Criminal negligence. British Gas has no evacuation strategy in place at Preston New Rd in the event of a blow-out.

Lancashire County Council reveals in correspondence that there is no credible evacuation plan at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Rd fracking site.  In the event of a  blow-out locals will need rescuing urgently to escape toxic gases, and other hazards.  Which homes will be evacuated?  Who by?  On whose authority?

In the US, during serious blow-out events homes up to five miles away are typically evacuated, and in one case, the residents were unable to return for a period of three months.  In another incident 7000 people needed temporary accommodation.

Preston New Rd in Lancashire is in an area of high population density.  If the Energy Minister Greg Clark gives the go-ahead to frack without a credible evacuation plan in place, he should be criminally charged with gross negligence and for endangering the lives of hundreds or maybe thousands of people.

Cuadrilla is a subsidiary company of Centrica, and British Gas, companies that should know better than to put the lives of local people at risk for the sake of fatter profits.

Re Syria.  I like Ian Crane’s analysis, but he’s not taking enough notice of how the military equation fails to match with the political.  The OWG needs only to switch sides to Russia and China which it can do in the blink of an eye, and the Anglo-American failed attempt at One World Government can be ended overnight, making America and Europe the intended victims of military might of Russia.  And like total bloody fools, May, Trump and Macron will have brought the threat to their own borders.

The Illuminati have form as users of empires, which they jettison and move on to the next.  The way Russia’s military has been made so powerful and decades ahead of the US/NATO, to me, is a sure sign of a coming switch.  We need to ready defensive strategies, and forget about missile attacks.  Our missiles need bringing up to the same level as the Russians, who possibly already have effective lasers which can shoot down planes and missiles in addition.

See my other posts covering that topic.

If and when Russia strikes back, it will be shocking and effective, not like NATO/US pinpricks.


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