Gossiter Gonad ‘Sings’ To Save Trees

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If you have watched BBC TV comedy series Dad’s Army, you have seen Knettishall Heath as Capt. Mainwaring & co cross the countryside on foot during the closing credits.

The management of Knettishall Heath Red Arch by SWT: Suffolk Wildlife Trust has shocked locals as a tree felling programme has been set in motion. Letters of concern have been sent to Mr. Roughton, the head of SWT. The response has been party line rhetoric dismissive of the concerns raised.

Sir David Attenborough dons the back cover of a local SWT brochure, “Please help SWT rescue this precious corner of East Anglia… blah blah and more BBC blah…”


Research into the activities of SWT has led to the realisation of a national and even international tree cutting programme in conjunction with Agenda 21, G5, artificial intelligence and an international agenda to micro-manage the earth and humans. Add to the mix one of the local MP’s is Digital Minister Matt Handycock who fronts government policy on artificial intelligence.


Heathland MADNESS – the juggernaut of nature conservation:

http://www.wood-wide-web.net/ will aim to give platform to information and awareness of the policy behind the national and international tree culling programme. This programme and agenda is well funded and organised. Suddenly, what at first appeared a very local concern has common cause with the likes of Ian R. Crane to raise awareness and fend off the programme and policy to implement 5G.

Do visit and ‘Like’ Save The Knettishall Trees on FakeBook and share http://www.wood-wide-web.net/

Among the interested parties at Knettishall Red Arch is Gossiter Gonad, said to be a tad eccentric, quite friendly, but usually rather private. He has emerged from what’s left of the woods to share his concern about the ‘heath restoration’ and culling of trees. He is known locally as a hermit type thought to reside somewhere within the Knettishall Red Arch grounds. Apparently, back in the day, Gossiter would meet the cast of TV series Dad’s Army for drinks at Bardwell Six Bells. Hence the inspiration for this clip expressing his feelings regarding the activities of SWT within a national programme to remove trees in favour of heathland….
The lyric is copied below. The residents of e.g. Sheffield, are invited to take the lyric, perhaps modify it slightly to include references to Sheffield and contribute toward raising awareness to save our trees from 5G, Agenda 21 and the BBC mind set that sells us fake science about anthropological climate change while real environmental damage by the likes of SWT and 5G is happening about us.

To the tune of Bud Flanagan’s Dad’s Army theme…

A suggested 5G Sheffield version…


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