Look At Me When I Speak Too You (Matthew Rycroft)

A clip from last year, but worth a reminder. Russia’s envoy to the UN Vladimir Safronkov snaps at the UK’s envoy Matthew Rycroft at a UN meeting on Syria. Matthew Rycroft really was a shame to the UK taxpayer and voter..

Published on 13 Apr 2017

It is worth noting last night on BBC 5 Live with Stephen Nolan, callers, members of the public, were expressing doubt about the official story. One referred to,
“… a hidden agenda…”
Another referred to,
“Israel have used chemicals and gas…”
A representative from the US military reacted with upset labeling the caller
“… a lunatic…”
There was mention of
“… the White Helmets staged the attack…”

Stephen Nolan quickly said bye to uncomfortable callers.

How many missiles hit their target in Syria? The American and Russian gave contradictory accounts on BBC 5 Live. İs the Pentagon at odds with the CIA and other agencies over Syria?

I do wonder if Trump and Putin have an understanding. I even wonder if Trump is negotiating an official invite to the UK with gratitude for his support in the Syria attack. Are Trump and Putin managing a situation whereby they both are challenging the globalist cabal? Does trump remain a chance? Even Patrick Henningsen and Mike Robinson, between condemnation, refer to ‘the magic of Trump’ as his actions do not necessarily aid the globalist agenda…


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