The multi-pronged attack on humanity needs you to act.

For a start, PLEASE contact your MP and let them know that they will be committing a WAR CRIME … IF they support ANY attack on Syria/Russia without seeing IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE … BLAIR, CAMERON & now THERESA MAY are all PROVEN LIARS!!

You know they’re lying when you see their lips moving.


INEOS joining with ITV to encourage young people to run a mile a day.  Free PR for INEOS, except some local authorities are incensed that the biggest polluter of the country, flagrantly ignoring threats to the environment, are getting a free ride publicitywise.

Scottish MSPs are trying to duck out of their responsibility to end the PEDLs in Scotland which have run their term.  This is now a devolved power and responsibility – to administer oil and gas licences both offshore and onshore.he Scottish Parliament should be quashing the licenses.  INEOS is threatening to sue the Scottish Parliament for bringing in  the moratorium of fracking.  If the license is quashed, the liability of the Scottish government will be mitigated or ended.  PEDL 162.

The Welsh Assembly equally must quash the licenses that are expiring.  If there are no boreholes, then there will be no possibility for using the boreholes for the dumping of toxic nuclear waste.  This is a very real threat.  Professor Fergus Gibb of Sheffield University is on point investigating the option of dumping nuclear waste without consultation with local authorities.

Aldeney (C.I.) had a lot of nuclear waste dumped until 1963.  Also in the currents coming from Cap De La Hague.  Leukaemia levels are beyond epidemic.  There are no children on Aldeney now.  The best way to avoid such a cancer cluster is to spread the waste across the whole of the North Of England in fracking boreholes.  Nuclear waste is being held in temporary storage for the last fifty years.

The Skripal lies are collapsing.  So a bigger lie is needed to cover them over.  The fake chemical attacks by Assad are being run in the media for that purpose.  The sociopaths believe they can take the world into conflict to re-establish global hegemony of the banksters.  Keep viewing multiple sources for your information.  Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.  From there you can act.

5G is getting known about far and wide – the removal of trees across the nation.  2-3 years from now 5G will be introduced across the world.  There has been no research done as to whether it’s safe.  The research that has been done indicates 5G is anything but safe.  EMFs are bad.  5G is microwave technology, which could be catastrophic.  This is a multi-pronged attack on humanity.


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