Collapse of confidence in financial system is imminent.

US silver futures traders are coverting their future purchases which they used to roll forward month by month into demands for physical metal.  The quantities are staggering – already one billion ounces between January and March.  If that continues all year, the quantity of physical silver being called for will be around 4 billion ounces.  There is no way that amount of physical metal will be findable.

June could be the critical month as the date for conversion for most of the first tranche is set for June.  World debt levels are spriralling ever upwards – by $21 trillion in the last year, now about $230 trillion worldwide.  This is unsustainable.  That’s what we’re being told.  What if it’s worse?  Which is probably will be.  It started in the US in 1971 when the country went off the gold standard.

When will the crisis hit and people lose confidence in the system?

At what point will truth return as the crucial factor, and the fraudulent system the world is running on come to an end?

The train wreck is coming.  It could be 2018.  It could be 2019 but it’s coming.

Also commentary about China and the trade war.



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