Communism tried to destroy Russia’s church, and make the State the peoples’ God. It failed.

In the West, religion has been hijacked by Satanists.  The most pro-war people in America are the TV Evangelists and their dumbed down followers baying for the blood of poor people across the globe.  In the UK and France the churches are silent as the governments trot out fabricated Novichuckles and chemical BZ.  Yet in Russia, the western media’s daily perpetrators of every evil, the church has never been stronger.


Soviet communism failed to kill off religion in Russia, even though innumerable priests and nearly all the bishops were killed.

For millions in Russia, Stalin had become the infallible god, just like Hitler in Germany. When Stalin had to fend off Hitler’s aggression, he needed all the help he could get. He reopened many churches and appointed loyal bishops. Khrushchev later made an attempt to put down religion. Once again, he closed churches. To little avail. The new Orthodox leaders, loyal as ever to the state, simply awaited their time.

With Putin it has come. The new self-appointed tsar knew that giving new life to Orthodox tradition would help to secure his rule. Vast riches have been returned to the church, new cathedrals built, “Holy Russia” is back on course. The church is there to bless Putin’s every move and, of course, his military. Once more, church and state are in perfect harmony. Western decadence is the enemy. All is back to before 1917. The murdered Tsar Nicholas is now a saint.

adapted from article by Canon Dr Paul Oestreicher titled ‘Religion in Russia is a complicated matter’
Former east-west relations secretary, British Council of Churches


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