Geopathic Stress and Earth Energies

Geopathic Stress & Earth Energies

The earth is wrapped in a grid pattern of energy lines.
These lines have a powerful influence on all living things. 

Scientists have proven that this invisible earth energy passes through all matter and affects every living system on the planet in either a positive or negative way. Some of the ways this earth energy could negatively affect the human body include: frequent headaches, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, nausea, aching, swelling, dizziness, memory loss, stress, the inability to heal, allergies, ADD and depression.

Ever notice a spot where the cat likes to go and rest but that same spot a dog avoids? There could be a negative line or vortex. Cats tend be attracted to negative stress areas while dogs try to avoid them. Traditional Dowsing is defined as the ancient practice of finding underground water using bent sticks or rods. Modern Dowsers, taking this skill further, can help to find and cure a variety of negative stress lines and zones that affect our health and well being. Dowsing ones home and curing stress areas will bring more energy and light into your home. This will support you and your family in every aspect of your life.


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