Don’t worry, William. Chemtrails, fracking, 5G, GM foods, glyphosate, pharmacy, diesel fumes, vaccinations, tap water, processed ‘food’, wars are all working well.

Prince William warns that there are too many people in the world.

TAP – Obviously there can’t be too many who worship The Devil, like him and his kind.  The Satanic Cult breeds like rabbits, and their numbers are clearly all good.  They hope to outnumber those who don’t worship The Devil by a combination of killing off the goy, breeding greater numbers, and inserting Luciferian genes into as many goy as they can.  Be careful of sperm banks.  You never know who controls them.  Better to get your own  in the wild.  Otherwise the psychopaths will spread their preferred genetic types (their own) to either molest or breed from.

The Duke of Cambridge talks to supporters at a gala night for the conservation charity Tusk at The Roundhouse, London Credit: GETTY  IMAGES

ARTICLE extract –

Rapidly growing human populations risk having a “terrible impact” on the world, the Duke of Cambridge has warned.

The Duke said that as a result, wildlife was being put under “enormous pressure” and called for the issue to be addressed with renewed vigour.

His concerns echo those of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, who in 2011 advocated “voluntary family limitation” as a means of solving overpopulation, which he described as the biggest challenge in conservation.

His grandson, royal patron of the Tusk Trust, told the charity’s gala dinner in London that measures needed to be taken to save certain animal populations.

TAP – The way to  save animals is to cut back on so-called ‘intensive’ farming.  In fact ‘intensive’ farming is stunningly unproductive, trapping farmers in a money treadmill, destroying their soil and ensuring too much of single crops is produced.  Feeding humanity needs far less land if people were permitted to grow crops like hemp, and the diet moved from carbohydrates to fats, but DEFRA will only permit things that are maximum destructive of health (non-stop glucose diet), and flow as many toxins as possible into the human food supply.  20% of land could be given over to woodland and conservation of species otherwise.

It’s not the human population which is the problem.  It’s the corporations which destroy the environment, water, air, soil and health.  As our health is driven down by their money-making environment-destroying schemes, so is that of the other species that share the environment with us.   They die off.  So do we.  But as that is the aim of the depopulation agenda, Prince William and all, all populations of everything are under threat.  The Cult intend to live inside their protected enclaves, while the planet is poisoned all around them.  Windsor Castle has its own private water supply with maximum filtration.  Air filters in every room.  Own grown food.  Etc etc.  The poisons are for the goy, not the child-killing worshippers of Satan.  They intend to control the earth, a totalitarian one world government.

Predictive programming? Latest avengers ends with a plot of mass genocide

I saw a post from a concerned individual who saw the latest Avengers in Thailand. Here is part of what was posted:

“Guys, I just saw the Avengers movie in Thailand with my son and the ending was so in your face Satanic.

To put it plainly the cabal is planning to murder 1/2 the people in the world for the good of the Earth. Basically all their planning is done and they are going to pull the trigger very, very soon. Expect WWIII to start this year.”

So I looked for a spoiler, and this is what this guy is worried about:

The movie ends with Thanos, (who is a character referred to in the early 70’s and not used much since) and he was assigned to kill off half of all living in the universe by “Mistress death”.

(TAP – Thanatos……In Greek mythology, Thanatos (/ˈθænətɒs/; Greek: Θάνατος, pronounced in Ancient Greek: [tʰánatos] “Death“, from θνῄσκω thnēskō “to die, be dying”) was the personification of death. He was a minor figure in Greek mythology, often referred to but rarely appearing in person.)

Mistress Death believed that there was a cosmic imbalance in the universe – that there were more living than there were dead. As a result, Death resurrects her loyal servant Thanos, who is appointed the task of killing off half of the population of the universe.

The movie ends with this AFTER the credits roll, it interrupts the credits. it is left as an open hanging theme, and there is a sense with the way it is presented that there will not be another Avenger’s movie.

It should be obvious by now that there is a war cabal that wants world war 3 badly, just for the sake of having the war, and the control they can assert when they move in and pick up the pieces. But themes like this are common in comic books, and we know this is a goal of the so-called “elite”. We will have to wait and see I guess.

TAP – nothing Satanic there then.



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