If and when Russia strikes back, it will be shocking and effective, not like NATO/US pinpricks.

The Russians say America could end the war in Syria in a day.  It’s true.  They could.  But ‘America’ aren’t doing that.  The tensions that are being deliberately built are not being dissipated.  They’re being continually added to.  Why?

The apparently imbecilic actions and words of the politicians of the US, the UK and France must have an explanation somewhere.  Can you see an explanation that makes any sense?  The narrative given to the world by the media cannot be the real one.

You can read on the internet of other narratives, such as Trump is battling the cabal while he withdraws the troops and makes peace in North Korea, Iran and Syria.  Yet on examination such a narrative doesn’t hold water.  You don’t make peace by making war.

The real agenda to my mind is otherwise.  We are watching theatre with a script.  All the countries in the observable theatre are controlled from the same place, including Russia, America, Britain, France – all of them.  The military situation whereby Russia has somehow achieved a position decades ahead of all NATO countries is not an accident.  The ludicrous Skripal poisoning theatre which has been used to ramp up tensions is no accident either.  The politicians are playing a part in a pre-set drama or play which has a design.  They are apparently acting foolishly.  They are not fools, but puppets.

The countries sending Russian diplomats packing must know the whole thing is a nonsense.   They are all taking part in the same theatre.  It all happened so quickly, disregarding sensible questions and thoughts every step of the way.

There is only one explanation for it all when all is said and done.  And that explanation is that the world is still run and controlled by a cabal – the Illuminati – as it has been since before The French Revolution.  Every war is deliberately manufactured, after being carefully prepared for decades.  This one is no different.

The West has been weakened militarily to the point that its missiles don’t work.  Isreali planes, the pinnacle of Western military technology, can be shot down by Syria.   Fleets can be sunk by anti-ship missiles against which they have no defence, and the satellites that hold the US military together can be knocked out.  In short it woudn’t take much for NATO and the US to be defeated in a real war.  American ships like the Donald Cook can be disabled by electronic jamming from one aircraft.  Russia was able to hold and consolidate Crimea against Ukrianian aggression,  and US naval aggression with little difficulty.  This is like a blueprint for war.  Have one arrogant side with lots of front, but no substance – the US.  Have a softly spoken opponent with little show, who holds all the real cards – waiting for the moment to deliver a knock-out blow.  It’s like a script.  It is a script.

The West is in debt to the tune of trillions of dollars, with few gold reserves.  Government spending is out of control, while ordinary people are suffering greater and greater levels of austerity.   The people are being progressively disabled by social programming, with society broken up into more and more informational ghettoes, families oppressed by regulation and compulsory medical ‘interventions’ and ignorance of how to protect themselves from diabetes, cancers and declining mental states in childhood and old age.  Fracking, 5G  microwaves, chemtrails and nuclear dumping threaten increased environmental degradation to add to the pollution of air from diesel, water from pharmaceuticals and toxic metals and soil from depletion of nutrients.  Agriculture and food production is teetering on the edge of economic viability, as weather gets more and more extreme.  GMOs are destroying the soil and affecting health.

Mentally, physically, spiritually, environmentally as well as militarily and politically, the West is being weakened to the point at which it is no longer strong enough to do much to defend itself.  Russia on the other hand has never been stronger militarily.  The Russians have survived terrible deprivation under Yeltsin, the oligarchs and oppression by Western corporations.  The military is controlled brutally with ordinary soldiers having no rights and little money.  Much of the army is conscripted, but the elite sections are trained and armed to a far higher level, with aircraft, ships and missiles that work, and they are expanding rapidly.  They are aware of how weak the West has become, and know they can deal with whatever we throw at them.  How long until a strike back seems like the only option to stop the West from continually humiliating Russia.  Take one look at Nicki Haley at the UN.  It is theatre.  It’s not real.

Last week Trump threw not one missile at Russian forces.  He too knows how effective Russian military reply would be.  He knows there was no chemical attack by Assad.  So do all the others.   They know Skripal was nonsense. So what is their game?

The answer is they don’t have a game.  May, Macron, Trump and so on.  They don’t have any plans as they are all puppets, controlled by the Illuminati, just as Hitler, Churchill and Stalin, were controlled and instructed by a higher cabal.  All parties are acting out a theatre designed to bring a war into being, from which the Illuminati expect to be able to create a One World Government.   Each little player only knows their small part, and they obey either out of fear, or loyalty to the Satanic agenda, or both.  The Trump Tomahawk Chemical games are simply provocations, designed to bring Russia to the boil, to the point whereby Russia can’t stop herself from wanting to use her military advantage and striking back.

If and when Russia strikes back, whenever and wherever that happens, it will be shocking and effective, not like these NATO/US pinpricks.  The whole events to come are pre-arranged and pre-planned, and they are designed to bring a war into being.  The war will not be over quickly, but all sides will be made to grind each other down to the point of exhaustion – Russians, Americans, Europeans and all others.  World War 3 was first planned around 1840, before WW1 and WW2.  It was realised that World Government would need three world wars to  bring the world into a single point of control – the Satanic agenda, run in secret for nearly 250 years.

To read what is planned, you need to get a copy of Pawns In The Game (The International Conspiracy) by William Guy Carr.  Written in 1958, it explains how the Illuminati operates and what their aims are.  Once you know what lies behind wars and revolutions and so on, the events of the last week which are apparently inexplicable and don’t make any sense, suddenly become understandable.  Russia is not an enemy, any more than Germany in WW1 and WW2.  All are puppets in a grotesque theatre, which is being controlled and moved forwards to fit an agenda.  People need to be aware as to what that agenda is, or we will be dragged into taking part in the theatre.

People imagine they are watching a play of American power bullying Middle Eastern countries, to loot them and disempower them.  That indeed has been happening.  But the endgame does not look likely to be a quasi-democratic One World Government based in Washington or London, Paris or Brussels.  The final act of the play is far more likely to be a totalitarian World Government run from Moscow or Beijing with the US, Britain, France and the West, maintained as colonies in reverse after they’ve been defeated in war.  Because the plan is an Illuminati plan,  the British, US and French governments are just puppets in the play, acting against the interests of the people who elected them.

Carr writes –

The Illuminati were to obtain control of the PRESS and all other agencies which distribute information to the public.

News and information was to be slanted so that the Goyim would come to believe that a One World Government is the ONLY solution to our many and varied problems.

Influential people trapped into coming under the control of the Illuminati, and students who had been specially educated and trained were to be used as agentur and placed behind the scenes of all governments as ‘Experts’ and ‘Specialists’ so they could advise the top executives to adopt policies which would, in the long run, serve the secret plans of One Worlders and bring about the ultimate destruction of the governments and religions they were elected or appointed to serve.

The above fits with what is happening today, as a narrative.  The whole book fits.  It provide a default way to understand the world and the otherwise inexplicable events we are observing.  The Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya and his staff look completely baffled by what is going on.  Perhaps they should read Carr’s book.

US, allies could stop Syrian conflict within 24 hours if they wanted to – Russian envoy

US, allies could stop Syrian conflict within 24 hours if they wanted to – Russian envoy
Russia called the strikes that the US, the UK, and France carried out in Syria a “blatant disregard of international law.” Moscow’s envoy to UN said the three countries could have stopped the conflict in Syria within 24 hours.

By acting without any mandate from the UN Security Council, the US and its allies violated the norms and principles of international law, as well as undermining the authority of the UNSC, Russian Envoy to the UN Vassily Nebenzia said, denouncing the strikes against Syria as “an aggression against a sovereign state.”

Nebenzia also called the attack “hooliganism” in international relations, noting that it is not a small one, as nuclear powers are involved. He said that the countries used a well-tried pattern of “provocation-false accusations – false sentence – punishment.”

“Is this the way you want to conduct international affairs?” he said.

“The conflict in Syria could have been stopped within 24 hours. Washington, London and Paris should have told their pocket terrorists to stop fighting the legitimate government of their people,” Nebenzia said.

He said that the two research facilities that were targeted in the strike had been inspected by the OPCW, which didn’t find any traces of chemical weapons.

Just like they did a year ago, the US used a staged a chemical attack against civilians as a pretext for its strikes, Nebenzia said, adding that Russian military experts found no trace of any chemical agent at the scene of the alleged attack in the Damascus suburb of Douma. “In a sign of cynical disdain,” a group of Western countries decided to take military action without waiting for a group of OPCW experts to present the results of an investigation into the incident, according to Nebenzia.

Russia did “everything possible” to convince the US and its allies to refrain from their military plans, which could destabilize not only Syria but the whole Middle East. However, Washington, London, and Paris “preferred to disregard appeals to common sense,” he added.

“The time for talk ended last night,” the US envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley, said, referring to the coalition airstrikes in Syria. She then added that the US, the UK, and France “acted” not out of “revenge… punishment [or] a symbolic show of force but… to deter the future use of chemical weapons” by holding the Syrian government responsible for what she called “atrocities against humanity.”

She also claimed that the actions of the coalition were “justified, legitimate and proportionate.

The British representative to the UN, Karen Pierce, called the coalition operation a success, claiming that “none of the British, French or US aircraft or missiles involved in this operation were successfully engaged by the Syrian air defenses.” Pierce also called the UK actions a “humanitarian intervention” aimed at “alleviating overwhelming humanitarian suffering” of the Syrian people.


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