How many lies will you hear today?

The system is used to churning out lies and getting people to believe them.  They only need to fool a majority, or even a sizeable minority, for those who can see the lie, to keep quiet.  That’s why sourcing news in the main media is so dangerous.  You will be convinced the lie is true by seeing everyone else falling for it…maybe for a very long time.  It’s better to turn all those sources off, and keep your mind in a state of readiness to fend off what are clearly deliberate attacks on the truth flying at you all day every day.
Some lies are designed to get wars started.  Others are simply out there to confuse you and waste your time.  This one for example… article from Miles W Mathis exposing who’s behind the Flat Earth nonsense and why it never goes away..
It turns out that the impetus for the original Flat Earth Society (the Zetetic Society) can be traced to
the 1849 pamphlet and 1881 book attributed to Samuel Birley Rowbotham. Tellingly, he went by
the moniker “Parallax”. Sounds like a modern online spook handle, doesn’t it?
These people don’t change much: they hate to exist under their own names and always have to hiding behind some
alias. Anyway, he apparently went up and down England trying to convince people the Earth was
flat. We are denied any information on Rowbotham’s background, but it’s worth noting that there
are 7 Rowbothams and 106 Birleys listed at The Wikipedia page on him details
many of the same lies, dissembling and rhetorical sleights-of-hand that one sees in the recent Flat
Earth renaissance. The key to understanding who this Rowbotham was is where Wiki tells us that he started out as “an
organiser of an Owenite commune in the Fens.” If you don’t know why that’s a towering red flag,
see Miles’ paper on Engels and Owen.
[In fact, if you haven’t read it, stop now and go read it. The
dirt on Owen starts at page 10.]
It’s not entirely clear which commune he was allegedly involved
with, but it was probably the Cambridgeshire Colony , which was founded by Methodist minister
William Hodson, who is a ghost but may have been related to another spook by the same name.
This colony clues us in on a few things about Owen and his movement, so it’s worth a short detour.
To being with, if we follow the link on Rowbotham’s page to ‘Owenism,’ we get this:
Utopian socialist economic thought such as Owen’s was a reaction to the laissez-faire impetus of
Malthusian Poor Law reform…
Owen’s Plan began as grandiose but otherwise not exceptionally unusual workhouse scheme to place the unemployed poor in newly built rural communities.The New Poor Law enacted in England in 1834 all but ended charity for the poor  and required them to work in workhouses. So basically the Owenite plan simply tried to put a sugar coating on the idea of the workhouse.
Conditions there were presumably only marginally better than conditions in
non-Owenist workhouses, but both followed the policy of ‘less eligibility,’ whereby the conditions in
workhouses had to be worse than conditions outside so there was a deterrent to claiming poor relief.
Don’t get me wrong, I think the ideas of cooperatives and genuine profit-sharing are great. But
that’s not what these tycoons like Owen had in mind, which Miles showed in his paper. Beyond
that, these schemes—including the Cambridgeshire Colony—appear designed to completely
discredit the idea that businesses could be operated cooperatively. Note that every single one of the
socialist utopian communities mentioned on the Owenism Wikipedia page ended in failure fairly
quickly.  One of these was in Kendal, Ohio, whose
Quaker residents included Mayhew Folger, his sister and her husband,
Thomas Coffin.
All big spook families, as we have seen.
As if being destined for economic failure was not enough to discredit the idea of cooperative
businesses and profit sharing, many of the people involved in these schemes promoted ideas and
lifestyles that were anathema to working-class values. For example, a Daily Mail article on the
Cambridgeshire Colony leads with this: ‘
The long-lost site of an infamous Victorian colony of “free
love” socialists which encouraged wife-swapping has been discovered by archaeologists.’ Yes, I’m
sure wife-swapping went over really well with regular folk in 1835. Other Owenites promoted
radical atheism (another thing that Marx himself would later do to ensure that Marxism never
gained traction among the working class), vegetarianism and in some cases spiritualism, which was
of course a precursor to the Theosophy project. So here we can see the fingerprints of another
project set out to discredit socialism. Is it any wonder that an early organizer of one of these
communes went on to kick-start the Flat Earth project?
See whole article –
The main idea is to stop your awareness of the spiritual nature of you and the world, to lock you into your rational left brain unable to find peace and contentment, through awareness of the simple truths of life.  The Luciferians who believe in spiritual powers, but those of Satan, don’t want you able to draw on the power for goodness, through an awareness of the power of prayer.  They want only materialistic atheists who can be made to do the most awful things, unaware of their own spirituality.
Religions are not there to increase your awareness either, but to complicate your spiritual life and misdirect you.  If you believe there is a God who created the world, and you believe that your existence doesn’t end when your physical body passes, and you are aware you can talk to your Creator and ask for inspiration and other simple things, that is enough.  You don’t need anything else to begin with.  Your experiences of life will build on the basic knowledge. If you know goodness exists, by definition you know that evil exists.  You simply need to become more adept at realising which is which.
Those who believe they can subjugate humanity using wars, revolutions, totalitarian belief systems, mass media, education and so on, don’t want you to be so aware, so they take over your mind and control it – filling it with garbage, anything at all that will stop you finding how to stop them, and how to build the world the designer and your whole self want.

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