If You Are Honest In Everything You Do, That Will Change The World

Notes made some time ago…. I think the quote is from the interview.

A Face to Face Interview with Dr Judy Wood – 24 Aug 2017

Judy Wood did meet Steven Jones, but was given the run around by Scholars For Truth.

Rebekah Roth has doubts about Judy Wood. Jim Fetzer threatened Judy Woods. Rebekah Roth has also complained of Jim Fetzer and has openly accused Health Ranger Mike Adams of threatening her life.
Jim Fetzer’s bizarre phone call to Judy Wood. (part 1 of 2)
Jim Fetzer’s bizarre phone call to Judy Wood. (part 2)… seems to be gone.
Why Did James Fetzer Menace Dr Judy Wood Over Directed Energy Weapons

Richard Gage asked about Judy Wood: Conspiracy Con 2013
FAQ #3: What’s Your Assessment of the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Hypothesis?


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