for the wars they wanted in WW1, WW2 and since, so it’s interesting they are clearly not entirely on board with WW3.

The Unrestrained Powers of the European Commission

It seems there is still much to play for.  WW3 is not a done deal.  Nor is world government as desired by the Illuminati/Satanists.  As humans we must all get active in every way we can, and fight back.  Being informed as to who the Illuminati are and how they work is a start.


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