Diamond & Silk Testify Before Congress

I love these gals!

Diamond & Silk had to testify under oath. Mark ZuckerCyborg did not. Just imagine if Diamond & Silk had been on the panel on BBC QT last night as the likes of Caroline Lucas and Diane Abbott yet again labelled President Trump as racist and misogynist. Oh, how I’d love to have seen Diamond & Silk or Candece Owens or even Kanya West give a riposte to the politically correct ill informed Bury St. Edmunds panel and audience.

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Bury St Edmunds. Panellists include Matt Hancock MP, secretary of state for culture, media and sport, Conservative, Diane Abbott MP, shadow home secretary, Labour, Caroline Lucas MP, co-leader of Green Party, Jen Robinson, human rights lawyer representing Julian Assange, and Simon Evans, comedian and BBC Radio 4 presenter.

As you watch these idiot Congress men and women ask Diamond & Silk about their ‘ton of money’, wouldn’t we love to know the ins and oıts of Congress private concerns.

Opening statement:

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Rep Hakeem Jeffies Grills Diamond and Silk: Were You Paid by The Trump Campaign 4/26/18

Diamond & Silk blast Democratic tool Rep.Hank Johnson

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