Material must be shared now as Censorship algorithms tighten.

‘Corporate wank’ is a term which needs defining.  Ian Crane does that extremely well, by identifying the bold untruths on the website of Breedon Group.  He reads the ‘wank’ on their website – – and demonstrates how insincere or untrue the claims are.  As primary suppliers of the fracking industry, they can hardly make the claims that they do.

Local elections coming up May 3rd.  Time to attack the Tories and refuse to endorse their unconventional gas agenda.  But don’t split the vote.  Jointly back a candidate to get the Tories out.  But presumably not if they’re Councillors already fighting against fracking?  Many Tory Councils have done well opposing fracking an are well clued up.

The war hawks are ramping up their rhetoric, and they’ll use that next as the excuse to push fracking.

Tories have swollen the national debt from 800 million Pounds to 1.8 billion Pounds in just 8 years.  While preaching austerity, and milking the economy to their offshore accounts.


They are desperate to bomb Douma to destroy the scene of the non-crime.  Reports of 20 British Special Forces personnel being captured in Syria while helping ISIS.  The government will be desperate to have these troops killed, and will want to bomb them, to destroy the evidence.

Bollocks Johnson – ‘If we didn’t supply Saudi Arabia with weapons then someone else will.’  Stop electing these sociopaths.  There is no evidence of any chemical weapons being used by Assad.  The Russians have invited the OPCW to investigate the non-crime.

One day demos don’t work. If 500,000 people took a tent and camped in the London Parks while the war against Syria was still on the agenda, that might cut it.

May trying to get an attack on Syria without a Parliamentary vote and debate.  The cabinet supported her.

If war kicks off, any opposition to government policy will be snuffed out.  The anti-fracking community must be in opposition.

Censorship is building.  Crane’s Facebook page wouldn’t share yesterday, for example.  The algorithms are tightening, and less and less people get to hear the videos being put out.  You have to share the material now or it won’t get out.  You need to talk to each other.  Gather like-minded people together…as is being done at AV9 from May 3rd.

Use the weekend to find ways to communicate your views about stopping WW3.


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