I Challenge Brian Cox To Debate Ralph Ellis

The first time I heard Brian Cox on BBC R5 Live, he declared ghosts were not real, but merely imagination. I have not knowingly had a ghost experience, but a scientist who out-rightly concludes they do not exist, does not ring true to me. I suspect characters such as Cox keep scientific investigation limited rather than expansive.

This was from last year.

Physicist and BBC presenter Professor Brian Cox was among those who responded angrily to the interview on Twitter, saying it was “irresponsible and highly misleading to give the impression that there is a meaningful debate about the science”.

At the time, I had watched a Michael Cremo video and wondered how BBC poster boy bimbo, as I like to refer to Brian, would view Cremo; probably, as a pseudo-archaeologist. I like Michael Cremo’s ideas, I even bought his Forbidden Archaeology book.

This link no longer works:
Michael Cremo MISSING skeletons cover up leads to MAJOR Revelation
… but, the same title leads to another link:

Since then, I came across…
The Secrets of Climate Change with Ralph Ellis – The Russell Scott Show LIVE – 004

Tap Blog usually posts Ralph Ellis history related to Jesus, Egyptians etc, so climate is a little different. Wouldn’t it be interesting to insist Cox debates Ellis.

Climate has been real for the last 4 billion years
The question is why is it changing.
Ralph does not buy the official global warming story or the reasons given for climate change and written his own paper:
Modulation of ice ages via precession and dust-albedo feedbacks
Open Access funded by China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

Ralph’s Palaeoclimatology Science Paper
Albedo regulation of Ice Ages
Ralph has made a detour into palaeoclimatology, resulting in a peer-review science paper on the causes of ice ages. Have you ever wondered how ice ages are regulated? Well scientists also wonder, because this is still one of climatology’s great mysteries. But my new groundbreaking theory explains all the many facets of ice age modulation.

The ice age climate is very stable and will stay in its cold mode for thousands of years. But an ice age has a glaring Achillies’ heel – albedo or reflectivity. An ice age depends on maintaining its high albedo, to reflect sunlight away and keep the Earth cool. But if the albedo is reduced for some reason then the world will quickly warm and the ice age will end. So the primary feedback that initiates and promotes interglacial warming periods is actually reduced albedo. In reality, each and every interglacial period is preceded by 10,000 years of dust storms, which reduce the albedo of the northern ice sheets and allows interglacial initiation. So it is dust and albedo that modulate interglacial warming, not CO2.

These dust-storm eras are caused by a surprising culprit – a lack of CO2 killing much of the world’s plant-life. So yes, CO2 does cause interglacial warming, but only by getting so low in concentration that most upland plants die and many upland regions of the world become dust-bowls. It is this wind-blown dust that reduces the albedo of the northern ice sheets, and allows them to warm and melt. So the alarmists were right about CO2 being a vital forcing agent in ice age modulation – just not in the way they thought:

Do note that the Great Year mentioned so often in this article is almost the same Great Year that is mentioned so often in my books. But the Seasonal Great Year mentioned there is slightly shorter than the Astrological Great Year, due to apsidal precession.

… well loved environmentalist David Bellamy disappeared from the BBC.

Ralph questions the use of the term denier. Poor choice of words for a scientist to make.
We, climate scientists, don’t know why ice ages occur.
Approx. 8 ice ages in last 8,000 years
You can’t go wrong with a theory of climate change because climate changes all he time
Warm is good. Cold is what kills you.
Co2 is good. No Co2 is bad.
Co2 is plant food.
Maurice Strong set this up: a Communist one world government
For a one world government you need one world problems and get away from national problems
Then you have the Greens jumping on the band wagon who want to feel good about saving the planet
Man is unlocking the Co2, returning it to the atmosphere where it came from and doing the world a favour.
Ice ages follow ‘great winters’.
Bright snow has a high albedo, high reflectivity.
Low Co2 causes global warming, not high Co2
Is dust a cause of inter-glacial warming?
Wilipedia has censored Ralph’s climate paper
His paper is not valid because it was peer reviewed in China….

BBC Infinite Monkey Cage? More like infinite money cage or even infinite bollocks!


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