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FakeBook has its uses. The likes of James Corbett advise us all to leave. Of course you should not enter your telephone number, address, birth date, personal details…. but, it is a tool and can be used for good use. Be sensible and avoid ‘fear’; try to be light, embrace humour.

This last week, the 21st Century Wire website has been up and down; online, offline… as have others. We are monitored online:
Intelligence Community Directive Number 304
Ry Dawson interviews Douglas Valentine on the Ukraine and the CIA infiltrating the media:


From FakeBook in the last 24-48 hours as the US-UK-€U attack Syria…

Patrick Henningsen‏Verified account @21WIRE 5h5 hours ago
Dear Readers and Supporters, 21st Century Wire has been knocked offline since about 2pm EST on Tues April 10th. Other alt Patrick Henningsen
Yesterday at 15:16 ·

Patrick FakeBook…
WARNING: There are now Gatekeeper Trolls busy going around and using Facebook’s primitive ‘community guidelines’ crowd-censorship tools to flag any and all Antiwar content, which triggers Facebook’s already bias preprogrammed algorithms. This is how part of Mark Zuckerberg’s war on free speech is being waged. He is in bed with Washington and Tel Aviv (Fact: Facebook is deleting Palestinian activist accounts on the orders of Israel), and does not give a damn about the founding principles of the US Constitution. Know that with elitists in Silicon Valley, you are dealing with the detritus of society, some of the most narcissistic, generally ignorant, fake virtue signaling charlatans the world has ever known. They invented money for nothing. These are the lowest of the low – watch them. Call them out. Their ultimate dream is to kill-off any dissent against the same corrupt system which pays for their lavish, non-work virtual careers. Do not let them get away with it.

Based on its aggressive censorship operation this week of South Front and others, it’s seems crystal clear that Facebook is acting a facilitator for the US-UK illegal war on Syria, and like Iraq, this war will be waged on a fraudulent pretext. Is Washington telling Facebook who to censor? It certainly appears so. When the bombs fall – Facebook should be held partly responsible for suppressing important Anti-war news that could potentially save thousands of lives. Syria is an extremely poor, war-torn country but those in Silicon Valley are among the wealthiest in the world – and you want to see the US bomb Syria and trigger a world war? Look at what you are doing. You will be on the wrong side of history, and billions of people worldwide will NEVER forget your key role in facilitating the war machine. Let that sink in Palo Alto, if you have any common sense or empathy left…

sites like http://Fort-Russ.com , http://SyriaNews.cc and others downed same time. Working on it now. I doubt the timing is a just a coincidence.

Note: For http://SyriaNews.cc this came up:
Checking your browser before accessing syrianews.cc.
This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.
Please allow up to 5 seconds…
Followed by:
Error 522

My post was removed from FakeBook which led me to respond that I am not ‘spam’ as they suggested…

Removed By FakeBook: UKC: Vanessa: Douma False Flag

These are the…
FakeBook Community Standards

Our mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Every day, people come to Facebook to share their stories, see the world through the eyes of others and connect with friends and causes. The conversations that happen on Facebook reflect the diversity of a community of more than one billion people.

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Helping to keep you safe
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