Greek fighter jet downed in dogfight with Turkish jet

Syria situation too confusing to follow

The only thing I can make of it is that Trump was put under extreme pressure to attack, and it did not go as well as “those behind the curtain” wanted. So they keep re-formulating and re-plotting and inventing new lies to justify an attack and it keeps failing. Here’s what I wish would happenTrump has a totally closed meeting with Putin, that has no American witnesses. Trump asks Russia at that time what targets Russian intelligence says really ought to be taken out. Russia tells Trump “The CIA is here, here, here, here, and here, and the Mossad is here and here and these five “aid groups” are fronts for Soros that do nothing but blow things up and make people miserable. And somehow, Trump manages to get those coordinates programmed and the missiles actually hit, with the CIA bamboozled into thinking Trump is actually striking Assad, so they get no warning, all the while Trump stands truthfully in front of the public saying his strikes “will prevent another gas attack”. That would be worth an epic laugh.

Never gonna happen. Then Mueller really would get a “Trump/Russia collusion” story. It is a very sad day when the secret agencies in your own country give people a reason to hate them so much the above scenario looks tasty, and an even sadder day when there is nothing at all good people can do to stop them because they got too powerful.




The news on Syria is crazy

Now, the U.S. insists it has proven the chemical attack took place, and has told Russia 8 targets would be struck by the U.S. and an additional 13 more would be struck by the UK.Can anyone make sense of this?


Greek fighter jet downed in dogfight with Turkish jet

There is sparse additional information at this time, but somehow it got into a dogfight with Turkish forces, and crashed without any indication of what happened, the pilot did not eject and is dead. I did not know Turkey had such a tense situation with Greece, but evidently things can change quickly. This event happened over the disputed Aegean islands.If not war one way, perhaps another way? The UK express is the first MSM source with the story in English

Greece fighter jet CRASHES in dogfight with Turkey plane just day after Greeks open fire

A GREEK fighter jet has crashed into the sea after claims of a dog fight with Turkish planes in disputed airspace just days after Greek soldiers opened fire on a helicopter.

The Mirage 2000-5 plunged into the eastern Aegean Sea today near the island of Skyros.

It was thought to have been returning to base after intercepting Turkish fighter jets.

Minister of National Defence Panos Kammenos later announced the pilot was dead.

He said: “A Greek pilot is in the pantheon of heroes.

“He fell for faith and homeland fighting to defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity. Sincere condolences to his family.”

A Greek fighter jet crashedGETTY

A Greek fighter jet crashed

According to local media, the jet had been involved in a dog fight with the Turkish planes.

However, Turkey has denied having any planes in the region.

The crash follows a spike in tensions between Greece and Turkey over the disputed airspace.

On Monday, Greek soldiers fired on a Turkish helicopter in the Aegean.

Greece and Turkey are at odds over the AegeanGETTY

Greece and Turkey are at odds over the Aegean

Soldiers fired tracer rounds towards the helicopter as it approached the island of Ro late on Monday night.

After the shots – described as warning shots – had been fired, the chopper left the area.

The Greek government accused Turkey of a provocative act after the aircraft approached with its navigation lights switched off.

Both countries are at odds over the sovereignty of the Aegean islands, the waters around them and the airspace above.

Turkish aircraft are said to have entered the airspace thousands of times, leading to a number of dog fights between the air forces.

The Mirage 2000-5 plunged into the eastern Aegean SeaGETTY

The Mirage 2000-5 plunged into the eastern Aegean Sea

The current escalation began when the Greek Supreme Court blocked the extradition of eight Turkish soldiers who Ankara claims were involved in the country’s coup.

Greece blocked the extradition saying they would not have a fair trial under President Erdogan.Last summer the captain of a Turkish freight ship said the Greek coast guard had opened fire on his vessel after he refused an order to dock at a port in the Aegean Sea.

And last month two Greek soldiers were captured by Turkish military after they crossed the border.

Turkey accuses them of being spies, whereas Greece says the men simply got lost in fog and crossed the border by accident.


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